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  1. Dave and Megan Dave Eds Sparky & The Ayatollah Spadger and Denise ChrisJ Painterdave Me me me and Schumacher Pete and Sue Dan E Spyros and one of the family Jan Ade Phil
  2. 50,000 .. not done much since lockdown started ... only 1,000 miles per year.. but thought I was off to the south of France again soon, they'll let me in but Johnson won't let me back without quarantine & costs. That's a 675 mile blast, with just refuelling stops .. effortless!
  3. Well blow me down ... so we now start a new thread for each Emira video ?
  4. I'm surprised nobody has commented on the Channel 4 programme about Lotus & Emira that followed the British GP Sprint race yesterday ... It's on their My4 iplayer but you'll have to sign in or join ...
  5. Thanks for posting.. Glad to see the Emira on some wheels and not those awful 'fan blades' Lotus used at the Hethel Launch. I found them so awful I was distracted from looking at the lines of the car. Anybody else have that problem?
  6. Launch Edition 14 , mine, has them both sides. May be a bit longer and thinner than those by Divine Handicraft but think I prefer theirs ...
  7. Set off without my phone so parked across my drive to go in house to get it .. going back to my car with phone in hand I thought "Wow, what a great looking car I drive .." See Page 1 of this thread for it's first appearance ... ..
  8. .. but not in 6th, 2500 rpm is over 90mph in mine. Cruise Control set to 2000rpm gives me 72.5mph or 2,300 for 134kph in France... not that I don't push past it ..😜 Never seen anywhere near 39mpg the way I drive, I'm just pleased when it starts with a '3'.. Anyway, back on topic... Trip to Castle Combe for Bank Holiday weekend, refuelling at a BP garage near Oxford and the lad running the kiosk was looking at me/the Evora all the time, when I paid he asked what it was and then followed me out to take some photos on his phone. Treated him to the Sports Exhaust as I pulled away which produced a big smile. Can only assume there aren't many around in that area ...
  9. I think 40 bhp from just a remap seems unlikely .. Hanger 111 offer 'around 300bhp' from the NA but it involves quite a bit more than just a remap, for 24 bhp increase and a bit more torque... and £3,750 ...
  10. This is in addition to our trip to Camberwick Green on the 11th. ChrisJ - any date Eren - either date Phil - any date Further east the better for me ... Rainbow & Dove just off M11 junction, Harlow was a good meet..
  11. Spoke to Alex .. complicated .. I have a table booked for 7:45 pm so I can eat. Must be seated to order drinks. Cannot wander around cars with a drink. If you want to eat phone Alex to book - can do 7:15, 7:45 but not 7:30. Last food orders 8 pm. 01508489438 See you there .. P.S. Alex had not had numbers confirmed so I said could be about 8..
  12. I can't read that because I don't subscribe but guess it's more or less as this from the following day ...
  13. There were always some whose Lotus was an 'ongoing work in progress' so came by 'whatever' ... and then of course, we're always pleased to see the Merc' driver .. Important thing is to be there..
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