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  1. I had a message from another owner which I replied to, so being a lazy git, I'll copy and paste my reply to him here :


    They quoted me £3,375 (copy attached) but it came out at £3,893 because I & they added some extras.  Mine had never had the heat insulation wrap around clutch hydraulic pipe that was supposed to be done by dealers as a FOC mod so asked them to do that; 1 belt idler pulley had a "dry hiss & grumble" to it so got replaced; my sail panel was cracked so I took it away to repair it but Hanger111 mentioned later models had a foamstrip giving it support and plastic film for better water sealing so those got added; and my old rear brake pads had grooves in them from the grooves formed on the old discs (due to the disc holes!) and were putting stripes on the new discs I'd fitted so asked them to supply & fit new Feredo rear pads and I'll skim the old pads and keep them as spares.

    If you can, time it for when you need new engine and gearbox oil, as they get drained. Rob, their mechanic, has a technique for removing the aircon compressor and hanging it out the way so no disconnecting pipes & recharging is involved. (Lotus schedule involves disconnect & costs of recharging).

    Upgrading to 400 flywheel, clutch & pressure plate costs quite a bit more than just renewing LE clutch plate but have no intention to ever sell mine so thought the extra cost, and hopefully, longevity was worthwhile.

    Labour cost with VAT is £2160 so a bit extra to delay incurring that again seems a good idea.




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  2. Update on this topic ... 

    My LE #14's OE clutch got to just over 50k miles before it started slipping but by careful throttle use and avoidance of the Sport button I got to 53,800 before it went to Hanger111 a few weeks ago. (It's interesting to find out just what corner speed you can carry when 'booting it' at the exit isn't available, very impressive, and does wonders for mpg too.)

    Hanger111 did me an upgrade to 400 flywheel, friction and pressure plate as well as renewing anything in that vicinity that would need another another engine out procedure ..  clutch release bearing and adapter sleeve, & crankshaft rear oil seal.

    Engine seems to rev more freely when using 'heel & toe' too - is the 400 assembly significantly lighter?

    I'd got used to 'minimal contact' on clutch pedal to release it and had a few 'L driver' type stalls early on when I didn't expect the bite point to be in the carpet but I'm now expecting it.


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  3. "I have a large amount of Cash, but am really confused what to do at present" - buy 'charlie'...  street price will go sky high when the bankers get their bonus ..😉

    On a more serious note - Scottish Power has advised me of new prices..

    Price of Night Units was 44.4% of Day Units, and will change to 24.9%.  Unit price of Night Rate actually FALLS! Currently available from 01:30 to 08:30 hrs BST but will be 00:30 to 07:30 GMT.

    Already have delay functions on dishwasher and washing machine to run at night, I'd better find that plug-in time-switch I use for Xmas lights and put the  tumble dryer on it.



  4. Not a first but it is very unusual 🤣  Classic Team Lotus have 'supermarket size' spaces. If we'd all parked between the lines few would have been able to open their doors wide enough to get out. Stagger of the Exige LF1 and Elise alongside is to allow the doors to fully open and there was a Lotus bike on show behind them but it got moved to join some other Lotus bikes.

    Very strange how people can obsess about a bit of white paint.


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  5. Getting back to the original post - "there was even a petrol-color taint in the water…"  makes no sense to me. Petrol goes into the combustion chamber, coolant is in a water-jacket around the cylinders and through the castings of the head. There should be no contact between petrol and coolant - unless there is a crack in the block or head, or the head-gasket has failed. In most cases you'll also see coolant in the oil if that happens.

  6. Damn! Damn! Damn,

    Had this on my "Things to go to" List but I'm 'an honorary member' of a Facebook Group for Lotus Employees and ex-Employees and they've organised a big reunion at Hethel, a meal and a trip round Classic Team Lotus with the guys that built them and it's on the same day!  I've bought my ticket and promised to clean my Evora Launch Edition to take it's place in the model line up so I'll have to miss out on Malcolm's Open Day. Such a shame they clash.

  7. 9 hours ago, Rambo said:

    Just another 100 mph brown trouser moment 💩

    I'd have thought Eau Rouge was closer to 130 ...  going to get a lot of downforce from the compression from the hill and doubt the suspension will bottom. 

    I'd try flat into left, lift, then flat to apex climbing the hill ...  'stuff a cork in" and try reducing the amount of lift. 

  8. On 04/08/2022 at 17:38, Bibs said:

    I'm still struggling with this. If we're getting so much power from our own renewables, why are prices going through the roof? While I appreciate they won't be free (even though we paid for the infrastructure) how are our bills tripling?



    Good question..  trouble is "The Renewables" have a tendency to overclaim their contribution...  what's happening NOW can always be found here ... 

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  9. 9 hours ago, steamdriven said:

    How is everyone's dashboard centre stitching getting on !  LOL




    My stitching is perfect thanks, but I was warned about that early on so take precautions, particularly when in the south of France ..  I carry a shaped arc of cardboard covered in silver foil that folds in 3 and the largest screen heatshield I could buy. It saves the aircon having to work so hard when I drive off.

    evora front france .jpg

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  10. 45 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    Hire gas proces is great news for UKPLC right now as we are transporting gas to Europe at almost double the usual flow rate. Ker-ching Ker-ching lol.....

    Who are you kidding? There is no such thing as UKPLC. All energy companies are privatley owned by various consortium and their profits go to shareholders. Many power stations are Combined Cycle Gas Turbines that burn gas so expect a hike in electricity prices as well as the gas prices charged to UK customers.

    I've worked as Consultant Engineer to National Grid Gas and it's not a coincidence that employees call it National Greed.

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