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  1. Cheers .. I'd seen that link and tried typing it from my tablet without success. Tried 10 with uppercase 'OFF' and lower case 'off' but 'Copy and Paste' the bit from your link worked... bloody strange these compooters ...
  2. Is there a standard Discount Code that Full Members can use? Would like a new driver's side floor mat for my LE Evora and see there's a set in the shop.
  3. It's a couple of years since I was last there ... so going to need postcode or map. Seem to remember going into Finchingfield and out towards Sampford / Thaxted ... but not much else....
  4. Thanks for the warning. I'll take a look at mine with some paint ready. I have an oil change to do soon anyway. My Subaru Forester developed a hole in the sump on the bowl near the drain plug due to rust but was all hidden behind a plastic undertray with an access flap to get to the drain plug. Oil came out onto the undertray and lost without any noticeable warning. Engine rebuild is still a job in progress ...!!! The new sump came nicely painted except that bowl! Looks like it's turned over before the paint is fully dry and sits on that bowl. An engine placed on the sump is also l
  5. On the subject of PPF ... I see on my Launch Edition the PPF has yellowed a bit but doesn't really show much on Aquamarine, what does show is the edge on the body is just starting to peel away in places, but you do have to look hard to see it...
  6. Yeah, Evora LE in 3rd gives me 13mph on tickover and 70mph at 4,300.. it's my usual gear for Suffolk lanes - who needs the other 5?
  7. 12 Phil ... Assuming left arm works by then... broke elbow, forearm and wrist on August 6th, plaster comes off September 9th so should be driving again... Yippee!
  8. The smooth rear end of the Launch Edition is still my favourite ..
  9. Yup, got those... sorry, sure I typed Launch Edition, think I was 'autocorrected' to Limited Edition...
  10. Yup, light, airy and classy. My LE has Evora in front of the passenger, I believe some have Limited Edition ..
  11. I will. Love the colour, love the Oyster leather, much better in the south of France than black - when it's been in the sun, black is a real bum-burner ..
  12. E5ORA would have been better as a Roman 5 is V, but somebody else has that on a Grey 2016 Evora according to DVSA. E9ORA is a close second though. That plate, Aquamarine and Oyster leather was what made me choose that one. Get a lot of compliments - just clicked onto 48k miles and this morning was fitting replacement front discs that I collected Friday from a Lotus specialist and he said 'that's a nice colour combination'...
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