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  1. Nah ... for £8 he can buy his own .. endoscope 😂
  2. Interesting but from a UK perspective it seems a lot of work and not particularly cost effective. Ebay says BR2450A Battery with tags only available from China for £22 and these days the postman collects the 20% VAT (or more) on imports so about £27 for a battery ... I have summer and winter tyres/wheels for my Launch Edition so all TPMS sensors are 12 years old except the one I had to replace when I bought the car as a previous owner had used the puncture repair aerosol, gummed it up and I couldn't get air in or out of it. When the new one was fitted it took a few miles for it to be identified and start displaying on the dash, just as when I swap wheels for the coming season there is a delay of a few miles before the readings of the 'new' sensors are on the display but no need for any programming... seems the Lotus TPMS is clever enough to work out where they are ...
  3. You'll be lucky .. if they are like the GM / Schrader ones that Lotus use, it's all encapsulated inside a solid block of epoxy resin.
  4. OK, thanks. I've got that on mine (photo is my car) but I read somewhere that it said "Launch Edition" was on the dash.. obviously that was incorrect. When you wrote "Has the badges on the sill and dash as others have mentioned." thought you meant sill and dash were the same....
  5. What are the badges on the dash? Can you post a photo?
  6. Everything is relative... my sister is 4 years older than me so she's always been "old", me not so. Have you claimed State Pension yet? If you don't it's increased by 1% every 9 weeks so over 5.7% p.a. until you do claim it. You'll struggle to find a better tax free return on any Deposit Account, ISA or whatever...
  7. E10 is 95RON, E5 Premium/Super is 97RON and above.
  8. 4 years ago there were some piston failures on Evora engines in Italy, which was ahead of UK in going to E10 unleaded and even E15 unleaded. There were suggestions it might be due to the petrol used as there were at least 4, maybe 10, and few outside Italy. That led me to do some research into ethanol additives. Basically, ethanol contains less energy than petrol so will give less power and worse mpg. It also acts as a solvent on some plastics previously used in fuel lines, fuel pumps and fuel tanks - such as the plastic tanks on M100 Elans. Later cars have used plastics that can handle the low %ages of ethanol, earlier cars did not. Still don't know how the Evora engine failures occurred though low octane E15 may be beyond the capability of the knock sensor and ECU to compensate so pinking and high combustion temperatures occurred ... possibly? Lotus Bulletin says "Do not use Ethanol blends with a higher concentration than 10%" Anyway, it seemed to me it was to be avoided as much as possible purely from 'less power, worse mpg' aspect. I'd use it if it was the only way to keep moving but only part-fill and top up with E5 Premium at the first opportunity. In 2017 I took my M100 Elan SE (with Everest Chip) on track at Castle Combe via the Club Lotus Track Day and arrived with 1/2 a tank of Shell V-Power. I had a lot of fun but used a lot of fuel so during the lunch break went to find a filling station. Found a Texaco on the A420 but it only had 95Ron so filled up as many Elan owners had said they used 95 (before E10 put paid to that). I cut short the afternoon track session because the car was not going like it had in the morning, so wasn't so much fun, and with the Everest Chip increasing the turbo boost to around 1 atmosphere I suspected the Knock Sensor was working overtime ... an interesting 'back to back' test forced upon me by circumstances.
  9. Similar age to me and definitely in receipt of his State Pension ...
  10. Came out of the supermarket yesterday and as I approached my Evora parked all on it's own I spotted an elderly gent wandering around it and peering inside. I asked him if he liked it and he replied "it's beautiful but I might have difficulty getting in and out" .. I opened the door and said "Try it" and while I unloaded the trolley into the boot he got in quite easily - because I slide the seat back to get out and forward after I'm back in. I took my trolley to the shelter and returned to my car and he got out quite easily with the biggest of smiles and said "I want one." He asked about mpg, I said "mid 20's when I boot it round the lanes when it's all 3rd gear, but much higher on a run. I'm now driving carefully because I'm low on fuel and getting higher mpg round the lanes" and he mentioned the local garage was out of diesel and E10 unleaded so they had nozzle covers padlocked and cones across the entrance but still had E5 Super working. Drove 1/2 mile to the only local garage, others are 15 miles away, through the cones, straight up to the pump and filled up, £55, and Range now showing 365 miles so I'm back to 'booting it.' That was a useful conversation!
  11. Unscrew the scrivet screw nearly all the way out and then pull the screw with pliers and they come out in reusable condition. If the whole scrivet is rotating a 'pointy' bradle stuck into the outer helps with unscrewing. I keep a box of assorted sizes (ebay) but reused every one of mine when I removed the liners to replace the mudflap fixing brackets...
  12. There's another development car you can add to your list - AU09 CYV with Oyster interior. It was at Snetterton 14th June 2009 at the Lotus day... oh .. and there was this. It went round quicker than some race cars ..s ....
  13. I prefer a smooth round rear end as on the Launch Edition .. 😜
  14. Evora Owner's Handbook (Page 62) says "average service life of 10 years" .. but who ever bothers to read that ? 😜
  15. Won't be many British Engineers there. After Brexshit British Engineering Qualifications are no longer recognised in EU so getting a Work Permit when you have 'no special skill' will be difficult. Glad I've retired but empathize with those who haven't.
  16. Indeed... thanks for hosting it Dave. Very enjoyable ...
  17. Thought these days some women were putting in filler to get a bigger boot(y) ..😆 surely they'd like to be told it's BIG.
  18. Yesterday I unloaded my supermarket trolley into the Evora boot and returned it to the shelter at the same time as a 'mid 30's' woman had unloaded hers into the boot of a newish Audi TT Coupe that was parked one empty space from my Evora and was returning hers. As I got into my Evora she walked past and said "Shouldn't have parked near you. Thought my TT was quite stylish but now it just looks so big and tall - that's very nice, love the cream interior " ... (I had noticed her TT had a much bigger boot but I didn't say anything ..)
  19. Yeah, I know you were taking the piss, being a piss-taker is an essential quality of any Lotus owner! .. and Sorry, didn't read his post properly. 'Normal Clearance' hole for a 8mm Clevis is 9mm; for a 5/16" Clevis (closest Imperial to 8mm) it's 11/32" which is 8.7315mm so smaller by 0.2685mm, which "my cheapo digital caliper" would have read. Strange coincidence it measured .026 mm, 1/10th of what I was expecting.. but then a 8mm Clevis should still go into 8.7mm hole, just be more difficult! On a more practical note it may be worth pointing out that Evora Parts Manual 47.02 Page 2 lists two different Clevis pins depending upon Metal master cylinder (early) or Plastic m/c (Later) 27 Clevis Pin, master cylinder to pedal Metal master cylinder *Up to VIN (see below) A132J6012F 1 27a Clevis Pin, dia 8mm, master cylinder to pedal Plastic master cylinder *From VIN (see below) A132J6063S 1 *From: All Supercharged cars, NA LHD from '11MY serial number BHD11343, NA RHD from '11MY serial number BHC11524, USA/Canada from '11MY serial number BHA11528. The later 27a is stated to be 8mm which kind of suggests the early one wasn't, and copying A132J6012F into SJ Sportscars Search brings up that it's same Part No for 10mm Brake Clevis. So early were 10mm, later 8mm, begs the question "Did Lotus reduce the hole in the clutch pedal or just leave the 8mm clevis to rattle around in a clearance hole for 10mm?"
  20. Yes I have ... but they are not in the photo, how do you know ? ... 😜
  21. No, you can't ... accurate to 0.1mm and I've got plenty of expensive ones to check it against. For what Alfa2Evora was measuring it would be perfectly adequate and it's what I use most of the time ..
  22. Borrow? What a tight-arse! £4.77 on ebay ..
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