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  1. Not sure if the below is any help, sounds like Toyota use a 76mm on their V8 engines but an adapter is available to fit the V6. I’m no expert so maybe looking at completely the wrong thing
  2. Not a fan of the ‘pig snout’ so it’s going on Tuesday to be replaced with a 2bular road silencer with 100mm carbon tips
  3. Thanks ramjet Haven’t dropped anything into the open gear lever yet so doing well!
  4. Thanks guys, the car is superb. Just booked it in for a machine polish and ceramic coating to finish it off
  5. I’ve recently upgraded from an Exige Sprint to a 350 Sport, so far so good really enjoying the extra grunt and superior build quality. Just ordered a 2bular Valved Road back box to add some more pops and bangs.
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  7. I am looking at buying the above car it is for sale in Cornwall, I have few issues over it history and wondered if anyone could shed some light on it. The car is a 2008 car that was PDI'd in 2008 at Stratton motor company however it was not registered until 2011. It now has 1800 miles on the clock. Anyone know why it would not have been registered for 3 years? I have spoken to Stratton who have a record of the PDI but that's all they have, the price is the other issue but that can be negotiated
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