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  1. So much easier following than leading. I found the guys in the Martini Boxsters ran at a pace that was comfortable for me so was behind then quite a bit.
  2. Part 5 of the Norway Tour here. One more to come.
  3. I would recommend going with but if you want to do your own thing the main details are on their website.
  4. The first of several videos from my Norway tour.
  5. A short video from last weeks drive in the GT3.
  6. I completed a 3,200 mile tour to and around Norway in 8 days without significant issues. Here a couple of photo's. I'll put some on the Exige photo thread as well.
  7. Completed a 3,200 mile trip through northern Europe to Norway and back without any issues other than the front centre area of the soft top lifting slightly at around 110 mph+. Cup 2 tyres coped with a few downpours so long as you drive to the conditions. Photo's will eventually follow. Amazing roads and scenery in Norway.
  8. As mentioned, there are some picks on what is currently the last page of the Esprit pics and videos thread in the Esprit chat section.
  9. Setting of on a driving tour to/around Norway tomorrow. Hoping to get some suitably scenic photo's and video to post here.
  10. VIN: SCC082920VHA42191 1997 Esprit GT3 Nautilus Blue
  11. Great colour. I would prefer the original lights and no spoiler though.
  12. I became a multiple Lotus owner yesterday. The Exige was joined by an Esprit GT3. Some pics on the Esprit photo and video thread.
  13. Collected my first Esprit today. Anyone know this car? The guy a bought it from claims it is the only GT3 in Nautilus Blue. Anyone know differently? And another couple.
  14. Does nayone know if the GT3 was sold with a spare wheel? Thanks.
  15. A couple of photo's of my car from Piazza Italia (Horsham) last weekend on Sporting Bears duty.
  16. Reached the 1000 miles over the weekend. Just in time for the my first Sporting Bears event at Horsham on Easter Friday and Monday.
  17. Still short of the 1000 miles but I'm not one for "mashing" the pedal generally.
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