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  1. its a long way to go for just a week, especially if you have bad flight times which mean you have to wait in male for the seaplane or leave your island early to spend a night in male etc..the seaplanes can only fly in daylight hours

  2. re the DIY option, I dont think hire shops can hire out chainsaws unless you can prove or have some sort of certificate of competence, also you may require an IPAF card to hire a cherry picker or MEWP

    IPAF = international powered access federation

    MEWP = mobile elevated work platform

  3. Whoever we vote for we are going to get taxed to buggery one way or another, the debt has to be paid for somehow.


    you are so right, whoever gets in will have to make some very tough and unpopular choices ie tax us to get us out of the big hole

  4. I also cook clean, do the laundry, but I draw the line at ironing, just hang stuff up damp and the creases fall out anyway, havent used an iron on clothes for 20+ years, I do use one to wax my skis though..

    cant sew, tried many time just mess it up, funny as my late Mum used to love sewing, she would sometimes make three or four dresses a week...

  5. Happy Birthday to the power behind the throne

    Accept nothing less than the finest fish and chips restaurant around.

    John, the finest fish and chips cannot be found in the south of England, one has to travel northward to find those, used to be the Cottage in Blackpool, but things may have changed in recent years

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