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  1. At the beginning of September 2020 I took my Son for a tour of Scotland in the Exige 410. Here are the first three videos. Even after 18 months ownership the car is still absolutley epic. I would not swap it for anything short of a Zonda!
  2. Esprit GT3 passed the MOT without any issues.
  3. Took the GT3 for a run this afternnoon and took a few pics.
  4. Picked up the GT3 yesterday having not even seen it since November. Everything seems to be working :-)
  5. A short video from the Exige 410 yesterday.
  6. I reckon I will have put about 800 miles on my GT3 bought last May. Likely to to stay <1000 per year given other car options I have.
  7. First time I have taken a picture my two Lotus together (Esprit GT3 and Exige 410). Happy because collected the Esprit from @Sparky yesterday after he had fitted @Chillidoggy replacement kit for the Delco Moraine ABS garbage. Can actually feel what the brakes are doing now. And, took the Exige for a short run this morning having not driven it for a couple of weeks. By God it's a fast car. Love it even more than my old Elise 111R.
  8. Indeed. Money well spent. Re the colour, I would have preferred yellow or orange but I do like that it is the first of only two gt3's in Nautlius Blue.
  9. Big thanks to @Chillidoggy and @Sparky for an excellent looking job. The drive back home was the first time I have driven the car and not worried about what the brakes were doing. Now I can get on with enjoying the car. Will give it more of a workout around Wales for a couple of days next week.
  10. Thanks @Sparky. You don't hang about 😊. Looking forward to the next instalment.
  11. The 410 is a great car. Congrats. I went for almost full ppf coverage. I would hate to get my Liquid Yellow matched if repairs were required.
  12. Hi Peter, I am in Twyford. Perhaps we could meet up some time? My GT3 is going in for an ABS replacement at the beginning of September so anytime after that if you are interested. Chris
  13. Can't wait to get @Sparky to do mine next month. Sounds like my ABS is in a similar state to the one just done i.e. system works but throws ABS light. Most importantly for me is that the brakes feel absolutely appalling and totally fail to inspire any confidence at all. I will keep all the parts just in case a future owner wants them.
  14. Yes. Even when mine looks green it's not that green. I probably took a photo of your car if that is at Lotus 70.
  15. There is a video on page 95 of this thread although is was looking more blue at the time.
  16. Nautilus Blue is a funny colour. Looks quite green (as per the photo) in some light and dark blue in others hence my question.
  17. That looks like Nautilus Blue. My GT3 is one of 2 in that colour. Are there many other Esprits around in Nautilus Blue?
  18. So much easier following than leading. I found the guys in the Martini Boxsters ran at a pace that was comfortable for me so was behind then quite a bit.
  19. Part 5 of the Norway Tour here. One more to come.
  20. I would recommend going with but if you want to do your own thing the main details are on their website.
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