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  1. After some advice, I want to upgrade my 350 spoiler to a 380 Sport one but stick with the matt black rather than carbon. I have been offered a wing off a 250 Cup which I’m told is the same wing as a 380 The problem cost wise comes when buying the base plates that sit on the rear hatch and the 380 supports attach to. Lotus want £230 plus vat per side which is astonishing, has anyone gone down the same route and come up with an alternative? Part 27 in the diagram
  2. Just had a full set of Cup 2’s delivered and can confirm they are all identical tread patterns so can be swapped side to side
  3. Sounds almost like the car believes it hasn’t warmed up and is putting on the cold limiter
  4. Thanks Tex with a mixture of eBay and black circles I’ve ended up with a full set of Cup 2’s for £570
  5. Was thinking of going to Cup 2’s next when all four will need replacing, I’ve got the original Corsa’s on the front which have plenty of life left so was just looking to replace rears at the moment. But may look at full set of Cup 2’s if budget allows just seems a shame to chuck the current fronts
  6. In need of some rear tyres myself and have found the below at ATS, I would like to stay as close as poss to manufacturer spec. Road use only and wondering is these are worth the extra over standard P Zero’s?
  7. New reg and short plate fitted
  8. From a Signature owner, you need a signature one
  9. might be worth a look
  10. Any polish/wax will make the ceramic coating rough over time, best to use something like GTechniq Liquid Crystal after washing
  11. I’ve got a valved road back box, never plan on doing track days so not fussed about noise limits. It is loud so sometimes quite nice to close the valve. Didn’t go for a full system as I couldn’t justify the expense when running stock 350 power
  12. Anyone fitted one of these?
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