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  1. damm, sold my house and that's the day I'm moving... I sure would of loved to see all those Esprits sitting at his house.... Maybe next meet, I'll be there in one instead of drooling on one!!
  2. could be!! But I think the cars speak for themselves!!!
  3. Is one leg longer than the other? All the picks are slanted and I know its not all the money in my wallet!
  4. I must of missed my invite! Happy B day!!
  5. Im ready to make a purchase and will entertain any Esprit under 35G
  6. Im still Lotus-less and Sundays are made for football....But, if the Saints aren't on the tube I might stop bye...
  7. one of the nicest that was on ebay, glad you scooped it!
  8. as a wing guy, i can say that that wing has to go or be remounted. It buggs me something terrible
  9. interesting... I think I prefer the red one!!
  10. white with white wheels would be nice....
  11. FeEbay steal your money when you sell, pay and transfer money out... I just buy now
  12. Does anybody have a font similar to the newer esprit logo?
  13. thats is so awesome! Thanks much I wanted to see the birthplace of my Esprit.... Somebody else owns it at the moment but soon it will be liberated!
  14. Can somebody confirm that this is the Lotus factory in Hethel using Google Earth? 52
  15. did some searching and the UK is def out for getting a Lotus!!.. B) So is Canada as the prices here are about double what you can get one for in the US....
  16. getting close to that time, anybody interested in parting with their baby? Let me know
  17. I am getting an S4, but its gonna probally be an ebay deal.... cant afford to get that perfect S4!!
  18. I'll start with an S4... Im sure the chicks will come after! nice pics!!
  19. I parked way off thinking that you guys were trying to get parking together... Hung out at the St. James and when nobody showed I figured you went up to the Banff Springs instead??? How hard could it be to find 10 Lotus's in Banff!!! Anyways, thanks much for the info and the chance to see some Lotus's up close. Maybe next time I'll be able to get near the front!!
  20. Is somebody going to post the itinerary?
  21. I would like to tag along with the lotus crew if possible....I can hold up the rear.
  22. a cheap air/fuel will only read on and off and isnt a good tuning tool. You need to buy a wideband to play with the mixture
  23. If somebody needs a co-pilot, I'm up for it.
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