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  1. Yup, got those... sorry, sure I typed Launch Edition, think I was 'autocorrected' to Limited Edition...
  2. Yup, light, airy and classy. My LE has Evora in front of the passenger, I believe some have Limited Edition ..
  3. I will. Love the colour, love the Oyster leather, much better in the south of France than black - when it's been in the sun, black is a real bum-burner ..
  4. E5ORA would have been better as a Roman 5 is V, but somebody else has that on a Grey 2016 Evora according to DVSA. E9ORA is a close second though. That plate, Aquamarine and Oyster leather was what made me choose that one. Get a lot of compliments - just clicked onto 48k miles and this morning was fitting replacement front discs that I collected Friday from a Lotus specialist and he said 'that's a nice colour combination'...
  5. Only just spotted this thread but I see you already have mine at 25/9/09 - E9ORA .. Aquamarine Blue with 'Oyster' interior, not Cream. At launch Lotus offered 5 trim colours that they called by exotic names so added a description in brackets - "Oyster (Magnolia), Chestnut (Tan), Paprika (Red), Charcoal (Grey) and Black" Initial owner of mine was Allan Matheson (Al. ) who had it as 0007 ALN and he posted the first Evora owner's photos to appear on Page 1 of the 'Picture and Video' thread, previous posts were Lotus publicity stuff . My VIN ends with 14 and Mike Kimberley told me Lotus never use the number 13 because ACBC was superstitious so mine was actually the 13th LE made - thanks Mike! Not that I'm superstitious ... needed an MOT before 24th March so put it in on Friday 13th as there were plenty of appointments available... It's 'my daily' on almost 48k miles but sailed through, of course! Good luck with your search for info ..
  6. Won't be there - too far to come for breakfast, I'll be in Italy. It's time for the annual trip to spend a week sliding sideways on skis, assuming that the titanium plate in my left ankle does its job..
  7. at !0:30 in the vid he's talking about how good the steering is and says "it has the Lotus feel". McLaren will be pleased! He tested an Evora GT with a big smile on his face... I use my Launch Edition for Calais to Agde, or vice versa, and cross the Millau Viaduct so I found his journey interesting - I wouldn't go that way to get to NIce though. My trip is 666 miles so I do it in a single hit with just fuel stops, just over 9 hours, but Péage Tolls total 73€. I've tried the scenic off motorway roads but don't make decent progress - and since the 80kmph (50mph) speed limit on the open road there are too many 'boys in blue' with cameras.
  8. Thanks for posting that. I've got a Pioneer AVIC-F70DAB that looks similar to that and I often select the Trip Computer to give me the big GPS driven Speedo display but hadn't yet found there was a Trip Summary. I'm still trying to find time to read the 240 page Operation Manual ... but have now found out how to access and use the Trip Summary. Cheers. . Personally, I reckon it's the Driving Average Speed achieved that is more significant than Max Speed, that's the one that says you get there soonest ...
  9. I was refueling my Evora at a Shell filling station this morning and a bright purple metalflake BMW M8 with really aggressive styling and aero' add-ons pulled up to refill. M8 had German plates and a 6ft 6" man mountain with really aggressive styling got out. Black leather trousers, a black string vest style shirt, pecs and biceps covered in tattoos that were bigger than my thighs, gold bangles and his hair tied up in a bun at the back ... looked like a cage fighter and certainly not to be messed with. Paid for my fuel with him waiting behind me and I returned to my car, fired up and was set to drive away but 'man mountain' was now walking straight at me deliberately in the way. Shall we say I was 'a little concerned' ... He came round to the passenger side, squatted down and looked through the window smiling (thank heavens!), gave me a thumbs up and said "Zat is the most booootiful car I have seen in a long time". I smiled back and said 'Thanks' and blipped the throttle and got two thumbs up and a big smile. He waved as I drove away with my own big smile, get a few nice comments from time to time but if there is anybody I'd like on 'My Friends' list it has to be that guy ..
  10. Not impressed with a video shot in square format and is a third gone before the Evora appears ... and then he says 'this is a driver's car' . FFS, don't we all know that. Gets a thumbs down from me..
  11. Broken ankle so cannot drive till cast comes off on 17th September... and then I'll find out if I need an Evora with IPS - lucky it's the left one.
  12. Broke my left ankle playing football Tuesday. Screwed and plated but cannot load it for 6 weeks. Need to borrow an Evora with IPS...
  13. Mine was the black & gold of JPS era because it looks so smart and the 78 & 79 were such brilliant cars.
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