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  1. Congratulations!!!glad to see you got it. pics please!!!!!
  2. Ford Fiesta mk1 vauxhall Calibra Nissan 300zx twin turbo Peugeot 307 lol got stolen honda civic 2.0 Nissan Juke Mercedes clk 320 and 230 audi a6 nissan 350z x 2 mazda mx5 mk1 (track car) current cars nissan 350z (track) evora n/a (weekend toy) mecedes c class 250 (family) love all three current care as they serve a purpose, nearly bought an nsx when I bought the 300zx ?
  3. Glen good luck with the inspection. Sounds like a nice colour combination, I still love ardent red lol, but you can't beat an oyster interior which imsure gives it an extra special aura when you climb in. hopefully youll be driving it home with a big smile on your face, it's a great feeling every time you get In and drive it !!!!
  4. I love using Spotify through the car system, you can play from many genres and playlists it's awesome , I am always drawn mainly to pink floyd, JJ cale, Jeff beck, dire straits to name a few, obviously music must be muted when any tunnel runs or loud Moments are available...
  5. Just wondered has anyone on here fitted hr or any brand of 15 mm wheel spacers? Whats the quality like. Thinking of widening the stance slightly just to bring the wheels out level with the wheel arch. i did read keeping the spacers the same size back and front is best? i have eibach spacers on my track car and they have been fine, handling seems very good, I would not want to compromise the great handling on the Evora.
  6. Yes it's rai I g and I decided to give it a miss now, hopefully meet up in the coming months
  7. Anyone going here tonight as I was thinking of going ???
  8. As I came out the gym this morning and was just about to get in the Evora I heard a voice say "I'll take yours and you take mine" so looked up and it was a nice blonde middle aged lady getting into her audi 4x4 next to me so I laughed and said no way ! Should have said something else now I think of it ? Also had quite a few kids around my car when collecting my son From school, they were all asking Ryan is that your car and wow!!! He obviously told them about the diffuser as they were looking and commenting on it. i just picked up a set of sports wheels from lotusmiles on here, fitted them today and yes they are lovley but I miss the old wheels and the fact they have the tpm on them, i guess it can be added to the wheels? im sure once the calipers are painted they will look fine. will be looking at getting a set of track day tyres soon for the old wheels
  9. So after an early gym session this morning I decided it was time to have a go at fitting the diffuser to the n/a undertry, myself and my son Ryan started at 1 pm after the rain stopped, once we had the car up on axle stands we set about removing the rear undertray and parking sensor rail which was a fiddly job to start with, once off we then realised that the undertray was to short and would need to somehow make it 3" longer to bring the diffuser fins in line with the new park sensor rail. I had a sheet of aluminium laying around and worked out a plan to cut a thin strip off and attach it to the rear part of the undertray, after measuring and re measuring we finally got to the size we needed and proceeded to cut the metal with an air driven cutter which was ok but very slow so we then tried a jigsaw with a fine blade started off great but after 6 inches was blunt so I had the use a large grinder which went through very quick although left a messy burr along the edge which we tidied. We used rivets to attach the strip to the rear part of the tray and then we had to re drill all the attachment holes to match the brackets and also moved the heat shield panel on the undertray and re riveted that, obviously there were lots of little jobs to do that took the time up. After 6 hours we had it fitted and also refitted the parking sensors which work fine. I took a few photos during the process and the finished job which I'm really delighted with.
  10. Nice music and very nice t shirt, makes me think of steve Miller band.
  11. i have now recieved the first two parts of the s/c diffuser, very very happy as you never know how they will arrive etc, the grill and fin part is in excellent condition considering the description said it was cracked... It's actually a paint fracture and not a crack. The parking sensor rail had 5-6 scratches which I have just painted in. Just need the rear undertray and a few small items now, might even have a go and see if I can fit it to the n/a undertray !!! Will save about £300 in total if I can get it to fit.
  12. Lol, thanks that clears that up!! ill sort all the other bits and pieces i need my glasses!!!!!
  13. Just found another diagram of the diffuser parts and this one does not show the brace bracket in the diagram?
  14. Need some advice on the s/c diffuser parts. On my n/a diffuser I can't remember seeing part 1 in the diagram on my car is this part required for the s/c diffuser to fit and does it fit below the exhaust and also is it designed to fix to the parking sensor rail or the diffuser under tray as its not very clear ?
  15. Just saw this in criklewood London, stopped to take a quick look!!!! Noticed he has the s back box?
  16. 1st dibs on any 2 ubular down pipes lol!!!
  17. Sorry guys but as Andy says I'm sorted with the s/c set up, well hopefully. one thought I had was that I will put the n/a diffuser up for sale once I've fitted the new one? Would that be any help to fabricate the new diffuser ????? would probably be available in a few weeks if everything goes to plan and I done need to chop it up.
  18. If anyone has a used rear diffuser undertray or knows of one please let me know it's Doubtful that I will find one but if you dont try you don't get!!! looks like I'll have to order it direct !!!!
  19. Sorted the parking sensor rail trim, hope the sensor wires will reach the extra length and work properly. So just the rear undertray to either buy or make and a few other metal bits. £300 so far which to me is good value if it works, And I guess the n/a diffuser can be sold off at a later date to recoup funds. also I have the 2 ubular back box which protrudes more than the oem one.
  20. Bibs, I think it's part no 3 that I'm going to either have to buy or fabricate, can you price this part please, also wondering if the drop down parts 22 and part 52? thx
  21. Thx sellman looks to be the correct part so just sent a best offer to him. that part saves me a big chunk of wedge.
  22. I saw a used part of the evora s/c diffuser on eBay and thought I would take a chance and buy it then try to either source the under tray part or have a go at fabricating something myself. Need to get a price on this new from lotus. has anyone got a spare?? heres a picture of what I'm getting which was £115. as far as I can see the reversing light rail on both cars are the same. The last two pictures show the n/a tray and the s/c tray, I thought that if I trace round my na tray to get the overall shape then I could fabricate the centre box part and hopefully it should fit together nicely. does anyone know if this is aluminium as it feels like it on mine. any helpful ideas on making this welcome. may even modify the box section for the exhaust to something different.
  23. Any updates or news on the diffuser? theres a deal if anyone wants to go Difflow route??????? Pm me dont mind waiting a little if it's gonna happen
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