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  1. Shouty colour got my vote, I know the previous owner of the grey car pictured in previous post and it’s a stunning car with a great spec if you change your mind
  2. Sounds like OP on FB has been to see it and this was his post comments ‘Still looking for a v6. Viewed this one yesterday. Anyone with any knowledge ? LJ65EFT. Good looking car, paint damage front n/s wing above splitter and discrepancy in service book for a c service (parts ordered but no stamp or fitting invoice). Last owner less than 12 months. Any knowledge appreciated.’
  3. This one has been discussed on FB V6 group in the last couple of days
  4. looking at deroure the uprights are also a different part for the 410 hatch
  5. The gravelly noise is standard, some are better than others. Not sure on the clutch rattle, I’m sure someone else will be along shortly to advise on this bit
  6. For track use you may want to consider a 410 for the charge cooler if budget is flexible
  7. 4yr service should be £950 inc vat
  8. R300XXX

    Exige 350 wanted

    I believe it has been bought by a lotus dealership so maybe worth keeping an eye out
  9. They’ve been for sale quite a while. I don’t think the factory ones came in gloss black so assume they have been powder coated at some pointed
  10. If you can’t find him I can ask him for his contact details
  11. R300XXX

    Exige 350 wanted

    Might be worth a look
  12. Someone has just posted about selling their 350 on V6 owners FB page. Description below
  13. Castle posted this on their Facebook a couple of weeks ago and didn’t state what it was, maybe a 390. Looks Like a 350 with forged wheels and 410 side scoops
  14. From memory there should be a third fixing point cabin side, you will also need the brackets for otherside Look brilliant when fitted though
  15. Good choice in colours, I’m slightly biased of course. good luck with the search
  16. Unfortunately I don’t have a fault reader, had no faults appear on the dash it just felt under powered until it got higher into the rev range especially after being stationary
  17. Not had that particular issue with the second filter, I’ve been struggling the last few days with the car feeling sluggish at lower speeds/revs can only assume this is heat related as when car is up to speed and at higher revs it pulls fine. I’m in no way an expert though
  18. Always ask for forgiveness not permission!
  19. It’s under warranty so wouldn’t worry me either, the Orange looks fantastic but I would say that
  20. Have you spotted this one. Came on autotrader a couple of days ago
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