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  1. Guys Does anyone know of a replacement fan to change out the two fans fitted for the cab circulation. They will need to be a replacement with minimal work? Any ideas, thanks.
  2. All The lock on the engine hatch is broken on my 82 Turbo. Does anyone know who can supply them? None of the usual guys have them available. It is the twist and turn type in Chrome. Thanks Paul
  3. Guys I need some help please. I have changed the clutch plate on my 82 Turbo and had the pressure plate reconditioned. The master and slave cyclinders along with the red hose have all been replaced but i cannot get clutch after bleeding the system. The pedal does not seem to move the cyclinder far enough. Does anyone know how much travel there should be ( I think it is about 1 inch approx ) and also is it correct as in some of the cases people have removed the cyclinder to facilitate bleeding. Thanks Paul
  4. i have just done mine as well - very simple. If you dont want to i founf this place on the web, they do it to a very high standard look at the pics.. Good luck
  5. Try these guys they seem to do everything. Best of luck
  6. Guys thanks I found the connections on the otter switch to be in a very bad state. I remade them and this fixed the problem - when i short the switch out the fans come on so all is fine. Thanks again. i love this car but its worse than marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Guys Quick question - I have just rebuilt my 82 Turbo and am not sure if the fans are working correctly - when i turn on the ignition all the fans (3) start working straight away. Should this happen or should these work off of the temperature switch - otter switch? Thanks
  8. Hi If you need another i will have a set for an 82 Turbo. Thanks Paul
  9. Hey i just had the same issue. After many different clutch plates i ended up getting mine from SJ they are about 140 GBP. I tried approximately 6 others from all different sources but none of them would fit the citroen spline size, if they do not fit that then they dont work The only place that had them that fitted was SJ and they told me that they were special order and seems that is correct. The plate they supply is a very high quality plate - AP Racing. I took the cover plate locally and had it reconditioned and it is perfect about 40 GBP.
  10. thanks mate i have hust been out and cleaned up all the connections again and checked all the earths, it all seems okay. Can anyone help with the wiring? Off of the lumenition module there is a black - ground Red - ???? Brown gos to the negative on the coil. the wiring harness is as below yellow - suppresor black - earth white???? white / yellow????? think this is + coil red???? can anyone help with the blanks. Thanks Paul
  11. Hi All I have had an issue with the ignition system on my 1982 Lotus Esprit Turbo. Does anyone have a picture of the lumenition system and coil arrangement. I am looking for the correct wiring terminations for that area, i have the manual but the wiring color coding is a bit off, any help would be great. Thanks Paul
  12. All I have the gearbox out of the car and have soaked the release bearing trying to remove it. I have pulled the fork out of the gearbox so it is not in the way - the manual does not show a circlip or anything, apparently it should just pull out. Can anyone confirm this. Thanks Paul
  13. Jussi I have changed my front brakes on my 82 esprit turbo to vented discs with uprated pads through Kelvdon Motorsport. They have a web site The guy to speak to is Pat - he is straight and the kit is far cheaper than a 4pot conversion with similar results. It stops the brake fade and the new pads stop the car as you would expect - quick. Cya pd
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