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  1. Hi, never I 'seen so many "Bonjour" for a Welcome on lotusespritforum . Welcome et bravo d'avoir choisi le forum d
  2. Hi, Essex is one of the Guigiaro more exclusive and the last Esprit decided by Colin Chapman I think. Amodel in hight condition or rebuilt with the help of the factory could me a very exceptionnal, rare, and desirable historic Esprit but find one is an other story ....en Suisse il y a eu des hypers fan de Lotus qui ont des tr
  3. ukrocketcar


    Welcome to you and for driving first take time to know your car and take time again , and remember few are able to drive her at 100 % and 100 % for me are working at at the factory and
  4. Bonjour, bienvenue sur ce forum qui rassemble selon moi
  5. Hello, as in 2005 , the 2006 year will not see any French Esprit meeting , because no ask and to be alone will never done a group. If something appears for 2007 I let a URGENT message...... B)
  6. Hi, the new Esprit S1 in 1975 , was a terrible exciting car! the dream of the F1 team Lotus cars becoming a real one to drive on the road. The Legend was there but only 30 years later the dream became a dreaming and reliability car to drive ... The S4.... and S2+S3+SE using new components are now, in good hands reliable I think. the new Espeed must be immediatly at a top Level of quality and more reliable than the others german or italian to be bought, the price could be the more down as possible at a level than the others can't never go. High price for an Espeed is wrong because the customers will choose italian or german to proove they have money not a Lotus . The time of dream is far from 2007. But to be the more desirable sport car of the world record (for a sport car of course ) sales is possible in that way I think and a great deal for Lotus. And in that way it could be possible to buy one. Lotus Esprit 2 : lighter car to hit 200 mph for the light price.
  7. Hi, I propose the most memorable name : EGIUGI start with E and no one is more memorable than Giugi...aro he is not
  8. Hi Carnuts a great Welcome from France, you have a special car maintenance for California on your Esprit Book with belt change on 100 000 miles, but I don't know the reasons of difference with the 3 years or 36000 miles for the rest of the World. be care with B) Patrick
  9. hi idea for a permanent French Invasion 24 hrs each day on le Mans.... ......when and where you cross the channel , because it could be possible for me to meet you and drink a coffe durig the beginnig of invasion your trip near Boulogne sur mer if you take the A 16 by example.
  10. Where they are : Aston Bulldog, DB4 zagato, AMV8 vantage volante and our Esprit B) .....this top ten has been made at the going out of a french hypermarket ????
  11. Hi Kato, an example of French joke..... .....once upon a time during more than four centuries , the middle age specialists of heaven have spoken about : if angels was female or male and never choose we have no long time to speak about the new Espeed. And some times speaking again on her could be more effective and finaly very good to help for a good born of her, even if scouring for the new Elise is not in the forum.....
  12. hi, ..... Equitas Excuse , ....Lotus is the best
  13. hi again Egenia: only Genius drives a Lotus Egenia Explorie, Exploria: go to the limit with Lotus Exploria! Eldor, Elene, Ebene, Eh,.....
  14. Hi, Espeed from E-speed a "new word" for a new web generation: main target for new Espeed buyers !
  15. hi, build a new Esprit : it seems to be hard to make better! look: Giugiaro, handling Colin Chapman, in fact an unique Esprit for ever. The best way could be to follow the Porsche 911 devloppement Philosophy : the same but better and better for ever.
  16. Hi, very very good futur design for Esprit of the next centuries. Are you the descendant of Mr Giugiaro from the 20 th century and well known in these old times for designer in Italy , UK and of course in Canada (Ontario) ?
  17. Hi dears Lotus drivers, Thank's very very much for yours very interesting answers, clever suggestions and for the hight level of your know wellknown sens of humour, and for Giugiaro.... I think about the paint could be one on each sides of my S4 / one Dragon in "very hight speed attitude" one with a cup of tea in his hand with a feeling of a quick serving necessary and the other starting to eat a scones and with a "walk dragon" in his ears . The head of each Dragon will be in direct inspiration from the special and very up to date "head and neck" Dragon paint by Salvator Rosa in 1648. Jason charming the dragon. best regards Patrick
  18. I think to custom the outside of my S4 green mettallic with a paint , same as top hight level art technic as you can see on some lorries. What is your opinion about ? The Esprit shape is an art signed Guigiaro ( !!!! .... the , and a paint with a symbol of power draw in speed attitude on each side could be more than an art car she is but an art expression more power full. Later I will give you my symbol choice. best regards
  19. at the 50 year of Lotus day in september 1998 at Hethel ( I was I think the only French present on this day!)I meet Mr Clive Chapman to ask him an autograph on my property card of my new S4, he asked me how I find my Esprit ?. I answer "when I drive her I feel to drive one of the F1 of team Lotus seen by on tv when your father was the team leader of Lotus." Lotus for ever was writen and signed by Mr C Chapman on my Esprit official paper. Mr Bruce Colin Chapman is for many French the Genius of F1 grand prix golden age. Without his building of Lotus Myth ( legend) driving experience will be sad and poor in feeling to day. With my great respect to him. Patrick
  20. hi, thank you for answer and your knowledge about China. No interrest actualy for sports cars but you rigth the sales result about Bugatti will be very interesting to understand China market potential interest about exotic but world known sports cars with legend and exclusivity. Patrick
  21. hi Teigan, I think , if I understand well your mail that is the moment to offer her the special book about Lotus from Mr Kimbers junior. Patrick
  22. Hello, thank you for these unknown souvenirs . You become the Temple Lotus true story keeper on this Esprit Bib Forum. Happy Chrismas Patrick
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