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  1. 'No' to your PS.. I brought my copy along to show you in case you wanted to buy one, which you obviously did. I also have Nigel Bennet and Keith Duckworth in that series, which I'd recommend. PPS .. December .. not sure when I'll get up there but here's a photo I took with a Nikon and some Speedlights ... a proper camera !
  2. Any photos? Shame it moved to 2nd Thursday and now clashes with Essex, Herts & Cambridge meets. We had 3 evoras , 2 excels, 2 esprits and 1 exige 
  3. Hopefully the first of many more .... so nice to see the black and gold again.
  4. Good cars, good company. Very enjoyable evening. Thanks for organising.
  5. I think car styling has gone ugly in the last five years or so, just compare the Lexus RX400H to the RX450H for example. Still think the Evora Launch Edition is 'blue shark' and 400 and after are 'basking shark' styling. Rotate the wheel, not the photo! Lazy photographer! Only have to move the car slightly ..
  6. What's the caliper doing at that angle ?
  7. Ah, so that's why Endeavour Lotus has opened in Colchester.... Mine is 12 miles from Gt Horkesley.
  8. MOT expired 20/12/18 and with only a few days to go is unlikely to be there.
  9. Sun? Who needs sun? Nikon Speedlights into a home-made softbox and a bit of Photoshop...
  10. 5 speed box then. 4 speed were Ford 2000E Bullet gearboxes, cast iron case and no Lotus insignia. Lotus 5 speed were alloy castings with Lotus on the lid and Austin Maxi gear clusters.
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