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  1. Hello, I've recently moved to East Sussex (Battle area) and wondered if anyone has a recommendations for local(ish) garages that I can start using to have my 1990 Esprit SE serviced and maintained? If this is not the most appropriate forum for this post please let me know and I will move. Cheers, Gareth
  2. Spoke to Jonathan at the weekend, but hopefully this thread will help other people in the future. The problem was with the setup of the rear gear linkage. It took my mechanic a few hours to get it right.
  3. Massive thanks to everyone who helped organise the weekend it was awesome
  4. [removed original post] Sorry, still a bit exicted from the weekend.
  5. Getting up very early tomorrow, to clean the car as much as possible. Though I doubt for once getting up early on a Sunday is going to be hard
  6. Just driven back to Essex where my Esprit is after it's emergency session at my mechanics. The last bit was along the A127 which was full of all the boy racers in small convoys going to Southend Sea front for the night. I'm now really exicted at how amazing 100 odd Esprits is going to look all cruising along
  7. The only reason I found out about most of them was because some of my friends live and breath "alternative" music. Even within that scene, bands like Sensefield and Appleseed Cast are virtually unheard of. I wish I still had the time to spend hours searching the net for bands like them.
  8. And the Circus Leaves Town - Kyuss Building - Sensefield Surfer Rosa & Come on Pilgrim - Pixies The Blue Album - Weezer TroubleGum - Therapy? Amusing the Amazing - SloBurn The Moon & Antartica - Modest Mouse No Code - Pearl Jam Low Level Owl Volume 1 - The Appleseed Cast
  9. After phoning round verious mechanics in Berkshire last week I couldn't find anyone who could look at this until after the Factory visit So I drove very slowly (it's embarrassing when lorries are constanly overtaking you in an Esprit) back to my mechanic in Essex. Got a call from him yesterday afternoon to say it's fixed As you can imagine I'm only slightly happy about this as I really thought I wasn't going to be able to make it this weekend. Thanks to everyone who has replied to this thread and I look forward to meeting any of you going this weekend.
  10. Spent this afternoon trying to get this sorted with no luck Tried Jon's suggestions and in my garage with the engine off, it seems to be engaging 5th gear. As soon as I take it out for a test drive and try to get 5th I can move the gear stick to the right but as soon as I try to move it up, it will not budge. With the engine off, it will move to the right and up, without the same resistance. So tomorrow I'm going to be phoning around to see if I can get a speacilist to sort it for me. If it comes to it which I hope it doesn't, so I can go to the factory visit. Apart from the obvious of the engine revving higher and using more fuel etc, will I run the risk of damaging the gear box\engine if drive the car at speeds when it should really be 5th e.g. above 40MPH for long periods of time?
  11. Hopefully you can get this sorted out by whoever caused the problem in the first place. If not I've also used paint renovater from Auto Glym and agree it's very good. It transformed the 30 year old paint on my other car which also has a fibre glass body. Though use it very sparingly as Chris says.
  12. Hi Dave, Of course I would have but, I put my order in about two hours before you posted your recommendation. I would advise anyone else thinking of doing this to follow Dave's advice. The Green Cotton Filter for my SE was
  13. Cheers Jon, appreciate your help. I'm pretty certain that the gearlinkage cables are round the right way as I had wondered if that was the problem. Superdavelotus, a video on how to do this would be excellent and would certainly help people like me who are not the best mechanics around Please let me know how much you would like for postage etc and I will electronically send you the cash if that's ok? Have a good day Gareth
  14. Hi Jon, Thanks for the suggestions I can move the gear lever to the right (there is a lot less resistance than one moving it to the left), though I cannot move it up in to 5th. It feels like something is either blocking the gear lever or the cables are to tight to allow it move up in to 5th. From memory with the cables disconnected I could select 5th. This is probably a stupid question, where is 5th by moving the translator by hand? I have the manuals for the car in PDF format is it illustrated anywhere? The car is free wheeling. Cheers Gareth
  15. Tonight I have finally put everything back together on the car. Including the new gearlinkage kit, whilst testing it in my garage, I thought I was getting every gear. Going out for a test drive earlier has proved otherwise as I cannot get 5th gear at all. All other gears are easy to engage inlcuding reverse, when I try to move to 5th I can only get 3rd. Any ideas? Cheers Gareth
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