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  1. Hi Folks,

    I'm back into a lotus again, I just picked up a 1984 turbo, but it has no engine, the previous owner was trying to do a V8 conversion using a rover v8 but didn't get very far and sold the original engine some years back, so I'm looking for a 910 carbureted turbo 2.2L engine with intake and exhaust manifolds etc, etc....  that I can rebuild. I have the transmission at least :).  Anyone know of a source for this engine ?

    many thanks,



  2. Hiya

    Ok here are photos of a brand new "just out of the bag" AP racing OEM clutch assembly

    on the 2 friction plates, it is clearly marked which one goes where and what orientation they should be on the plate's steel surface parts, I haven't looked to see if this matches the drawing in the manual but as these things come clamped together I would trust AP to pack them correctly. This one also has paint on the sides to show correct placement of the 2 intermediate plates











  3. ok my 10 cents worth...

    do everything listed above and also change the stock "cast" pistons to "forged" ones, they dissipate heat so much better, the 4 cyl lotus engines have them, but the V8 does not, instead there is oil squirters under the pistons and they dump more fuel into the engine at high boost to help cool the pistons yet i have seen melted piston crowns and shattered rings a few times because the cast pistons failed under high engine loads (they melt) !!!

    I had a set made for mine by J&E pistons


  4. Hiya

    Are you saying you have 30,000 miles on this clutch ? if so it's at end of it's life

    by the description of your reverse gear and other gear problems, it certainly sounds like it

    Also just FYI, the 2 clutch plates don't seem to wear out as fast as the intermediate plate that's between them, as this plate has both clutches wearing on it from both sides I have found that this has been the problem

    hope this helps


  5. I have recently upgraded my UN1-027 gearbox as I have highly modified the engine and blew the 2nd gear syncro twice now,

    Installed the Quaife replacement gear set, already had their limited slip diff installed previously

    I did run into a little problem with this upgrade, I installed new syncro's yet again, just for the hell of it and got burned ... The syncros were aftermarket and seemed to work well going up the gears but would grind all the way back down, after pulling the gearbox out again and examining the syncros I found that the coating on the back of them was not the same as the Lotus ones, so I put my old ones back in and now everything is good again

    Regarding the shudder effect pulling away from a standing start in 1st gear, I too felt this and it was not fun to experience, so I pulled the gearbox out again and replaced the flywheel and dual clutch, but the shudder was still there !!! :/

    Next I replaced the gearbox mounts and added a new rubber coated washer to the passenger side mount as I noticed the gearbox does not sit completely flush on them, this cured 99% of the shudder, for me anyway


  6. I think my problem is the Idle valve (blue) hose from the throttle body side has popped off so I am going to remove the intake plenum (again) :/ this weekend

    I checked the vacuum hoses and tested the brake booster with a vacuum pump and it's fine

    the one thing I would ask (because I cant find it in my service manual right now) is , what are the torque specs for the bolts when I bolt the intake plenum back on



  7. Yup this is based on Claudius's kit, I did make some changes however from things I learnt from supercharging my Porsche 928, in our wonderful stop and go traffic here in Los Angeles (before you get to the open road) not having a coolant radiator with fans on it I found the system would heat up, so instead of using the radiator in his kit I used a Setrab dual fan oil cooler, I can switch on the fans from the dash and force the air to pass through the radiator there by cooling the system even if I'm stopped, some may say that's over kill but I find the whole system runs much cooler

    The connection between the coolers/turbo's and throttle body are indeed silicon, there are plenty of places that make this stuff, I forget now where Claudius got these ones but for my Porsche I found the ones I needed at Turbonectics,


  8. Hi folks

    I have a question,

    where does the vacuum line to the brake booster connect to the engine ?

    on the way home from work tonight I almost rear ended the car in front of me when I had a complete loss of brake vacuum, the car also idles all over the place and no boost at all, i think the hose to the brake vacuum assist unit has come off or has split , at the engine and before I look I went through the V8 manual and I could not find where this hose connects to the engine, can someone please help me by letting me know where this hose goes ?

    I have a 1997 V8



    California, USA

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