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  1. hi Wayne, Philippe Adams , he is him may be the higher Lotus Esprit Fan in the ex F1 team Lotus Driver. He is living and driving his Esprit in Lille area my town Iwill send him a mail about your answer and curriculum , sure he will be happy to know about it best regards Patrick
  2. Hi, on Lille north of France each 2 and last sunday morning between 10 hrs and 12hrs there on the "champs de mars " a meeting with all collectors owners cars. If some of you go to Lille you can remember this. Since 1991 have never seen an other Esprit there. This morning a White one with the new Stevens shape and 2 liters carbu MY 1988. Who was the owner ? : The last 2 races Lotus TEAM F1 driver in 1994 : M. P. A. We spooke about Esprit and for me the first time with a ex F1 Lotus driver And now i m not the single and best Esprit Driver in my area .
  3. one more happy birthday to you from France . I SEE all good gifts are given to you in pics from others members and nothing else can be done more for an exciting new birthday, isn'it ?
  4. Hi, congratulations and have long long driving through your life together in Esprit.
  5. It happen sometimes overseas .... To day this afternoon around 3h30 PM I see a s4 "bordeaux" probably one of the first one 1993 , without back wing. She was on a parking with many leaves on ( autumn is soon).
  6. there is 30 years I wait to see one : and never You could buy a lotery ticket Patrick
  7. hi, yes the pump is in the tank behind the driver seat for RHD ....your s4s. the important thing is to change the pump , mine start again running with a knock on it after it was pull out the tank, but i decide to put a new complet lotus set "the same as on the pics in my gallery". And know Ijust come back from a very good esprit drive B) and all is ok. Change the pump if one time it stops running for me it is now a main rule.. best regards Patrick
  8. hi, my one has been changed 2 weeks ago: you can see see my pics on ukrocketcar gallery reason ? too old and too hot at the same moment Patrick
  9. Hi The rust iron piece broken : the coolant tube dances near and on belt wheel of the motor air condi and imagine sparklings or something else .... A special inox hand made 1/2 hour and that new piece will be put on friday in a small hour by my Lotus specialist Y. If my pics can help some S4 owners to soluce that problem Patrick
  10. hello sorry every body but no Italians no germans 1. green car 2. from Newport Pagnell 3. see the pic have seen this car in the factory hmmmmm but the Esprit exist
  11. hi, Paul93Lotus, esprits4de 1.the soluce was found just before lunch in fact the problem was the fuse for hazard n
  12. Hi Dave, Actually i buy on internet with the end of the F1 Good year now i use Michelin Pilot SPORT PS2 245/45 ZR17 95Y.Smoother than the F1 are very good but hard like stone, real long life and very hard to change them at the end . the dealer situated in Germany is : my opinion very serious + incredible quick delivery : you send a mail pay by credit card and the tyres are at home yesterday + no problem +good tyres and lower price. Patrick in uk this web is better to understand than the french one
  13. hi, period of problems with my S4 / law of series anti lock : flashing light don't stop on my Esprit MY 95 S4. have you an idea of the reason . information to help you 1.My battery is very very low since beginning of july when start engine out with my problem with the in tank fuel pump. fuel pump is ok since yesterday. best regards Patrick
  14. Hi , LHD Esprit S4 one of the last 12 built :info from Hethel.Impossible to know if she is the 12 or the 1 of the 12 to day my fuel pump was changed. Work done by my Lotus Dealer where i bought her 1997.12 some pics of this work for informations. 1.Time to turn out the pump , with all around prepared before 1 hrs 3/4. 2.Time to put in the new and change the fuel filter 1 hour and half. 3.control fuel security with engine running. It is safe for the car and your life that no fuel is running away. A second control will be done friday afternoon. Some extra infos about this work 1. inside of my tank is ok, no rust. 2. the old filter was quite nice after 77033 km genuine since I bought her new and use good fuel (i hope..). 3.Important: we discovered just behind that the small metal piece which joined for rigidity the water tube to the frame was rust broken .And some evident risks for that . My friend with a s4s garaged near mine since 1997 look and discovered the same problem.A new one home- dealer will be hand made with serious metal rust resistant..... 4. a small tap and the old pump : it starts again, but change it is safe because it cans stop again and anywhere at any speed if you need more infos send me a mail. best regards Patrick
  15. hi, historic decisions 1.ESPRIT S1 Born in october 1975 with A.C.B.Chapman and M J. Kimberley. 2.The 4.08.2006 M J. Kimberley said the new one will be called ESPRIT. Now is unlimited time for upping the Legend for the best mid engine United Kingdom sports car LOTUS ESPRIT. ......and for the forum
  16. hi, one for the town of Lille and
  17. hello, great decision and now Champagne and Wi (ay)ne Patrick France
  18. 2 PICS . the team moral if Monsieur Wayne stay out.
  19. Hi every one, Members from the start are The Power Philosophy of the forum (and of course esprit ) behind the Founder Monsieur BIB. Monsieur Wayne was one able to give a Worldwide Size and Lotus Esprit interest for the forum. From his arrival long time ago Anyone from Anywhere got a good contact with him, .....see the forum history!!!!! He gives big time to the team and certainly received as us a great pleasure back to be an active member and for me he was and "is" a essential positiv member. And for Guigiaro Esprit one of The Masters to help anyone for the complete understanding of these icons, the car and Guigiaro ! The 2 pics "after" means : 1. the team welcome without Monsieur Wayne 2. the team moral if Monsieur Wayne stay out. best regards Patrick
  20. To understand my sentence please read it like following "Artists are sometimes and for some people misunderstood but without them life is nothing" best regards
  21. Hello, I 'm french,that means that I can't understand all the details of that sad event. But since I am on this forum 2005 MY - Monsieur Wayne was for me one of the top level of understanding members. A gentleman with VERY strong humour and fine techno Esprit knowledge. Please don't let him out. Is so important to have in this" forum team" such rare and present Character. Remember "Artists are sometimes hard to live but without them life is nothing" could be said by Salvator Rosa. best regards i wait for the happy end of that sad event Patrick
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