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  1. George. LOVE your old one. And totally agree with your point about being able to give it full beans but stay at relatively sane speeds. That's why I love my little Clio so much. It's pitched just right for the road. Can give it all it's got but it's not too much. The 620R on the other hand... it's just immense! And I think the yellow / black combo looks fantastic on it. But then you already know that... Noticed the location upgrade on your user info, hope the move went well and that it all works out for you. Can't be a bad live upgrade! (This is Mes by the way!)
  2. What a great photo. They do look so good in yellow.
  3. Gorgeous car, amazing colour. Glad you're happy. I would be too!
  4. Saw this in B&C and I follow you on IG. Wonderful car!
  5. Worthless??? Imran, it's one of the best around in my opinion! Balls to resale considerations, all about the enjoyment while you have it. Good to see you've found a road set up you're happy with. Great photos, car looks absolutely stunning now.
  6. @alias23 @Kristof Thys Thanks for the responses guys. Imran, this is so I can give Bren the specs I want! Kristof, yes they're not the best looking things are they? But it's the concave at the rear I'm most interested in. This is actually for me to spec some BC Forged but of all the ones I've seen on a Lotus, none of them seem to have a rear concave anything near the NAYA wheels above so I was hoping I could replicate it. And yes, I understand the issue of the centre drop on the front but honestly, it doesn't bother me at all. I saw that image you posted of Carsten'
  7. Brij, Just to add my voice here, although I own an Exige for me there would have to be a very good reason to get rid of your awesome JC T25! It's STUNNING. I guess for me the biggest deciding factor would be what sort of driving experience you're after? If it's predominantly a road car, I'd stick with the Elise for sure. As addictive as the extra power is in the Exige, really it's too quick for the road so the experience is much more teasing it down the road rather than grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and giving it full beans. I know what I prefer in that scenario for certain
  8. Hi guys, This is a bit of a long shot but I figured it was worth a try. I've seen this image of a V6 Cup on Naya Wheels (a Malaysian company I believe?) and I REALLY like the look of the concave they have at the rear (not too fussed about the design of the wheels). As I'm very close to making an order for some new wheels I was hoping to replicate the specs of the Naya ones in the photo but I really can't find the details anywhere. All the aftermarket wheels I've seen on the S3 Exige have had very minimal concave but I love the look so was hoping to maximise it as much as possi
  9. Mate, it's SOOOOOO good. Jealous. Definitely made the right decision. Hope you're happy as a pig in poo.
  10. @Kimbers Dear sir, I'll gladly collect it for you. Not joking. And deliver it to an address of your choice. Just shout!
  11. George, I like them all! I guess it's all about context though. I really like option 3 as it reminds me of the earlier Exiges. I also think definitely option 3 if you're painting the engine cover, can't remember what you said there. But it also depends on everything else you plan to do. If you're also doing splitter, side skirts and canards then my choice would be 2. Maybe with the full width lip of the spoiler at the back left in exposed carbon? It's going to look fantastic whatever you do.
  12. Kimbers, that's a BEAUTY! Glad it's gone to a good home. Nice looking (possible) CS to the side of it too!
  13. Side skirts and rear winglets making a welcome return. (For me at least!) But of course it's just a render so could be completely different in the flesh. Looks FANTASTIC in that colour!
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