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  1. And a good evening was had by all. Great to see you guys (again). Props to Fishy for instigating, Paul (fmxa) for turning up despite being in CA, Vicki for showing us that fantastic greasy spoon the following morning and Dave for keeping the ladies 'entertained'.
  2. Wednesday could be tricky unless it's quite late. Got a time in mind? I may just have to come out of hibernation for this one...
  3. I've seen one. You hang around Guildford enough and you see every flash motor after a while.
  4. Jen christened mine 'Sharkey' - probably largely due to the colour
  5. Ooh. How come I've never seen you guys before? I'm in Guildford with the Aqua SE that stands out like a sore thumb (especially at night...)
  6. The only location stuff I could ever remember was DL for the Isle of Wight. Spain had a similar system of displaying where the car was registered. The middle letter would be the city of origin - M for Madrid, B for Barcelona, etc. They just recently scrapped this system as cars on an 'M' plate would often find themselves vandalised if parked in Barca and vice versa. I don't think our city rivalries quite extend that far - you just have to remember to never visit Liverpool and you're done
  7. Is Gumby allowed to drive? I imagine these things are an order of magnitude more lethal than those ones from Essex...
  8. Ah, a karting thread. Feels like home...
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