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  1. I looked for that too ... appeared to slide it under his chin but didn't tighten it. In the next video the guy wasn't even wearing a helmet!
  2. Include me in the "Interested" List. Be nice to get back to BIH, suggests life is starting again..
  3. Johnny Tipler's book of the Evora shows Lotus used the Porsche 996 as a comparator. Page 39 shows them side by side and nose to nose at Hethel. Evora wins on style, no doubt about that.
  4. or as anything else ... 1920 kerbweight, base price £376,048 with options of £39,360 for Fiorano Pack, £20,160 for racing livery, £19,200 for carbon wheels, £5,760 for carbon seats, all to lose 100kg of weight, quite a cost /kg! - but it is a 1,000bhp hybrid so you have the advantage of driving electric for 15 miles... I kid you not!
  5. ChrisJ pete Senior Eren Bazza Kevin and Clare thebartman and Caroline Spyros and son Neilread Dave Eds wayne schumacher Sparky Spadger 27 Phil
  6. Why? I don't get the 17... When I saw E9 ORA my first thought was 'shame it's not a 5' - 5 in Roman numerals being V, but found that's already on a grey Evora. Mine is Launch Edition #14, and 13th made as Lotus didn't use #13, so 13 or 14 might have some significance for mine, but it's got 9 so that'll do me. It's all trivia anyway.
  7. Ha ha but no. Lady in the village posted on our village forum that she'd lost 'a batman hen' ... both she and I know she keeps bantams but autocorrect decided otherwise ...
  8. I followed the instructions of Führer Johnson and stuck a Union Flag over the EU stars.
  9. Mine was already E9 ORA (note the space!) when I bought it and played it's part in the "Yeah, I like that"... Aquamarine, Oyster, mileage and price were main factors but the plate was 'the cherry on top'..
  10. I type "scraped along" but bloody autocorrect thought it knew better!
  11. Essex Police have been pedantic about number plate spacing for many years! Wrong spacing or font causes ANPR systems problems and much of their traffic control is via cameras. Essex Magistrates support them by going for Max Fine available, last time I looked it was £1,000. My front plate scrapped along the road after contact with a suicidal hare and wore a corner off before I stopped so I straighten it up by trimming bits off. Unfortunately a Speed Camera confirmed it can still be read OK ... Patrol cars will pull you if their onboard ANPR indicates an illegal plate. It's not the
  12. My Launch Edition has small bubbles under the rear hatch that may be due to moisture sitting there .. but not normally on view. but more obvious are bubbles that appeared on the rear haunches when in the south of France when surface temperatures were 58°C !
  13. It's usually cars that try to follow a Lotus that have their "country lane spin" ..😆
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