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  1. Absolutely love flying.. about a quarter of a way through a PPL(A)..

    I'm about 7 hours in to my PPL(H). But then I ran out of money. Still, when things pick up here again I shall return. Either that or take 3 months out, go to the States and do it there where it's considerably cheaper.

    But yeah - flying == cool although flying helicopters == fecking tricky.

  2. My old man is clearing out his attic this week. I believe there's a box of Spectrum and Amiga games up there. In fact there should also be an old Amiga 2000, complete with Syndicate concept art somewhere...

    It may already be too late, but if anyone's interested in any of that stuff, feel free to speak up.

  3. Airplane or Airplane 2 (specifically the bit where Shatner appears on the 'monitor')

    Happy Gilmore (when Happy challenges Shooter)

    Kung Fu Hustle (especially the "Who's throwing handles" sequence)

    Any Python (except possibly The Meaning Of Life)

    Cannonball Run (or any Burt Reynolds film where they include the outtakes at the end)

    Lake Placid ("He seemed taller")

  4. Having been fortunate enough to go out for a spin in one (>ahem<)... I can confirm that what the lady says about the seats is spot on. They look incredibly uncomfortable - a kinda right-angle arrangement at 45 degrees from the floor - but they're actually really comfy. More importantly, they do a bang-up job of holding you in place when the nutter behind the wheel decides to open the taps a bit.

  5. The best lotus game of all time is the original Lotus Challenge I and II for the Amiga!

    For me it would have to be Durell's Lotus Turbo Esprit that I had on the Spectrum. Good though the Lotus Challenge series was (4 player link up in Challenge 2 was particularly awesome), it was a pretty standard racing game. Durell's offering was more GTA3 in that it gave you a living, breathing city to hoon around in. And a gun to shoot bad guys with.

  6. If there was ever a time for asking no questions and just taking someones word for it ............. this is it! :)

    I used to work at Kuju and they really aren't that good. I can honestly say it was the worst time of my career to date.

    Well, there was that time in the ball-sucking department of the morgue...

  7. I was parked at a Tim Horton coffee shop on Sunday when a guy in a Ferrari GTS pulls in and parks about 8 rows away from me. He couldn't park next to me because it was occupied. He goes in to get a coffee, comes back out and stands around. Soon as the spot opens up next to me he jumps in his car and parks next to mine, gets out of his car and sits in front of it I am sitting in the shop drinking a coffee and watching all this happen and I think to myself, whats he trying to prove or show off. Is it his car, being a Ferrari and relatively well known, mine being a Lotus and relatively unknown, looking to get attention because he has competition or what. Does this only happen here or has it happened to other Lotus drivers. He proved nothing to me esthetically, but I think his is a bigger money pit than mine.

    Given the choice between a parking space and a parking space next to an exotic, I always make the point of parking next to the exotic. I think part of it is so that I can have a good look at it when I get out but also because I think the Esprit deserves to be there. Hopefully others feel the same so that when I return to where I parked, there's a whole line of lovely supercars waiting for me to drool over.

  8. but the lotus challenge game isn't...boooooo

    You had a lucky escape. Lotus Challenge on the PS2 is by Kuju and it sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls. The models are nice enough and there's plenty to choose from but the driving model is the most appalling thing I've ever had the misfortune to use.

    Don't ever play it - it'll just make you sad.

  9. Gonna try and hop down there and get some sight seeing in with the car, Guildford Cathedral,

    You actually want to see the cathedral? It's a monstrosity in brick! Looks okay at night though and the approach road is always good if you've watched the Omen previously.

    Either way, let me know when you're doing this and we'll meet up.

  10. OI ALEX?!?!?! Where are you on this thread eh?!


    Lurking with intent.

    Provided my cash flow (or, indeed, trickle) has been sorted out by then, I think you can probably count on an appearance... Those Aftershocks aren't going to drink themselves now, are they?

  11. Oh dear sounds scary and like i'd need to get spanners and things...  :(

    I fancy the rude boy look i take it you can swith them off???


    It's a doddle really. Like I said, getting underneath the car is the hard part.

    They've got a remote control that allows you to turn them on or off as well as into 10 different modes.

  12. Love the lights dude! Where did you get em? Did you fit them?


    ICELED make the kits. I fitted them myself. You have to make brackets to hide the tubes as the underneath of the car is so smooth and it's hard to find a place to mount the rear tube. Aside from that, the trickiest thing was getting underneath the car in the first place :)

    Fishy's got dibs on them if any who's interested in the car doesn't want them.

  13. If you're still interested in an SE, I'm thinking about shifting my SE Highwing.

    It's a '93 on a K plate, 72k on the clock, C service last year.

    Colour's not to everyone's taste but, coupled with the highwing, I'm reliably informed it's really rare.


    There have been a couple of mods but nothing major - the SS clutch cable, some of Alan's lovely sills and, er... some

    I'd be putting it up for 14k but would take 13k from a lister. PM me if you're interested.

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