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  1. Great picture! Really makes me want to get mine out of the garage as fast as possible.
  2. To be honest I'm unable to even see an Esprit in this picture... But it does not look bad, the curved nose suits it quite well!
  3. May I ask what's with the curved front of the white one?
  4. Wow Charlie! Congrats, this looks epic! You really thought of everything. I really like the sticker on the air tank. Too bad I won't be going to the UK for the foreseeable future. Would love to see it in person. Season sadly is over for me as of tomorrow... Hope you will keep me entertained for the winter
  5. Oh, I love the accessories Charlie! You just had to add some Bond like person, and you couldn't distinguish it from a movie poster!
  6. Living the dream, huh? Looks great! People must have been staring like they saw a car for the first time... Only thing missing are 70s styled people! May I ask where you got the roof rack from? Was there an original one available or did you fit it yourself? Did the bike fit in the boot? Looks like the right car for summer vacation in some hot country!
  7. I think thats the right decision! First drive with an Eclat for me: The moment I entered a tunnel I started smiling and I couldnt stop for the rest of the ride.
  8. Hey Charlie, what holds you off a Lotus 9xx motor? I would so go for a 9xx. You have like unlimited options: 907 tuning, 912 standard, 912 injection, 912 2.5l conversion, etc. Or how about a 910 ? EDIT: johnpwalsh: just click this link:
  9. Yeah thats really a problem. I am willing to pay quite a bit for a car in good condition, but sadly it is rare that one even shows up.
  10. Can't be, that there is no Eclat/Elite S2 to find... Anyone heard of anything maybe?
  11. Well I am kinda of judgemental, because I do not value the fact, that this car has a somewhat special history. Since the car itself does not show any of its "special features" in visuals, I value it like any other car of the same model. Therefore I would not want to pay any more than for any other Eclat S2 in this condition. I see that this this car is in exceptional good shape and given the low mileage, I would definitely pay quite a lot for it. But as The Pits pointed out, this price is nothing in relation to similar examples in the last year, I see no point in giving that muc
  12. I would love such a car. But the price is just insane. Hopefully there will be one for sale with a reasonable price at some point... Edit: Notice the Lanica Stratos(?) in the background!
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