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  1. I agree, not too bad if you take your time and work smart. My L/H side came out with no problem. I cut the stud on both sides of the bushing, removed the lower link, then worked the remaining two sides out with the press. I broke the R/H side out of stupidity. After cutting the stud and removing the lower link, I proceeded to press the remaining stud out W/O properly supporting the casting. An expensive mistake I won't be making again!
  2. I just found one on EBay UK. Still has lower link attached, so it's a bit of a gamble, but think I'll pull the trigger. If they are as rare as folks are eluding to, I'll take what I can get.
  3. Broke my 1988 Esprit R/H rear hub trying to press out lower link stud... Anyone know where I can fine a replacement? Thanks.
  4. At this point, I couldn't resist doing a complete engine rebuild. I'll provide updates as I can. Currently, the motor is disassembled and at the machine shop getting a 3 angle valve job, crank polishing, and balancing. I'll be removing the external wastegate system and going with a new turbo with internal wastegate and Alunox SS exhaust manifold and fitting kit. I hope to start reassembly this week.
  5. Hi Mark, Thanks for checking. I've tried dialing from the US with no luck. do you have an email address for Martyn I could try. I'd like to go ahead and purchase the system, but haven't had any luck having someone respond to my emails using their generic [email protected] email link. Thanks, Matt
  6. So, in light of the many other things I should probably address on the motor (timing belt, accy belts, oil links, etc.) and because I really want to remove and inspect the exhaust, I decided to yank the lump out. Having never done this before, it took me about 6 hrs, but well worth it. Now I can properly clean everything up, replace all the belts, seals, hoses, etc. and hopefully fit a functioning exhaust. Speaking of the exhaust system, I can't seem to find anyone that sells a replacement silencer and other parts. Considering the Alunox system. I've emailed the company twice, but haven't heard back. any recommendations out there for replacing the whole exhaust system with a higher performance aftermarket m,m? Matt
  7. I think my problem is in the wastegate, so I'm going to try my luck at rebuilding the assembly, but nothing is ever easy on this car. I'm stumped.. I can't figure out how to get the wastegate off the manifold - there's just no accessing the bolt nearest the sump. I then tried to drop the wastgate while still on the adapter manifold. no luck there either - again can't get to the nuts closest to the motor. Does anybody have any experience with this? Any advise would be great. thanks!
  8. While taking a thorough look under the car today, I noticed the exhaust back pressure valve (EBPV) is not physically connected to the corresponding lever on the exhaust pipe. The valve and associated spring look to be in bad shape - probably broke away from the lever. Though, I'm not sure this is what's causing my problem.
  9. I'm not sure if this is turbo related or a failure in the engine management system. Car operates fine at idle, through normal acceleration, up until I hit about 4200 RPM. At that time the engine completely cuts out with a violent loss of power. When this happens I naturally take my foot off the accelerator, at which time the car then drops in rpm and again operates normally until high rpms are reached again. Could it be a bad overboost switch, or wastegate failure? Additional Info.. may be related... my boost gauge never moves and and do not hear the blow off valve operating when driving. Any help trouble shooting would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Steve, that makes sense - thanks for the first-hand insight. I'm curious... If the cam bores were over sized, how is the additional bore width accommodated without the use of cam bearings? Matt
  11. My guess is that the cam followers have been machined 5 thousands over. Put a inside micrometer to them to check all.
  12. from info learned through earlier today, it appears all heads are the same form early JH through 80ish Lotus s 2.0.. differences seem to be imitated to the water outlet through the head instead of the earlier intake manifold. reducing destination in cylinder # 4 Understanding that once you get into the stroker engine specs, head geometry changes considerable.
  13. Does anyone know the differences in block and head castings from the 1975 907 through the Esprit S2 907 castings? It looks to me like the block numbers never changed through these years (B907E0708S). Were the internal block castings identical through these years? On the other hand, I see a bunch of different part numbers for the 907 heads from 75 – 79. The differences appear to be more towards the ancillaries and not reflective of the internal casting geometry of the ports and cooling passages. I'm trying to determine if these years are generally interchangeable with regards to internal castings. Thanks!
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