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  1. hello,

    You own the historic ESPRIT.

    I remember at the 50th anniversary of LOTUS at HETHEL in september 1998 one of these JPS ESPRIT "superb one" , was there and with his old driver very proud of his ESPRIT JPS.

    I remember this and I think that this ESPRIT is the unique car for commemoration of world champion F1 LOTUS , it is rigth to be proud

    of these LEGEND CAR!



  2. hello,

    when I see the turbo pics and read all you developped in your SE may be you have the faster Esprit !. May be you know that for the best road handling hight speed in straight line the front wheels system from the S4 is the best , told me by my Lotus Dealer .

    In white this SE was in 90 the color choice of son of Mr Colin Bruce Chapman.



  3. Hello,

    slowly I visit the "pics Esprit passion show garage and web site" of each member. Your white SE is superb! and as you say ESPRIT Owner is a CLUB and for me of high quality.

    I remenber Sally -Lotus charity ( see the pics where Jussy was the winner) the white SE on board of the Ferry was said as the Esprit of one of the son of Mr C.B. Chapman: white color is "the good Lotus Choice"!



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