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  1. welcome to you and nice shiny Esprit.
  2. maitre corbeau tenait en son bec un fromage maitre renard par l'odeur allech
  3. "terrible is winter after knowledge of pretty spring" from AB
  4. Hi , a Lambo is like a Lotus but with a difference in the bilt philosophy is the weight .All parts in a lambo are big and heavy as lorry component part that the reason of a big engine. The result on the road Lotus Esprit is a flash ligthning ( remenber the flash ligthening on the Lotus F1 drive by Ayrton..) a Lambo a heavy storm. Both are quick but not on the same way. For me ESPRIT is the gold way.
  5. HI, every one this night at minidnight the "beaujolais nouveau 2005 " will be born, a event for the world "amateurs" THE BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU IS COMING!
  6. Hi, I remember this engine corvette it was on show on the main entry of LOTUS on the end of 1990.The first time I go to Hethel
  7. Hi, thanks for these pics, so many of Esprit, if all of these were together on a Motorway .....
  8. Welcome from the land of "thierry la fronde" the cousin of Robin Patrick
  9. Hello Teigan yes and a good name for the futur "baby Esprit" Patrick
  10. Hi every one , help please where is the red in these two last Esprit built and color choice by Lotus team for this historic pic B)
  11. A welcome to a true "pure esprit" owner Patrick
  12. hello, from who is this typical head , you got under your name the last invintor of the cold fusion? Thanks for answer ukrocketcar
  13. Hi, someone can tell us the final result of this monday Esprit speed! Thank you
  14. Hello Monsieur BIB Nothing has been done , you can do it if you are ok. best regards and congratulation for your Forum and the level of quality and humour Patrick
  15. I vote equality : Jimmybondi and Teigan Patrick
  16. hello every one , before 2006 or 2007 everybody thinks that the new engine for the Lotus "nouveau" Esprit will be: , , , ,.....!...? I fact no one , and me, knows ! and each of us has is owned idea because of her or his feeling about story and developpment of Lotus. Write your the name of this engine for you and what will be the futur engine of Esprit : V8? V6? V4? ......And at the end , when it will be known.... "The winner(s) is (are). good luck My idea is first a Toyota V8 compressor (as Exige 240....) to (US market) and late V6 (compressor) to UK and overseas. Ukrocketcar
  17. Hi, I see you are a great "Connaisseur" that means that you know the "product"!!!! Patrick
  18. hi again Teigan , there you can learn all about, Patrick
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