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  1. For sale in Sweden right now. Imo, one of the coolest looking Exige´s I have seen.
  2. @The Pits, knowing you were considering switching to an Evora Sport 410 from the Exige Cup and some details about what kind of cars you like from writing here and from your videos, how do you feel this new GT430 stacks up in comparison? From a value perspective, I think the GT430 looks very attractive and would be a better (although obviously more expensive) buy than the Sport 410.
  3. Notice the difference when you type in the following URLs? I am pretty sure we are waiting for an Evora Cup version.
  4. Can't be a 311 with a roof with the side scoop image. Besides: There would need to be doors as well to such a configuration of the 311 to get in and out and I hardly think they would be taken directly off the Exige if that was the case...
  5. Agree. I also like his reasoning about the colors overall, but imho there should not be any plastic black parts on a fully specced carbon car. Why are the canards and the back panel not in carbon in that case? I think that would look so much better and for the same reason I am not a fan of the matt black "eye liner" either. That red, the gold and carbon are three different colors that would have made that car look complete for me and not as all over the place as the matt black parts now make it appear.
  6. Making clear something is different is not the same as making one model the "flagship" model over the other.
  7. To me, the Exige and the Evora are targeting totally different segments and there is no need at all to try to make the Evora "the flagship" in the same stupid way Porsche are doing it with the Cayman and 911.
  8. A couple of 400s for sale in Sweden now.
  9. Maybe you should just quit reading this thread and only focus on the cheerleading ones? I for one appreciate the transparent and honest views of the car. Pros AND cons.
  10. Almost 30 minutes Live from Jalopnik today:
  11. Found this article posted on the 22nd of June interviewing Jean-Marc Gales on the Lotus turnaround: I have e-mailed the journalist suggesting a follow-up piece to that, given the new situation with brexit.
  12. Some food for thought.
  13. Stockholm is closed today due to public holiday, so the 3.11% is from yesterday. FWIW, I could mention that the biggest financial paper just wrote a leading editorial urging Sweden to "Give the UK a dream deal" rather than bully them out.
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