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  1. No actual pictures of mine, but here's a video I made earlier this evening. If you're an Esprit purist, I'd not bother clicking the link
  2. How many SE Highwings were made? I've trawled around LEW looking for figures but I can't find any HW specific ones.
  3. I'm friends with the guy who runs the team. He's due to be getting one of the cars when the season finishes. I just hope they take a look at the suspension before they hand it over
  4. I think my favourite has got to be the offensive line coming through the banner.
  5. Don't actually care about his birthday at all, but if we can keep the pics coming, I'm golden
  6. 5th Gear last night did a bit on the gumball. And there was Bibs in all his GLC glory.
  7. Guide your little curled up chap to the target zone any which way you can as long as it's under budget. It's kind like the old Bridge Builder / Pontifex game but with armadillos. For the competitive amongst you - I'm on 642 for the first 6 levels.
  8. I played a bit but my machine's not really up to spec. I spent a while roaming with the dev team and generally kicking arse but haven't been back to it in a long while.
  9. It's not multiplayer in the traditional, head-to-head sense. Instead, as your creature evolves, it gets uploaded to a central server and propogated around the other players' worlds. Therefore your little guy can appear in everyone elses game.
  10. It is widely acknowledged amongst the development community that Spore is going to absolutely clean up. It's one of those genre-busters that comes along every once in a while and proceeds to re-define a whole bunch of stuff. Personally, I can't wait.
  11. I think the time has come for me and "Sharkey" to part ways. I'm between jobs ATM and I'm not sure when I'll get an income again. Couple that with the price boost that you tend to get just before the summer and I'd say now's a good time to be selling. So what do people think for an asking price? It's a '93 SE Highwing in Aqua with 72k on the clock and more history than you can shake a stick at from Lakeside Engineering. I saw a '92 HW on autotrader for
  12. Hey yeah. That was me. Dropping my friend off in Godalming after the Chelsea vs Man U match. Tonight in Guildford was a brief run to KFC in response to an order by the Colonel. When he issues those things, they must be obeyed. You must have seen me on the way out of town as I had the lights on on the way in.
  13. Make it a weekend or a Friday evening and I'm in.
  14. Bulk Paint

    IQ Test

    31/33 thus far. #28 and #30 have me stumped. It's one of those puzzles that I keep re-visiting during the day and seeing a new one each time. Well, apart from those two that is...
  15. Friend of mine had a simliar problem. She had a crushed disc and had it removed and the two bits stuck together. AIUI, she's now in Canada and still able to ride horses - so it can't be all that bad.
  16. 31 now - the purchase of a 360* over the weekend somewhat dented my puzzle-solving time. *That's XBox 360, in case anyone was afraid I'd gone over to the prancing horse.
  17. 28 here too. Most of today has been written off to this damn thing. I particularly liked the golf ball and the crossword ones...
  18. Actually, I thought that was Derek Trotter...
  19. I'd take the Murcie over the Gallardo for one very simple (and quite shallow) reason - the doors. Lambos need scissor-wing doors for me - anything else seems too... normal.
  20. Just let me know when. Only me, you understand. Anyone found getting in touch with Jen will face the severest consequences...
  21. Powermonger was released in '91 on Amiga and ST. Later on it also made it to the PC and, bizarrely enough, the Mega CD. Now this is the game I was most proud of. We used to play this thing until the sun came up each morning. I know the law's changed and everything, but... Gene Wars I also really liked. The art style was a bit hit and miss and the difficulty curve was way off (damn QA people) but it was still very enjoyable. Got mine 2 weeks before my 25th birthday - largely thanks to EA buying out Bullfrog and giving us share options.
  22. And here's me having just bought some nice new racing boots... I'll have to let you know a little nearer the time though as there's talk of a snowboarding trip. Jen may be interested too, but that might be more down to the venue's proximity to a shopping centre
  23. I design computer games. Used to work for Bullfrog back in "the day" but they got swallowed up by Electronic Arts and we all left to do our own thing. My particular own thing was to join Lost Toys where I stayed until they went belly up a couple of years back. Now I'm at Kuju Entertainment where most of my day is spent dealing with the mire of beaurocracy and derivative crap that this industry is churning out. Shame really as it used to be a real blast. Anyhow, a pocket softography would include: Powermonger, Populous II, Syndicate, Magic Carpet, Gene Wars, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper II, Battle Engine Aquila
  24. Yeah, so my door handle snapped off. Whilst I'm ultimately tempted to go the route of the Fish, I need a shorter term solution - or new handles as they are otherwise known. Anyone got any? Or know of where I can get them and how much they cost? Also, how hard is it to fit them? Fancy doing it for me? Who shot JFK? Why am I still here?
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