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  1. Hi every one, Esprit , each one is a rare unique Hand Made Mecanic Sculpture idea became reality by the only Master in creation F1 and the Gt/F1 of the second part of the 20th century: M Bruce Colin Chapman. That not means that others cars does n't exist , but at the level of F1 and GT/F1 hand MADE these cars where thought and built by many illustrious anonymous engineers, and anonymous top marketing manadgers. M B C Chapman in Hethel is at level of Ettore Bugatti in Molsheim. Both where able to built themself , and alone if necessary genius cars. My pic is an illustration of top engineers creators : one on the water Archimedeand one with the air Bruce Colin Chapman Esprit is for Bruce Colin Chapman what endless screw was for Archimede Now Esprit is no more exotic She becomes Artistic. isn't. Patrick
  2. .....I am sure, it is louder than typical installation.....
  3. hi, the problem could be that there is more soul in Lotus than anywhere in world of F1 and sport cars builders (except in gt builders with AML and Le Mans 24 hrs race) and it is difficult to admit that marketing wave of some of them is not reality. .....
  4. hello, 2 sport 300 they are in Belgium, pics by me 3 years ago. Surely I will see them again and i will ask for their numbers and years of production. Patrick pic of the second s 300
  5. Hi, may be the chance for an Essex Dreamer......see to day
  6. hi, ...a rare opportunity to own your dream Lambo.....;lCarID=1714828 hi, both , WayneB and PauLC , have a hight sense of humour English humour of course
  7. thank you Jussy, your birthday gift pic is very good for "an after" better than the day it self Patrick
  8. hi every one, if a dream could become a reality it is now in your garage just park on the side of your Esprit this Lotus to drive on the sunday morning to go to the baker... B) click and see;lCarID=1717296
  9. hi, Turbo and ecolo that's one new question, I don't know "green right thinker they said " driving Esprit .... good start with your S4 web . If you want to put S4 models in a gallery other S4 in the world by exemple i can send you pic of mine. Patrick
  10. hi Rydning, thank's fot your time in your very interesting answer and way to follow to hit the soluce
  11. superbs pics and some typical australian lanscape with the s4s : sublime!!!!!
  12. hi, thank you very much for this first volvo study . .....What will be Lotus engine modification futures answers welcome. Patrick
  13. Hi, somebody knows ? can we use this new fuel in Esprit : 1.directly 2.with engine ligth modification 3.with engine heavy modification 4. impossible to use E 85 5. Performance 6. reliability And what happen with catalysm , and all components around the engine :pipes, rubber tubes.... Patrick
  14. hi, welcome in the forum Patrick
  15. hi, welcome and some dreaming pics ....... Patrick France
  16. a very exceptionnal anniversary day , and when I see all your pics gifts above : your day starts more than well
  17. THANK YOU for the Bon anniverssaire : the last but not the least. Monsieur Patrick
  18. Hi Bibs , Never forget without your idea became true , to day nothing done, happy anniversary and LEF for ever.
  19. hi Ben , welcome with your S4. Patrick S4
  20. hi every one , Tony k thank's to open my "bon anniversary" on the forum , the first year with many wishes from UK, Canada, USA.... Esprit 350 :blue excellent idea : anniversary in blue many thank's dodgy 154 : yes ..... when i was young on the beach great thanks to you. Paul C : thanks so much for this pic , yes it is probably from a french artist very difficult to find a so great "oeuvre d'art" wayneB : the historic pic of a "another " great french who was a friend of Bruce Colin Chapman , it is a great honour for a anniversary thank you very much WayneB. Mark a super idea to finish the anniversary night and to be finish Evil Dr Fish, in french good anniversary merci beaucoup and the n
  21. hi, since I know Lotus, a good time ago : .... always people speaking about factory products, money and so on problems. Resolve each day new problems is life but is not dead. .....we are in 2006 21 centuries and lotus is still alive . The futur could be in a return in F1 with the glorius Lotus team twin with a great japan cars builder, or Chinese investors the futur and present could be a bio sport car, ligth and more quick unique in sports cars world see: Uk is since the beginning the first world country of sports cars and Lotus is his the first jewel, and Jewels never vanish As writen by Clive Chapman on my Esprit property official paper in 1998 at Hethel "Lotus for Ever".
  22. Hi , main memorials and beaches not very near from Lille 400km and not easy roads with police controls in each village 50km by hours . Lille is better for a day trip from london with eurostar I think. sales, restaurants "moules frites and french beer "(third stronger than yours ) " center town shoping and hypermarket Carrefour the same as Auchan and xmas Tell me where you will be exactly in 2 weeks and I will answer Regards
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