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    I'm about 7 hours in to my PPL(H). But then I ran out of money. Still, when things pick up here again I shall return. Either that or take 3 months out, go to the States and do it there where it's considerably cheaper. But yeah - flying == cool although flying helicopters == fecking tricky.
  2. If you haven't already, might I recommend that you check out Heroes? If you are of a slightly geeky bent, you could do an awful lot worse.
  3. I'm thinking some kind of tacky bumper sticker along the "I brake for horses" line - "I accelerate for Hamsters" perhaps...
  4. My old man is clearing out his attic this week. I believe there's a box of Spectrum and Amiga games up there. In fact there should also be an old Amiga 2000, complete with Syndicate concept art somewhere... It may already be too late, but if anyone's interested in any of that stuff, feel free to speak up.
  5. Airplane or Airplane 2 (specifically the bit where Shatner appears on the 'monitor') Happy Gilmore (when Happy challenges Shooter) Kung Fu Hustle (especially the "Who's throwing handles" sequence) Any Python (except possibly The Meaning Of Life) Cannonball Run (or any Burt Reynolds film where they include the outtakes at the end) Lake Placid ("He seemed taller")
  6. Yeah, I've really let myself go in recent weeks
  7. Having been fortunate enough to go out for a spin in one (>ahem<)... I can confirm that what the lady says about the seats is spot on. They look incredibly uncomfortable - a kinda right-angle arrangement at 45 degrees from the floor - but they're actually really comfy. More importantly, they do a bang-up job of holding you in place when the nutter behind the wheel decides to open the taps a bit.
  8. For me it would have to be Durell's Lotus Turbo Esprit that I had on the Spectrum. Good though the Lotus Challenge series was (4 player link up in Challenge 2 was particularly awesome), it was a pretty standard racing game. Durell's offering was more GTA3 in that it gave you a living, breathing city to hoon around in. And a gun to shoot bad guys with.
  9. I used to work at Kuju and they really aren't that good. I can honestly say it was the worst time of my career to date. Well, there was that time in the ball-sucking department of the morgue...
  10. Given the choice between a parking space and a parking space next to an exotic, I always make the point of parking next to the exotic. I think part of it is so that I can have a good look at it when I get out but also because I think the Esprit deserves to be there. Hopefully others feel the same so that when I return to where I parked, there's a whole line of lovely supercars waiting for me to drool over.
  11. You had a lucky escape. Lotus Challenge on the PS2 is by Kuju and it sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls. The models are nice enough and there's plenty to choose from but the driving model is the most appalling thing I've ever had the misfortune to use. Don't ever play it - it'll just make you sad.
  12. You'll need a Bittorrent client - personally I'd recommend Azureus ( which, in turn may require Java. Durell's Lotus Turbo Esprit was one of the main inspirations behind my Esprit fetish. Magnetic Field's Lotus Challenge comes a close second. Avoid Kuju's Lotus Challenge like the plague though.
  13. It looks like GPL but with a slightly updated renderer (and a kick arse controller setup )
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