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  1. I have sorted out the price and it's 240€+pp I will post more pictures and information later.
  2. Yes, the second one is almost ready as well.
  3. How soon the new original tank starts to rust from inside Travis?
  4. Hi! As everybody knows that header tanks rust so I'm about to do new header tank of stainless steel (acid resistance) I will do 2 or 3 of them so if you are interested, please let me know. I don't know exact price yet. All you have to do is take the water sensors from the old one and put them on the new one. Jukka
  5. I just booked the flights in 24.4-28.4 It's my first visit to London and I'm so happy to see the big city and Lotus factory.
  6. Hi guys! I'm planning to go with my wife to London next month and also visit the Lotus factory. Can someone recommend a nice (fairly cheap) hotel? Is there a direct route to factory by bus? Thanks Jukka
  7. Hi! A short movie made with humor to honor one of the best cars in the world...
  8. Hi! It's been 6 and half years (21000km) since my timing belt has been changed. I'm going to change it before summer. Jukka
  9. Long time no see! Detailing is almost ready. Here is some engine pictures Clicky Jukka
  10. Hello Matt! I think you can relocate the T-piece. It doesn't matter where the pipe is as long as you find the route away from the engine compartment. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong! Jukka
  11. Thanks guys! I will try to do a reference for you. Jukka
  12. Thanks Adrian! The carbon mat is (193g/m2-2/2 twilli 3K) 35
  13. Hello Alex! I also started the engine detailing and so far cost is about 400
  14. Hello Chris! Do you mean like this Click here! Scroll down the site and you'll see a few pictures from heat shield. Jukka
  15. Hello! I got the red silicone hoses from autoperformance today. Let the engine bay detailing beging!! Red silicone hoses! Jukka
  16. Hello! More carbon fibre on my car!! New gearshift surround and new upper gaiter from local tailleur (28
  17. juki75

    Esprit crash

    Here is some kind of a translation... "Swedish man's survival was miracle when he wrecked his Lotus Esprit turbo yesterday. His leg was broken and he was stuck in vehicle. Despite the accident he was calling many of his friends. He made five phone calls before rescue was in the scene. He said: I have crashed my car but I'm ok and I was going to the gym. He was not in shock and was a hardy man. He seemed to be ok but after a while he felt pain in his leg. Everything happened so fast! Suddenly the car was sliding sideways, then hit into the rock and followed by a sudden stop."
  18. Hello! Guy only broke his leg!! It's in Finnish but I think you get the picture. Jukka
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