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  1. Hi, Thank you for your answer about the winter garage for your esprit. a picture of sally Finland ferry company with Lotus 90' in the following with my welcome first mail. cordialement votre. ukrocketcar
  2. Hi, I try to find to buy a new leather headrest color magniolia or sand "appui t
  3. hello, welcome .I been working for Sally Ferries many years , we built with my World manadger in 90' a special Lotus Beaujolais with 20 Esprit SE red and one white and the lorry team Lotus yellow crossing right the Channel with Sally. the benefit was for children in Osmond hospital , if I remenber well . I think you must be a Champion to drive an Esprit on snow road and on ice Lake best regard's ukrocketcar
  4. hi, for your Esprit the 2 of April "wing be" a good day! ukrocketcar
  5. hi, that's a tipycal very good English story and sure that Elvis Esprit was also there! ukrocketcar
  6. hi, Dan R1201 from Grenoble you right it is a very very touristique road for pleasure driving. On that way Napoleon is now touristique! bon souvenirs to you and Australian Lotus drivers and the no Lotus drivers of course. Patrick
  7. hi,Evil dr fish every thing is ok. I drive yesterday the esprit in flanders Belgium , Brugges, Ostende ,Diskmuide , and Yper a very nice trip and the 2.2 engine is the best solution on the road without turbo it is adapted for a gentle run without excess of anything! on the same run 8 and 12 engine is in excess of every thing ! and the esprit 2.2 rush rocket immediatly instantly when you need ! the 8 and 12 engine must clean before their pistons heads and ask to the system maitenance before you rush ! For your information when you will drive in france see the radars map on the web before because we have from 2 years a strong action on the french road every where to take money from excess speed drivers and over 50 km by hour from the max autorized speed you risq to have your car take by the police. And of course the drive is on the road on the other side than in UK , that remember me driving a french car on the very special roundabout with 6 or 8 small roundabout around the big one center before to go in the town Berkhampstead it was before to meet a good friend in Newport Pagnell with his dream car a Renault 20 automatic :the test on the left drive for me ! regards Patrick
  8. Hi, Mister Bond give us the world known answer: LOTUS and ASTON but no LAMBO. And for handling , rocket speed, and the rest some guys in hethel surely are able to proove that ESPRIT is the best ! Patrick
  9. hi Paul , finally in English and French Esprit is the same word ! and thank you to M. C.B. Chapman. regard's Patrick
  10. hi, thank you to Monsieur Bibs for his welcome and Messieurs S4Simon and Rocket63 for also their welcome and their worlds in French that remember me my ferry cross channel meetings in Ramsgate some years ago with english friends receiving me always with a french world in an english sentence. this was also my first contact direct with LOTUS but it is another story. Regards. Patrick
  11. hello, buy new by Santaclaus on XMAS 1997 my S4 is one of the last S4 BUILT AT hethel. 67104 KM this saturday 19 of march05. Incridible car for ever! My property official car has been signed with "LOTUS FOR EVER" by M. Clive CHAPMAN at the 50th LOTUS DAY just before the FANTASTIC and very GOOD 50TH Anniversary LOTUS CAKE ! REGARDS PATRICK 59 LILLE FRANCE
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