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  1. Thanks for the prompt Spud but I will not be at this because (a) I will be on the 07:15 flight from Stansted to Chambery because "J'aime faire du ski" ... and (b) I do not eat Sunday breakfast and a drive early Sunday does not appeal. (Early Monday to Slough doesn't either but money makes me do it ... your honour..) Slough contract got extended to end of March so I will be returning from Slough every Thursday evening so the sooner the evening pub meets start again the happier I will be.. Meanwhile .. Happy New Year to everybody ... and get well soon Wimp ... er ... Wayne..😄
  2. Now I am really p'd off... Googled the left latch part number and found the shipping manifest for 3 Sept 2016 where 100 left latches arrived at Felixstowe with a value of $2961.9 ! So that's under $30 per latch ! How much are we being asked to pay???
  3. Passenger Dave. ( left door for friends across the pond) It's a 2009 .
  4. Difficult part seems to be getting the latch ! Technical Service Bulletin 2011/26 provided a kit to replace launch edition latches with a later variant and all the bits are available except the bloody latch ... grrrr. Hethel still has no idea when they may supply some. Have attached the TSB related fitting kit instructions as it has some useful info if your microswitch is just playing up. Mine has completely fallen apart and is beyond repair.. 58664_1808_LSL594_Evora_door_latch_fitment_guide (2).pdf
  5. phil flash

    Classic Team Lotus Visit 20th Nov 2018

    Still working in Slough so could not join the visit but great photos John. Was the little white kiddie car No 49 Clive's ?
  6. phil flash

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    That is still on it, so it was yours. I've learnt the interior was called 'Oyster' at launch but now Ivory White.
  7. phil flash

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Maintenance Record Book, Page 3, states Date of Purchase: 25/9/2009, Reg/Licence No: 0007 ALN. Page 2 shows VIN which matches the VIN on the car so I'm as sure as I can be. Dealer still has it to put new MOT on it but it was great on my test drive. Compared to my Elan+2, Eclat & M100's she is a young wench, not an old girl ..😃
  8. phil flash

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Well blow me down .... that's now my car! Now on 42,000 miles and a plate ending in ORA but in showroom condition and the Ivory interior made me choose it.
  9. phil flash

    September meet

    I won't be there. Still working in Slough Mondays to Thursdays so it's a bit far to travel to BIH. I made it the Thursday when Elisa was there as I was going home afterwards.
  10. phil flash

    Meeting Elisa

    I plan to attend this but will be travelling from Slough so my arrival time is in the lap of the Gods who control 'The Road to Hell'. I intend to eat if they haven't closed the kitchen ...
  11. J22 M25 round to M11 has been such a nightmare on Thursday evenings that I've been coming off at 'The Bell ' and going through Welham Green, Essendon, Hertford - so another well chosen location on my route home ... see you Thursday.
  12. I'm leaving Slough Thursday afternoon to travel home ... as long as I know final venue by then I'll be there ..😉 Route is M25 - M11 - A 120 so Rainbow & Dove looks to be virtually on my route ...
  13. phil flash

    IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 6th May 2018

    Great footage but you need to relax and trust her Wayne... don't look so anxious and let Michelle check nothing is coming ...😉
  14. phil flash

    IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 6th May 2018

    Sorry Martyn, situation has developed where my Mum is struggling with pneumonia and doctor's prognosis was 'unlikely to get to her 95th birthday on May 8th' so I need to be somewhere other than enjoying the sunshine at Duxford. Hope you all have a good time and will post lots of photos so I can see who/what was there...