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  1. I have the Radium CAI which works extremely well on the NA but apparently not so well on supercharged cars.
  2. I have a CAI (not BOE) on my NA IPS Evora with third cat delete and Lotus Sports Exhaust and have been asked by a 400 owner, “what else has been done to your car because I have trouble keeping up”. So yes it does make a difference.
  3. Personally I wouldn’t be worried about it, I wouldn’t be heading to the dealership at this time. Keep an eye on it and if it gets much worse then have someone look at it.
  4. Two stroke scooter usually gives an oily smell, could be a bit of oil seeping past the valve guides overnight. How many miles has the car done?
  5. Blue smoke is oil, black smoke is fuel. It it was only a puff of smoke on startup I wouldn’t be worried.
  6. They are all the same, buy yourself a a GPS heads up display.
  7. Mine is an NA and has black mirror covers🤔
  8. I’ve had one on my N/A for 10 years without any problems. I believe some supercharged versions ran into MAF sensor problems.
  9. Not sure if I have posted mine before, I did a search but couldn’t find it. Anyway I’ve posted it now.
  10. I have some damage to the underside of the sill panel, it’s only slight and not visible unless you get under the car. I would like to have a go at repairing this myself but need advice on what is the correct material to use on this type of panel. I believe polyester resin is the preferred resin for repair but would like to get other people’s experience on what should be used.
  11. I think you will find that this is common to all Evora’s, it’s the geometry of the steering, when you turn the wheel at a sharp angle at low speed (especially in reverse) the front wheels grip and then let go causing a clunk.
  12. As long as the car is garaged and not track used, I would be changing it every two years.
  13. I thought that was only a problem with Elise/Exige cars, never heard of it on Evoras. Whats the Mark on the adjusting nut, has it been hit with something?
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