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  1. I was earning money taking photographs in the 60's and becoming professional was a Plan B if I failed my engineering exams, but I didn't so it's remained a side-line and hobby. I used one of those silvered windscreen sun shields to bounce a 'blanket of light' from one flash and another from a silvered photographic umbrella so there's no single bright spot or stripes reflecting off the car to detract from the lines, but also using some weak ambient light to fill as well . I've seen Hethel's light tunnel for paintwork inspection
  2. What the hell is a "light tunnel"? something that puts bright stripes over everything? Sorry, but I don't get it... Took mine to the churchyard opposite me at dusk and with a couple of Nikon Speedlights (portable flashguns) took this ...
  3. Recommend the outdoor cover. Fits well and is currently doing a good job ...
  4. Seat base is held in place with velcro and seat back held with a couple of bolts so I remove my rear seats completely if I'm going to carry something like wheels with tyres. Only takes a few seconds. Easier and safer than trying to cover the seats, particularly as mine has an oyster stripe that is dead easy to get mucky if the cover slips.
  5. M250 mock up I saw was only 2 seater.
  6. Yup .. ugly but it's my wife's All Wheel Drive 4 door Mini so far from 'mini', like all BMW monstrosities ,but works great in the snow so my wife likes it - and everything is ugly next to an Evora!
  7. TLF car cover fits nicely, thanks Bibs. Had it a while and not used it until now... but I heard "the Beast" was coming ..
  8. Video showed Mathew collecting it on 1st September 2009, if that was 1st Customer car would that make those on the list registered earlier ex-Press Cars?
  9. Can you work it out from this old photo where it happens to appear ... this is the usual position.
  10. Evora Video shows Mathew Melling collecting the first Customer Evora from Hethel
  11. Hethel is not far from me, before lockdown I was frequently in the local pub for owners' meets, so I offered to collect it with my own number plates to save £465 .. the answer sounded a bit like "cough" ..😂
  12. It never was £19k ! I ordered one November '95, paid £1k deposit and order said "Basic Price of Elise to be under £20,000"... By the time they got production going the first Price List had Factory Price at £16,978.72 but by the time "Mandatory Alarm", "Delivery & Number Plates" and "Road Tax" were added the most basic Elise was £20,850. With all the usual extras it was £23,337 and for that you got a radio fitting kit but no radio. I don't ever remember prices going down when there was a long waiting list.
  13. Really? My LE seems to sit at the right height for the curvature of the wheel arch with respect to the wheel - here it's on the winter wheels with Yoko 215/40 18 front, 245/35 19 rear. A full 60l fuel tank will weigh about 45kg so I tend not to drive around on a full tank unless I'm on a long journey
  14. You've managed a couple? I admire your stamina. Shouting at the camera in falsetto is not my idea of an informed commentary so I didn't last long. How he's supposed to be 'famous' is beyond me!
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