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  1. Congrats it Looks stunning inside and out, will hopefully see you around Essex or at a meet soon? ??
  2. yes I have read that, thought maybe get more power without the headers? I've just ordered jims 2ubular, may go for cai, I know it's 1700 for the headers what's the fitting and remap cost Guessing at 500 re map and 800 labour? 3.7 k inc exhaust,,,,would need to think about there a lower cost option
  3. This sounds like a great idea, we have done a 350z weekend meet In Wales and it was epic, with amazing drive out routes each day including the evo triangle, there were 30 Nissan 350zs and we split into three groups red, Amber and green (fast,med,slow) then set off with 20-30 min intervals for each group, some amazing scenery for photos etc and good getting to know like minded enthusiasts
  4. Would defo be interested in the evora track day, if it's not too pricey...
  5. is there a lotus re map for n/a cars, if so what's the result?
  6. Had a reoccurring p2135 and limp code yesterday on the way to ace cafe, after resetting it at least 6 times I was just a little fed up, so to make things worse I read this thread and think it's now the ecu that's buggered ,so got home from work and checked all the throttle body connections were tight etc, eml lights went out and after a good blast around the area it seems to have done the trick.
  7. I will try to be there tomorrow night if there's no major road issues like the 406 tonight thank god for waze!!! 1/ Trevsked 2/ Sizona 3/ Internets 4/ Yellow Peril 5/ Stubox 6/ Roz 7/ Skiing 8/ jmanji
  8. NO NO,, me likey me likey, how you likey!! You very very funny man !!! hahaha
  9. Thx Andy, I see you have been promoted to moderator , or I'm not paying attention. ill have to agree with the good taste in colour.
  10. I have now ordered one of jims 2ubular non valved exhaust box, hehe can't wait to have a blast. Will be having a go at fitting this myself so any helpful info would be welcome.
  11. A couple of nice shots of my car ?
  12. That's a massive £250 saving on the Difflow!!!! And it means £250 more towards jims exhaust!! Thinking I would be better off waiting and order the exhaust first!! Is the gauge of aluminium likely to be the same? As if it is its a no brainier !!
  13. Got any pics of what he can make?
  14. Have you looked at they do some evora Carbon parts?
  15. Ok here's the dealers name and email for anyone who is interested, he is mainly doing the Difflow for the R35 but will order the lotus ones if wanted. [email protected]
  16. Ok I spoke with Bal the guy who is importing these, he wants £100 more than £450 each as like I said they are going up in price, reason is the guy who gets them has not done the maths exactly, however he has agreed to sell 4 or more as a group buy, as I'm picking mine up sat morning I will not be getting involved. so Andy or anyone who wants to continue with the group buy I suggest it gets posted in the correct place as this is the wanted zone!!! who ever takes over I wil send them the importers details to sort it out !! hope this makes sense. ?
  17. No it's not shipping from the us it's shipping from the uk !!! and as for your worry on the group buy you need not worry as I have also agreed th £20 cheaper price especially for you and three others ?. i think you might be lucky as they are due to go up to £550 plus shipping I will confirm the group buy once I have it in writing.
  18. Ok so I have received back an email from the UK Difflow distributor and there is not much to be saved, he said he would do them for £430 if we got a group buy together plus shipping. He had one 5 element in stock here so I reserved it and as I'm not far will collect it Saturday and try fitting it Sunday morning weather permitting. obviously I'll post up some pics once it's fitted
  19. Ok I just checked my emails and there is a firm who import them here and can sell them for £450,, I ha e just asked if he can do a deal on 4 diffusers and will let you know as soon as he replies? I'm hoping for 10% less
  20. i love the hk one but its a bit pricey for me. coco pops is up for a group buy !!!! looks OK in the picture actually
  21. I am not sure how different the fitting is for the S diffuser to the na, in fact I thought it would be a straight swap with a bit of fetting. I feel a bit dissapponted every time I look at the n/a diffuser especially as I originally had a choice of the two, but the s one had a dent which was an easy repair. as for the diflow I have this gut feeling that it may just look a bit chavy or even slapped on, saying that it would still improve the n/a diffuser and help balance my car with the gte wing, I want to get to see one in the flesh. Writing this I think if I can't find a used s/c for £500 I will have to get the diflow, I still need the 2 ubular back box and I've also found a set of the gloss black alloys to buy, apparently there is a uk based firm that can get the diflow for us? Perhaps we could also look at importing three and see what savings we can make? As shipping is 274$. would you go for 7 or 5 element? I thought 5 would be more subtle.
  22. Hmm I Forgot about the sport button? Would still be good to see if one has been tested as they have many settings
  23. ah had a thought of its Toyota engine must be Toyota Ecu, that's good news then,,,? A+b= Quicker = more fun
  24. Curious if anyone has or is using any throttle response units? I have a d1 spec on my 350z track car and the difference in acceleration and throttle response is massive, so I have had a little search and found this!!
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