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  1. It was not possible to get two tickets from the local german Lotus dealer.
  2. Would be great to know for planning
  3. An event like Lotus 60th anniversary would be great!!!
  4. A great "THANK YOU" to Rob C who helped me with Bluestreak Electronics. It is great to have you as a friend ! Thank you !
  5. I contact Lotus aftersales at the Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch. They were very helpful and friendly. Thanks to Lotus Aftersales to Garry and Neil!
  6. Hi Paul, thanks for reply and info. I will try Lotus aftersales. Regards
  7. Bluestreak Electronics have not the software They only can make a swap from another ECM unit
  8. I contact Bluestreak Electronics
  9. Does Bluestreak Electronics UK have the required special software to be able to do it? They should, if they servicing for Lotus the ECUs. Did you know more?
  10. Hi, thanks for the reply. I bought a spare ECU from an Exige S1, which should be the same ECU, like in the V8 Esprit. Because I had some trouble and no Lotus dealer in germany can help me currently, my idea was the reprogramming the Exige ECU with the standard V8 GT software for my car the change the ECU and find out if the car is running better. Did you always need ne EEPROMs ?
  11. Hello, can anyone help? Who in UK or Europe can make a reprogramming of a standard V8 GT ECU? I have got the information from a german main dealer that Lotus Cars could not do this job. Thanks for reading.
  12. Is the set of OZ Novas Sold?
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