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  1. James_7998


  2. Thanks - I suspect not many people have had to make such a purchase, but has anyone out there bought one from them before?
  3. Thanks for getting back to me I will check that out. Any other suggestions would be welcome - especially if someone has sourced a full engine, not just parts.
  4. ^ Unfortunately I have a previous bad experience there and will not be returning.
  5. Hi - I need to source a replacement engine for my series 1 Lotus Elise - standard 1.8 K Series (non VVC). I can potentially get a Lotus factory replacement but obviously a used engine that has been reconditioned/re-manufactured will be significantly cheaper. The difficulty is having confidence in the condition of the engine. Can anyone recommend a reputable suppliers of a used K-series. I can obviously do a google search myself, but keen to hear if people have had prior positive experiences.
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