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  1. Hi Tim, a few shots of your car I had.  It was a pleasure meeting and chatting to you and your father.  If you have any q`s about an Esprit S3 (I think it was you) feel free to ask.  Cheers, Dan




  2. Jonny's Esprit for a car in front was an awesome sight, while it lasted. We'd just turned off the motorway at Winchester, the Esprit's hazards went on and I saw the tyre deflation accompanied by a loud sound of a harmonica played in the key of C. The timing of the flat could have been worse, any earlier and it would have been on the M3, in the rain, with gloating rubbernecked motorists. Sun out, soft top off and the glorious howls and roars of Dave's Evora as a soundtrack for the rest of the drive to Brooklands. Lucky for having that spare Lotus, Jonny. It was great that you sti
  3. Excellent! I was hoping you'd want to avoid the M3. There's also an equally fast route via the Hindhead Tunnel (M27 to A3).
  4. I will rock up in Hythe at just before 7. We're going to wake great swathes of Hampshire and Surrey. It would be a pleasure to help out with parking, if more hands are needed.
  5. Keen to roll with the Hants convoy this Sunday, it will be my first visit to Brooklands and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it. I aim to leave the New Forest at around 8:00, I believe the festival begins at 10:00. Is the M3 or the A31 the best route past Winchester?
  6. Should be able to make it. At that time there's potentially a good photo opportunity in the Yew Tree Heath car park, off the excellent Ipley Road.
  7. Quite likely, if you saw a V6 Roadster. If it was Friday the 11th, I was en route to a Lotus Forums meet at Beaulieu Road.
  8. 11th of March at the Drift Inn, Dave? Definitely. Jonny, your Evo will be swarming with teenagers after 5 minutes in that car park.
  9. Would be great to join in on this but committed to some winding New Forest b-roads this evening. Giving a mate from Southampton a lift home just when the film finishes. I will take a detour via the Odeon's car park and look for the line-up.
  10. How about earlier in September, maybe Sunday the 13th?
  11. A superb evening, it was great to meet fellow local Lotus enthusiasts and see some magnificent, exotic, bonkers cars. The V6 Cup in Motorsport Green looked spectacular, the colour does amazing things in the evening light. The exhaust note from the Esprit on its departure was a showstopper, such a grin-inducing sound. Thoroughly looking forward to future meets.
  12. Hi Dave, Thanks for the welcome. I'm near New Milton. I saw your post on May 22nd in the 'Spotted' thread. My Exige is indeed red but although I use the A326 often, it wasn't me behind the wheel on that occasion but it possibly was my Lotus. I purchased the Roadster in mid-June, used, from Snows. I hope it was being driven conservatively!
  13. Hello, I'm new to TLF. The forum is superb and I look forward to contributing. The resource of members' past posts has already aided greatly in keeping my Lotus on top form. Count me in for 1. The Filly Inn and 2. The Flower Pots Inn. Spotted Jonny's V6 Cup navigating the glorious B3055-Hatchet Pond at a leisurely pace several months ago. A surprising sight in the mirrors of my Elise, I had to pull over to gain a better look as it cruised past. That colour is stunning!
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