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  1. thanks for the info guys, Dave I found interparcel via google and the prices are a bit high for 30k it might be cheaper to take an extra suitcase and pay the excess baggage charge, it only going the one way as its some stuff we want to leave at the house...

  2. I went to a school which unusually had a pipe organ in the hall. I used to get to play it on occasions for assemblies. It was unusual for a school to have a pipe organ let alone a three manual one!!!

    you didnt go to Bolton by any chance, IIRC they have a pipe organ in the school hall

    ps whats the binary under your avatar?

  3. just watched the race this afternoon , recorded it on to a hard drive then played it back at 16x at times, so uninteresting, well done to Force Malaysia (Lotus? still not sure about that) but great start for a new team

  4. ok I live in a private cul de sac only people that have a legitimate reason for being there come down it, google can do what it wants with their money, I just feel it is wasteful and its still nosey, i have enough problems with google monitoring my search habits and then directing advertising to me......

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