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  1. hi, very happy for you and your Esprit and try later road of "Les Chateaux de la Loire" and "wines of Loire" now and since the 15 century all the best.
  2. hello every one finally my garage found one , calling me early on the morning. Christopher Neils mails me very quick he has new one.Every uk parts dealers contact after Kato help SWLC, Christopher Neils received a mail for thank's to answers me . I follow my garage since 1997 but I will return to SWLC Christopher Neils if ... thank's for your help To Waynes: I think you right.Technic and humour both are complete and top level from you in the forum I try to take some photos with my Olympus 300 but i don't do the work my self. Patrick
  3. hi, very very quick mail answer from SWLC but unfortunately none in stock, now I send to Christopher Neils...
  4. hello, thank's to Wayne true my is late S4 with all in the fuel tank rigth side but I test contacts with SWLC, Christopher Neils and Bell & Colvil propose by Kato thank's each for help Patrick
  5. hi, I must change my S4 model year 95 fuel pump.Out of order last saturday . It is situated inside the tank the passenger side : LHD esprit. some members can tell me if there is a good place to buy a new one in uk or europe over seas for a good price and serious delivery. and I don't know where this part come from GM or ? thank's for your help. Patrick
  6. " Yahoo vendredi 16 juin 2006, 17h44 Un Anglais flash
  7. hi, Welcome the choice could be the S4 1995 or 1995 MY why ? 1.these cars are the last build, then all the Esprits problems were resolved, by example front wheels adjusting better for handling over 140mph 2. these cars around 46 were built in the kingdom of Bugatti ,owner of Lotus, time where all must the best for the last Esprit productions , leather, wheels, wood, engine built, paint,.... best regards
  8. hi, original lotus racing green metal, and never repaint since new. Patrick
  9. Probably similar story in France and UK, though I would expect easier in the UK. Good luck! LHD Esprits practically impossible to find on the continent. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  10. Hi kccPARIS actually the nearest place from Paris for Lotus regards Patrick 59 lille
  11. Hi the reasons are 1. I 'm a Esprit driver , 2. I'm French and my level in French is sometimes higher than my english when I write to the members of the forum about my drive passion of my S4 . 3. finally the most important in my message was "keep your Esprit" for ever! and all reasons are good
  12. Hello Finland Finland 340+ points but all is ok for next year see the pic.... to bit our traditionnal : France total one point !
  13. Hi, France Contribution for choosing 2007.
  14. Hi, this event is for a French a typical English humour story don't worry we have also story but without humour
  15. Hi Bib, a great anniversary day to you ! Aut Tace Aut Loquere Meliora Silentio , " you say nothing or if you speak is because is more important than the silence " thank you for your decision to create the forum in that way for me you have follow the slogan written by Salvator (and sure that Salvator would droven a Esprit more than a Ferrari!) on his a Self-portrait c. 1641 Oil on canvas, 116 x 94 cm National Gallery, London,
  16. Welcome to you and great pleasure with your S4S.Take time to understand her. Patrick North of France where many Australians come each year in memory of the first world War.
  17. Welcome EU member A wing could be put in or put out on a Esprit The important thing is to drive one of these few produce cars.
  18. Welcome to you and rules to import to France could be : rigth papers and taxes ok Patrick 59 France
  19. Hi, actually impossible to travel and drive to Hethel. Last was the 12 septembre 1998 (see my invitation with 2 flags put by me. A deep sign for me of the entente cordiale between Uk and France ) and also a copie of my bill for one night before.) I was with my new S4 bougth in 04.1998 brand new. And The alone French (no journalist) at this dream anniversary meeting. But later in this year or in spring 2007 is in my project to go back to Hethel with my S4 . Thank's to Kimber Junior for His genius idea for each Lotus Esprit Driver or Deamer. I follow the event throught the forum. Patrick 59 Lille France
  20. A great Welcome jhub 11 French Esprit driver s4 since 1998
  21. The first Esprit , and the next Last , thank's again to Monsieur KIMBERLEY for his Work in the Colin Chapman Philosophy and congratulations for his come back to Lotus A French Esprit driver
  22. bonjour, c'est en effet une excellente suggestion , first level : my tailor is rich second level : is there any chance to have .... third level : is true that my text is built in franchenglish way.
  23. hi, a contribution on left the DB 5 is Patrick Chirac more on
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