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  1. On 9/2/2017 at 06:34, ChrisJ said:

    Autumn starts 21st September.

    There is a "normal" thread in the regional group, then I discovered this event feature, so I locked the other one and created this ? 

    Enjoy France. Will be driving from bottom to top tomorrow on my way home from Slovenia after picking up my car today.


    Oh, right.  You're using 4 seasons, I just use GMT / BST as UK weather seems all cock-eyed these days ...

    France is a 'flying visit' out of Stansted as daughter used the place recently and said with conservatory door 'locked' it could still be pulled open so thought I should go and fix it. Ryanair wanted a couple of hundred pounds for a few days down there but only £31 return for 2 weeks so 2 weeks it is.  I'll just have to sit in the sun and drink cheap wine and try not to get too distracted by ladies sunbathing topless  ...  Going to be strange not driving anything for 2 weeks...

  2. Is there another thread about this somewhere?  I'm sure I've posted that I can't make this as I'll be in Cap d'Agde, south of France from 6th to 20th but I'll post here too in case I'm going bonkers..

    and what's with the 'Last one of the Summer'???    Summer Time doesn't end till October 29th !

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