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  1. when are you guys heading up from the hat? I might try to meet up with you if i go
  2. I could be persuaded...the benz could use a good run!
  3. I have a nice green lotus hat that doesn't fit my head. Paid over 30 US for it. Looking for someone with a cold head in Canada to take it off my hands. Email me for more
  4. You should let me know next time you have a group fix! I would drive up to help... Cant pass up that kind of learning experience! Plus Mark and Dodgy owe me a pint since you ditched me in Banffffff
  5. damm, I would take that in a minute!
  6. I'm on it! Got my passport and cheque book ready! Want to attend the next meet in an Esprit....
  7. Ive been keeping records of all the Esprits for sale over the last year. Can you believe a nice 94 s4 sold for 16500 in the states last month! (so fast I had no hope)
  8. Im here but have nothing of value to add....cept the exchange rates sucks for buying an Esprit
  9. good luck with the fix. After reading all the hassles. I still want an Esprit...Maybe I need to get checked out
  10. should of asked!! I had a few bucks on the Saints! Quite the game and it appeared as if it got a nice crowd of fans. Was kewl to hear them calling Deuce when he got the ball! Sucks that New Orleans had to miss a home game but I'll take the win.
  11. My favorite team is in the UK, home of my favorite car!!! Anybody go?
  12. awd Talon or Eclipse? Awesome turbo car for the money
  13. nosaint


    As Borat would say... "Everybody knows Elise is for girls"!!! JK
  14. Is that fake carbon fiber vinyl from the factory? I have seen way to many to be people doing it themselves??
  15. I got a ton of pics of YOUR car myself! Just when I was getting serious he told me he sold it... If you ever want to unload the wheel adapters let me know!! That was one of the best looking ones I have seen, glad it turned out to be a nice car!!
  16. good luck with the car, I almost bought that one myself!
  17. that can take a look at a lotus for me? let me know
  18. Ill race you Dave to see who gets a Lotus first!
  19. you might pass us on the road on sat if your coming up on that day, Be on the look out for a green Eagle Vision!! Coming back to do the final pack!
  20. 20???!!! Dammm, has to be on that day! Is Dodgy and John gonna make it?
  21. Gonna have to miss this one but someone take lots of pics! I'm moving back to Sask on that day but the good news is I now have the cash to get an Esprit. Maybe next meet
  22. I'm not crazy for the round lights. Too much like a Ferrari. Body lines go better with a squarish design...IMO!
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