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  1. Noted... that's a bit closer to me than most but not sure how I'll be fixed - so much going on! Let you know closer to date.
  2. It's an Evora, which at launch had an integral rear wing that cleaned up the air off the rear without much drag, this was at the same race meeting in June 2009.
  3. Yup.. on original photos looks like seatbelt webbing going across the roof lights and through the window with gaffa tape holding it in place and the comm's aerial is stuck on with gaffa tape.
  4. Snetterton June 2009 - it's a good marketing ploy, particularly when the Safety Car was quicker than some of the race cars..
  5. It's the date of registration, not manufacture. Most delay to September to get the later Registration Age Identifier 59, rather than 09.
  6. UN Security Council, has 5 permanent members (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States) and 10 other member countries who have a 2 year term but only 5 change each year. The 5 permanent members have the power of veto on any proposals, so a bit of a bugger that Russia can block any proposed UN action.
  7. Insurance stuff - When I bought my Evora LE in 2018 I was recommended Esure by somebody who already had one. Last December it auto-renewed at £238.76, £18 less than the previous year. That's for 6,000 miles per year, including Business Use. (The year to March 2020 I'd done 5,860 miles). Cover for France is extra but as I haven't been for 2 years because of Covid Restrictions that's not been necessary. When my Home Insurance needed renewing I checked Esure and they were best price .. but a few weeks later they sent me a cheque for £41.52 because I hadn't ticked the box to link it to the Evora Policy for the 'multiple policy discount'. Seem to be one of the few companies not trying to rip people off ... how they deal with claims, I'm pleased to say I do not know.
  8. No sympathy from me. Yet again proof that being able to buy a high performance car does not mean competence to drive one. The location on Google Maps can be seen to be a 40mph speed limit so it's a good job he found out early and didn't involve anybody else in his accident. It's idiots like that who make insurance of high performance cars expensive for all of us, when it should be cheaper. A car that can overtake quicker, brake quicker and swerve to avoid accidents without loss of control SHOULD be less likely to be involved in an accident so premiums should be less.
  9. This made me smile ..
  10. "being non-Nato at the time" .. I presume that means you. Can't be the French because they were founding members in 1949 and no founding members have ever left. France is a nuclear power, same as USA and UK, and have developed their own devices and maintains it's sea and air delivery systems independently of others so that may be why there was no interaction. Other Nato countries of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey also have nuclear delivery systems but weapons are provided by USA and maintained by USAF personnel under a 'sharing agreement' and USA has to supply the codes to activate them... so effectively control their use.
  11. No photoshopping, just Lotus, camera, pretty babe, location found on Google Maps and a bit of sunshine was a bonus..
  12. I bought mine BECAUSE it had Oyster and Aquamarine.. just thought it looked 'class', not 'flash'. Wasn't really looking for yet another Lotus but I got the "I really like that" urge. Seen photos of an Aquamarine that was "black packed", including roof, I think it was in Australia, and to me it looked like when a beautiful woman gets a tattoo - right across her face! His car, his choice but certainly not mine.
  13. I quoted the other guy's order number but I'm a few years after him so might be easier for them to find mine... BUT .. hopefully the East Anglian meets will start again soon - I can bring my 250ml bottle and let you have a squirt on a bit of sponge. I did the whole bolster panel and it hardly used any. I was a long legged beanpole that had to run around in the shower to get wet but I've got a lot wider since I stopped playing football but continued the same beer consumption. My normal seat position was fairly well back so it didn't occur to me.
  14. That's because I'm in Suffolk, near Ipswich - home of the tractor boys. These farmers never clean their tractor tyres before coming out of the fields so the roads are always muddy. Clean it, drive 5 miles and it's mucky again. I just blast it with a Karcher pressure washer to 'add lightness'. Life it too short for spit & polish when I could be driving.
  15. Yeah .. go on then, put me down. Not sure I'll be leaving before 7:30 a.m. as Google maps tells me I need to for 08:30 .. it's only 46 miles. How do you reset it for 'Lotus speed'?
  16. When I bought it the driver's outside bolster was looking a bit worn because there's a tendency to rub against it going in and out. I did find a TLF thread about a big refurb project that put me onto Gliptone Scuffmaster. He sent a small sample of Oyster leather and their match is so good it's nearly impossible to see where you've used it or haven't. Got mine back to looking like new again. In August 2019 I bust my left ankle playing competitive football, repaired with a titanium plate & screws that are never coming out, and initially I couldn't flex it to operate the clutch and had to slide the seat forward to use my heel with bending at the knee. That forward seat position made getting in and out really awkward so I slid the seat right back to get out. Got in, slide it forward. Ankle is fine but I'm still sliding the seat as it's so much easier to get in and out AND no rubbing of the seat bolster. For the benefit of others in the 'Oyster Club' .. photos of the magic potion are attached. Quote my order number and you'll get the same mix.
  17. Perhaps 4 should be 'OO07ALN/SN59FYK/E9ORA' to complete the history.
  18. Thanks, you've made my day. Even if they started at 901, mine probably isn't the 13th made then. I'll have to see what Andy Graham's view on it is...
  19. Hi Allan, don't know what plate it left Hethel on, if any, but Murray M.C. put OO07ALN on Page 3 of the Maintenance Record booklet along with date of PDI as 23/9/09, Purchase as 25/9/2009, so it was being referred to as OO07ALN before it went on the road with you. I went to a charity car show at Ket' Hall in it in April 2019 where I was chatting to Mike Kimberley, who I know from various pub meets, when he was 'nosing around' it. Mike told me the VIN ending 0914 signified it was in the '09 production of LE's and 14 was the sequential number BUT Chapman was superstitious and Lotus never had a Type 13 or put 13 on any serial number, and Mike continued the tradition. From that I concluded mine was the 13th made and told him that cheered me up a lot .. thanks Mike! ha ha .. From that post I quoted earlier, it had a couple of '08 cars, 68 & 69, that I hoped meant it wasn't the 13th down the line but you are confirming what Mike told me .. damn it! Think I may have to treat myself to an Andy Graham Certificate as a birthday present and take the opportunity to ask some questions. (I have the last M100E SE to leave Hethel - supplied to Elf Oil Co on 17/12/93 and initially registered as L1 ELF, which they retained. Andy was very helpful with extra detail on that when providing the earlier basic Cert of Provenance.) I'm more than happy with the long ratio box as I use it as a Grand Tourer to get to the south of France. Set Cruise Control for 2300rpm (135 kph) and 650 miles is done in 8 1/2 hours. With the short ratio box, where 6th is lower than Long Box 5th, it would be doing 3,000 rpm for 135 kph. In my view unnecessarily busy and thirstier too. Wasn't able to get down there during Covid restrictions but looking forward to another trip soon. Around the B and C roads of Suffolk I seem to use 3rd most of the time. Original clutch has done 52k miles so I like to give it a quiet life whenever possible.. Phil
  20. Thanks for info. "25/09/2009 OO07ALN VIN ***0914) delivered to customer by Murrays." was owned by Allan Matheson, hence the OO07ALN reg plate put on it from new, and was the first owned Evora featured on Page 1 of the Evora Picture and Video thread immediately after the Bib's post of the Motorshow launch. It's Aquamarine with silver cast wheels, Oyster interior, sports exhaust. When Allan sold it I guess he retained the plate because it was prepared for sale by Leodis Court Lotus dealer as SN59FYK on 16/11/2011. A subsequent owner changed it from SN59FYK to E9ORA and DVLA reissued the existing MOT Certificate as E9ORA with a date of 17/01/2014. I bought E9ORA in November 2018. It has been taxed and in use continuously since then.
  21. Somebody had better tell Bibs that his definitive document is wrong.. I was quoting from that. It may have been the intention of Lotus that never came to fruition .. not unusual.
  22. Quite a few to go then ... "The Evora Launch Edition made up the first 450 (200 destined for the UK) production Evora's."
  23. Tobias Elwood, Conservative MP and Chairman of the Common Defence Select Committee didn't miss it. He does 'his homework', unlike Johnson. Russian tanks into Georgia in 2008, 2014 seized Crimea, supported rebels Russian Soldiers and weapons in the Donbas. If Johnson hadn't been partying and taking donations from the Russians he might have been more objective and seen it coming. He even put a Russian in the House of Lords! Remember Johnson was on TV at the start of Covid saying "we should all take it on the chin" ... wise words of advice?
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