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  1. Hi, happy birthday, and for your gift Mr Wayne is probably to day your most surprising Chrismas father Happy Chrismas. Patrick
  2. Hi Bib , Lisa the specialist in snakes of your forum will certainly approuved your choice . Happy Chrismas . Patrick
  3. hi Teigan, with the top of S4 out and the head and more out of the Esprit I think the winner will test high accelaration with no problem Happy Chrismas Patrick
  4. Hi evil , you right: he is horny the hero of dungeon keeper from the world success video game. Have a look to and you find all production of Mr Muckle. Happy Chrismas. Patrick
  5. Hi, I am collector about video games, and these 2 statues are from 1. warcraft and 2. dungeon keeper. is the german factory where you ,actualy, can find many "heroes" movies, sport, video games, cartoons.... My home loft is big enough to have these statues in life size Happy chrismas Patrick
  6. Hi , a concours during these very long winter 's evenings very easy : your choose the best guardian for an Esprit when she is alone between the both. The winner of these two ( the green statue 1.9 meter high or the red one 2.4 meter high )will win a special trip in S4 next spring, with pics of the winner's trip of course! Patrick
  7. Ramsgate...., Margate......, I have cross the channel around 100 trips in the eighties with Sally Ferries and beaucoup de super souvenir I remember a small shop in Cliftonville where I bought scalex cars special but I never find an Esprit. Patrick
  8. Hello, 1-a new Esprit but where is the new Mr Colin Chapman? 2- choice of a Lotus and more of a Esprit is not for "dollars show". 3- I repeat again and again : when Chinese people ( 4 fourth country economic world power now!) will discover the Colin Chapman cars the problem will be to resist to sell your cars!
  9. Hello , a welcome to you and your Esprit is superb and interior at a rare level for a seventies Esprit. Patrick
  10. Hello Monsieur le Canadien and great welcome from north of France. Patrick
  11. Hello Teigan , i am looking for a new jean Lewis 501 color green as my esprit have a Lewis but in the same color of Your Lotus , impossible to find in France and in europe but in USA ? if possible where? thank for eventualy help. Patrick
  12. dear Santa Claus, dream to see you during the 24/25 december night driving a Sport 300 special metalic red with 4 wheels "stars designed" and a chrismas "caribou" on the passenger seat. And a special hight speed "sledge" built at Hethel during the 23 december day. A french believer
  13. hi, now the chance for the the forum with arrival of Mr Kimberley junior growing more and more the level of talk Lotus , which was before him at a very high level from experts members :I read and learn As french I am a very very small "Mr Ducarouge by example" but more in philosophy of marketing than in road F1 handling. About your talk I remember the autograph of Mr Clive Chapman write (1998/09)on my property french card of my Esprit "LOTUS for EVER" that's strong and true way for futur. Only a "petit" (small) suggestion: France will never be a great marketplace for Lotus . Belgium is with Germany very good place for Lotus in Europe (overseas). A futur market could be Russia and a "heaven" market to take China : Lotus the name the Legend and true sport cars with the top UK exp
  14. Hi stop smoking again many years ago just with arrival of my Esprit and I will start again to smoke when I stop to drive her definitively not soon
  15. A welcome to you on these "heaven place" for Esprit drivers and dreamer. Patrick the only french member actualy
  16. Your age: 57 Car: Lotus Esprit s4 MY1995 (1/2 ??)buy new in 1997/december Location: France Insurer: french assurer group Points: bonus 50% Mods declared: None Milage allowance: Unlimited Previous claims: None assurer since 12.1997: 8 years Price: 421
  17. Hi, see on the side of toyota's battery
  18. Hi , your end of 2005 seems to be more Mr Kimberley now than Mr Guigiaro. But I sure you are able to find a pic with these both sports car wellknown toghether on the same pic. Patrick
  19. Thank's for your answer. I wait for the english version of your dad's book because I think that a french one will be at the level of french people passion for Lotus Esprit : one car sold by year for the good one . Mine was in 12.1997. Patrick
  20. Hi Monsieur Kimberley junior, a great welcome from France, and with you we start discovering the unknown side of Lotus : time of the genius Monsieur Colin Bruce Chapman and his own team and of course one of the cr
  21. The winner is you I have never seen before a such horde of..... and Ihope to have the chance to never see that
  22. hi, if i could buy an original and superb Lotus Esprit Forum member sticker I will put it on the back of my Esprit and you? Yes or no ukrocketcar
  23. Welcome Daz , and wait for pics of your car.
  24. Happy birth day, and best wishes for "design"
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