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    lotus Evora n/a ardent red, audi S3, Nissan 305z track car
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    2ubular exhaust, BOE cai, gt4 c/f wing, barge boards, s/c rear diffuser, 2014 paint,Side scoops, splitter
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  1. Hi, my son has locked his only keys in the boot whilst working on the car at university, apparently there is a way to easily get it open according to some forums? Can someone please pm me if they know the method please, it fairly urgent as his last 2 days at uni thx
  2. Rms Romford replaced my drivers side last year and my passenger side door latch has started to play up. I guess I’m lucky to have found and bought one a few months back from Roco at south west lotus, sprayed the old one and it worked for a few weeks, surprise surprise it’s now packed up, I’m going to have a go at fitting it, hopefully there is a thread on Here to follow!!
  3. My son just called to say he is buying an s1 Elise, it has what looks like a race engine fitted. can anyone who knows these warrior engines give any feedback, I believe that it has forged parts itbs and as well as an oil cooler it also has an after market sump? Im wondering perhaps someone may even know the car!! we are checking insurance costs tomorrow and we need to find out the cc as could be a 2.0 litre!! Please see the engine pics below
  4. Thx for your input you are right by the look on the parts site. Do some of the gt 430 bumpers in carbon come fully painted then? I would Want to put the gt430 rear bumper on my n/a, it looks like I would need a few exTra bits for fitment.
  5. So the rear Bumper on the 410and 430 Look the same and (Oem) are Both carbon fibre Right? If I was to take the paint off the 410 fully painted carbon fibre to reveal the carbon weave would it be a neat weave or as it was oem Fully painted be a mess?
  6. So my son Ryan and I had a full Day at snetterton yesterday and I’m glad to report we made it home in one piece!! Managed to get there early and use a spare garage, the weather started off very good but became cloudy as the day went on And Then we had some rain at about 12.30 just before lunch. The car ran perfectly until 12.30, it then decided to go into limp mode whilst Ryan was on track so we hobbled back to the pits to see what the problem was, plugged the obd reader in and it showed two codes a p2135 fault and a p2106 so we deduced that it was probably something to do with the throttle body or maf sensor. We cleared the codes and took the car out again only to get the same problem which subsequently would not clear with the code reader. we decided to remove the intake pipe so we could Inspect the throttle body and plugs were clean and to our surprise we found a lot of dirt around the throttle itself, we borrowed some cleaning fluid and flushed the area and carefully wiped it clean, put the bits back on and thankfully the codes cleared and we ran the remainder of the day with no problems. The car handled Amazingly well in all the corners as I thought it would with very good steering and feel, we managed to get better at finding the limit as the day progressed there was only one close call which was when the back end lost traction and seemed to regain itself with out any panic. The track day was full of high end serious cars and although the car was great it really lacked in power on the track Straights which to be honest we We’re half expecting But it did not even meet those. the cameras did not get any great footage so probably not going to put any up!! All in all we had a fantastic day we also came to the conclusion that the evora n/a is Far more suited to the road than track, probably as we have had other modified track cars over the years.
  7. Just made up The go pro camera holder for tomorrow. Fits across Behind the seats using a metal pole with some brackets that lock into the the rear window sills!! So we have about 3-4 cameras and hope to get some Good footage!! It’s actually quite nice the hear the oem exhaust again !! we are both getting excited, all loaded and ready for the big day!! 😳
  8. remove the air intake box and Air I take tube, reach in with a cloth to twist round and wipe down?? Not sure about the offside One as that has a thick pipe that seems less accessible? my other idea perhaps you could use a thin barbecue stick wrapped in a peice of cloth And poke it through ares that need a clean 😳
  9. So I looked on deroure and it does show the diffuser finisher as different Part Numbers? But it looks very similar as though it may just fit?
  10. I’m trying to find out If the rear diffuser on the evora “s” Fits the 430 bumper, looks like it may be?
  11. Yes I hope to post up a post trip report on how the day goes, car is all set to go with a full service and all fluids checked, new Michelin PS4’s and new pads, just need to work out go pro fitting, may use the helmet fitting, also letting my 20 year old so. Have his first track driving experience 😳😳😳
  12. Might be worth checking they are doing the static sound test, I’m going to snetterton Wednesday and they said Due to covid they are only using the drive by sensors which are set at 92db, I am in an n/a with a tubular back box which is LOUD !! So I have just whipped it off and put back the oem one, just came back from a test run and it’s a Very nice sound, might be worth downloading the sound app and getting an idea of what sound level your at? You can get baffles and mufflers but I was worried about back pressures.
  13. I have the boe intake as well and love the sucking sound it makes, I have also just sealed it to the iNtake duct and it’s now much louder !!! just got of the phone to Jim at tubular he is going to look at making a deflector for the rear which will probably help sound issues!! Is have to work out how to mount the go pro and Harry’s lap timer on my phone ?? Any good ideas
  14. That’s good to know I’m going to snetterton on Wednesday, they are not static testing but will be using drive by tests at 105db I am wondering if it will pass the test with the tubular box which is loud ?? Is there any way to muffle the sound? I am thinking 1 put the 3rd cat back in? 2 swap back to stock exhaust ? Would that affect the cars ecu? 3 use some type of bolt on muffler. 4 take the stick exhaust with and swap if I get told no? has anyone else been to snetterton with the tubular back box? also would a phone app be reliable to test?
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