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  2. Does anyone know where I can get after-market carbon fibre door sills to replace the cracked plastic sills on my 2007 Europa S? Carbon sills are available in Australia for the Elise, but none so far as I know for the Europa S. Any information would be welcomed. Cheers,
  3. Thanks everyone for the help. Fitted a Walbro 255 lph pump - it is almost exactly the same shape as the original & just needed the plastic bucket that it sits in to be shaved. Used the original fuel hose. All good now.
  4. I think this car was probably the first sold in Aus but there were demonstrators here for a few months before that. I believe there must be at least half a dozen in country - spread around - there are a couple in Sydney (red, black) and at least one in Adelaide (black) & Perth that I know of.
  5. Hello all, Owned an Elan when I was young & always wanted another Lotus. (Some people never learn!) So I've owned my Europa S since Jan 2007 - Starlight Black. Picked it up on my birthday and was pulled over by a jealous cop 5 minutes later! The car has done about 61,000km since new, and have experienced a few "issues" (of course) - radiator, gearbox, now the fuel pump & air conditioner compressor. Joined the LTF in the hope of getting some info on a replacement fuel pump. Many thanks for all the help so far. Love driving my car! Cheers.
  6. Aah, thanks so much Bibs. Crypto
  7. The fuel pump in my Europa S is shagged - after 60,000km. There are no manufacturer markings and it is not supported from Lotus. Does anyone know who makes the pump and where I can get one? Crypto from Australia
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