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  1. "new" TR7 a Video Game Hero Driver invites you for a past driving but in the present ....for him it was sadly impossible to do that in my s4
  2. Hi Mike' next time I meet Philippe Adams I will tell him. Thank's for good wishes "hAPPY MOTORING3 Patrick Hi WayneB Actually price for Tr7 is the very very lowest in the lot of Triumph cars. Thank's for pics I will use them on my new Tr7 Blog . Best regards Patrick
  3. Hi Mike, great answer , Hi Markt, 1.dont know before Moss : thank you 2. no others countries built British sport cars Hi Mark, thank's for your kid souvenirs about these Tr7 and Elite 503.
  4. Hi Mike, I respect your experience and opinion. But now with the strict and hard laws as in the monopoly "1500 pounds to pay for no "speed respect" ....The handle, slow performance , wallow ... The Tr7 soft top is one of the must suitable and funny car in this new driving "snails" world in France. And his shape is very pleasant to look . About Tr6 yes good for 150 km but only Tr7 is confortable to go to South of France from Lille without being tired .Nota ( modification could be done with modern suspension, and strong new brakes .... .... and for very low costs.) best regards
  5. hi, the world of english sport cars is a smal world... hi, the first thing I have learnt with my first English sport car is "drive it like a English Gentleman, change oil and belts regularly and you never have problem " , after one Spit 3 the first one at 18 , a spit 1500, a Tr6 injection ( black with white soft top) , a MGB gt, 2 TR7 Soft top , one Lotus Esprit S4 kept 10 years , no motor problems nothing bad with each of my Uk sports car. But that 's only my own exp
  6. [quote name='islandbloke' date='May 5 2007, 03:22 PM' post='97917' Never noticed before, but from the front they look like an Esprit with a foot taken out of the centreline...
  7. Hi, the Archimede screw is the same with my past S4 pic take by me in october 2006. This screw is situated 2 meterS and half under the sea. This polder small village is called les Moeres near Dunkirk France in the Flanders.
  8. hi, my S4 sold last march after 10 years and around 79000 km, reasons explain at this time: this sort of car is becoming more a problem than a pleasure for driving her on open roads in my country After thinking about driving to a new car without increasing " 2007" opened roads problems: low speed, radars any where, increasing dangerous driving attitudes of some bad drivers. Stop to spend more money for less pleasure but which car is able to give me a back driving pleasure with not many clouds in the sky. I remember that in the 80' I owned 2 "black european version of her.I sold her because not fast enough..... I found one TPAD 07.1980 BUILT in april 07 , bought 3350 euros near Lausanne in Switzeland. Only 77208km from new , no accident, no rust Switzland control each 2 years are very hard for cars. I have driven her 1400 KM , very good drive and feeling. No roof: plenty of sun.Impossible to loose my licence on excess speed on motor way. If stolen! many of others waits! Completely Unknow , minor risq of bad attitude of some bad drivers. I joined pics of my "new" TR7 soft top. My project is to make her at a concours level ,
  9. Please can you tell me with simple words ( I don't understand english fluently) exactly your "answer idea" to be sure I understand well and I will answer.
  10. Hi , Thank's to each of you for your moral support, and the way to the Elys
  11. Hi every one, I just sold my Esprit to day to an other French very fan of this daughter of B.C.Chapman. ....I told him about this world inredible and genius forum... Thank's to every one , each coming on the Bib's realisation was a great moment for me to read, trying to understand some typical english humour .....Wayne be is definitively for me the incredible fantastic creator in universal humor .... many times of Esprit passion toghether with Esprit Fan from all the world : FANTASTIC and THANK YOU . I'm sixty years old now .... and after 9 years as Esprit Driver in the paradise of hight speed (every one know what I mean...) I come back on earth ... In some days I will leave this forum but I will keep it as Great and Universal in my souvenir. To every one I wish "Take a max of pleasure with this unique supercar" To own an Esprit is the genius and clever choice of the best Art Driving in the best Art Car. best regards cordialement
  12. hi gmendoza, I seen again your clip to day IT IS GREAT your Esprit speed and sound attitude is a revelation for all non Lotus Esprit owners and prove the genius power of an Esprit I think this clip it could become an historic one . and Californy Motor way seems to be build for Esprits.... bravo. Patrick
  13. a great and happy birthday to you Patrick
  14. hi, welcome to you on this Esprit Team Forum. the best choice Esprit : between the S1 until the near futur one you can find the answer to your driving dream and with extra bonus the Soul Lotus.No one in the world of F1/sport cars buiders can give you that. Patrick: 78480 km on a S4 until to day and more to morrow and where she takes me away is only with her I can go.
  15. hi, welcome to you on the forum Patrick
  16. that's another very good example of "English humor"
  17. the first super Esprit pics of the great Esprit Hethel Day confirm my idea : Now Esprit is more Artistic than exotic and Esprit futur is in good hands with M Mike KIMBERLEY as she was on her birthday (the pic souvenir) and after
  18. hi Jonathan link doent work ? and thanks for infos
  19. hi, in french is written : canard
  20. Hi, never we will see so many Esprits "cruising" together on a motor way in France.
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