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  1. Yeh, this is one of those cars where you'd probably be safer just saving a bit more money and waiting for a more original one.
  2. The mud guar bolts often rust away and you the metal they fix onto just breaks away. I wonder if they've glued the mudflap back in place and are using the blocks to keep it in place until it goes off?
  3. Oh dear. That is certainly not std. There is an emergency boot release under rear seats if battery is flat or key fob faulty but putting a button in is a little bit sketchy. I mean it is a good idea which lotus should have done but perhaps in a less janky fashion.
  4. Good question??? Looks like an aftermarket lock like those fitted to vans 😂.
  5. I think if you have a newer Evora 410 etc and bought it to have the latest Lotus an Emira may make sense as it will be in many ways a better Evora in terms of proper handling sports car but with more refinement and up to date styling. If you're in an Na or an S I think the difference in price, speed and looks will be a bigger adjustment. I've heard a few of existing older Lotus owners talking about getting the Merc engines Emira as it offers the most usable alternative Lotus experience to that of an Elise/Exige or classic. I'd have to drive an Emira before I considered swapping. I love how the Evora drives and even a 570s I drove made me appreciate what it does more.
  6. The more time goes by the more impressed I am that I seem to be on my original clutch after 60k miles and I don't see it having any issues.
  7. Hill starts and reversing up a hill would be a killer I expect
  8. Went direct to the Sytner website link in the ad on auto trader. All the packs too so might be an LE?
  9. The one from Sytner BMW sounds like an absolute steal! 9k miles, new clutch, oyster and storm titanium with an upgraded head unit for 30k. Can't think of any better way of spending £30k!
  10. And mine. Always been listed as S but correct taxing brackets.
  11. Made me laugh, I'm not sure it's the metaphor I'd have reached for
  12. Looks like this one is coming back on the market. Looks in good condition although no mats inside probably means they are drying after it's been cleaned. It'll be interesting to see what it gets listed for. Dealership doesn't seem to be a Lotus expert as I believe they might have got the engine size listed incorrectly until someone corrected them. I've done my pendant piece and informed them it's unlikely to be an S.
  13. Apart from all those people wanting a 2+2 of course with the Evora's class leading rear seats!
  14. Totally agree, that they serve a purpose. We sold an Evoque through them pre pandemic for a better price than I could have got privately and I guess the service differs from different staff members as the guy we had claimed we needed a front end respray despite it being pretty much unmarked. These days car wow and a couple of other platforms offer dealers the chance to bid which I think would probably give a more competetive offer. Another 200 miles done in mid Wales around some of the best roads in the UK in the Evora certainly doesn't make me want to part with it 😊.
  15. I put the details into the Emira configurator for a part ex value and lotus offered £26k. Not sure bow accurate that would be but not bad for a part ex value. Think the last time I did WBAC it was £22k? They value our Evoque about 10k less than dealers are selling similar models for and that's before you allow them to tear your car to shreds in person.
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