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  1. FWIW, now there are even ads like this for brand new cars, possible to configure available.
  2. Great news and good to read Lotus did the right thing. Looking forward to pics once you have it!
  3. Then they really need to work on their communication... I think it´s quite frustrating they cannot even keep the website up to date with what models they offer. That´s where a search for a new car starts. Sounds strange if it has boosted the sales of the regular V6 Cup in spite of it not even being mentioned anymore in the Exige model range. Same with the road version of the 3 Eleven. If you are looking for a road car and misses to read the info about the "Race 3 Eleven" chances are you are never going to realize there is a road version of that car available. Yes, I know the argument "but the most interested people will find out anyhow", it´s just that I find it strange and counter-productive they always have to find out some other way than just going to the website for info.
  4. Is the car already sold out? Just visited the Lotus website and neither the V6 Cup nor the 360 Cup is listed in the Model Range for the Exige.
  5. A guy I think Lotus should invite for the next launch... Great reviews, 36k subscribers to his Youtube channel and with his German car focus, likely 90% of them have a Porsche as their number 1 choice of cars... Suggested to him today in his review of the new Mercedes C63 AMG S that he would review a Lotus and received the following response: ************* kokostrollet 20:53 +TheGetawayer Great review as always. But talking about true sports cars, when will you review anything from Lotus? The Evora 400 appears to be a potential Carrera challenger and the Exige S recently beat the hyped Porsche GT4 in AMS. Läs mer TheGetawayer 21:11 +kokostrollet They don't have a german pr-department or press car fleet. Press cars from the UK don't come over much here. Would really love to film one, trust me ! I even read that same review in Sport Auto +Lotus F1 Team 
  6. From your alias I guess you might be Italian? If so, maybe this one in Roma would fit that latter alternative?
  7. FWIW, the 991.2 presented today, seems to be +15 kg more than the 991.1...
  8. Here goes: More neutral and less pro GT4 than I had personally had expected. Nice they point out the Sport Auto conclusion of the std Exige S too... Guess some of those Porsche fans are now scratching their heads and might even turn their heads when they see an Exige V6 next time... Really hope they follow up with a track comparison too. Lotus have a potential home run for an upgraded Exige "400" or whatever they would call it right now. Hope they do the same exercise as with the Evora turning every stone to improve the car for a gen. II machine that will finally settle who´s the purist sport car brand for the true car enthusiast
  9. To me, the Exige is the track focused car (strict 2 seat) whereas the Evora is the GT (potentially 2+2). Why even focus resources then on a suboptimal platform for the track, just because Porsche is doing so for the wrong reasons? Let´s not forget why the GT3 and GT3 RS are built on the 911 platform and not the Cayman platform: It is ONLY due to the fact that they want to protect the legendary 911 model as the top of the line car for their 911 customers. Nothing else! The Cayman would be a much better platform for the top versions for the track but is impossible only because of historic reasons and because Porsche is scared of putting the Cayman over the 911.
  10. +1 to that. As a matter of fact, I even prefer having that gallery section with photos + explanation on what config is on the pictures rather a configurator which anyway doesn't show real-life images of what you have selected. As long as the options packs and different combinations are straight-forward that is much, much better. Although I am a Porsche fan, I really don´t like their way of doing this where you are faced with a million choices (and added costs) just for picking the options. Nissan with the GT-R, on the other hand, is a big sports car manufacturer in the other end of the spectrum where I think Lotus should be too. As a matter of fact, the GT-R (at least here in Sweden) has an even simpler options list than Lotus have. You only have three full car packages to choose from: "Premium Edition", "Nismo" and "Black Edition" with fixed options. The only thing to worry about picking is the color. I really like side by side comparisons though when you have a couple of fixed choices like this so you can easily see what are included and not by going with each of the choices: Simple and straight-forward. Going back to Lotus current website and presentation of the Evora 400, I think they should have had pictures of each of the colors instead of the images they use now. It wouldn't matter if it is a picture taken from another car model as long as it is the exact color code. That would help a lot seeing how the color looks in reality, there is no configuration I have seen that can correctly on a computer screen show how an exterior color actually looks in reality and the color choice is the really important one when picking a new car that you will want to try to experience somehow (at least in my point of view).
  11. Well, obviously most people wanting a GT4 is requesting a PDK after all. Quite interesting news if that is correct. I am pretty sure I have heard Preuninger in an interview reason before, that the choice was either manual or PDK for the GT4 as the Motorsport Dep. could not produce enough cars anyway to motivate two gearbox alternatives...
  12. That lift kit thing of the 99x GT3 is what I was hoping for in a similar form. Maybe something they could consider as an option for the next Exige? Do you know how much extra weight that adds on the Porsche approx?
  13. Maybe a stupid question, but can you adjust the ride height with the nitrons easily back up and if so, how easy is it to do, how much and how fast can you do it? One of the big advantages to me living in a city with the Exige and a big selling point is the ride height, but if it can be adjusted easily with the nitrons that would be even better.
  14. I see what you mean. At the same time, I cannot help liking how extremely mean the Esprit can look as well if you let it go in that direction. This one for sale in Sweden right now.
  15. Indeed. Here is the link.
  16. More pics here.
  17. Looks really good, especially from behind with the dual exhaust pipes and the rear panel. Only thing I think could have improved it slightly is if they would have skipped the "360 Cup" logo on the right-hand side of the front panel (or at least made it smaller) as it disturbs the clean design for me a bit, plus (I think) I would have liked to have the mirrors painted in the same metallic red as the wheels to make that red color stand out even more as it works so well. The red contrasting color just looks great to me. Especially in the pictures of the rear where the red rear lights blend in making the color effect even stronger. But overall, great job and a clever move by Lotus which can hopefully bump the sales of the current Exige Cup.
  18. Well, I see your point, but I think there is a major difference in the rationale/background. Nissan and Porsche (being part of VW) are of similar size and have similar resources as companies. The GT-R is the contender, a clear challenger to the 911 and especially the iconic Turbo with it´s 4WD and 2+2 layout which makes that rivalry special for those choosing either car. Although they are both excellent cars, they have completely different car building philosophies and companies behind them and it´s also to some extent a "German vs. Japanese cars" thing about it which makes people not driving or owning the cars take side in the debate also which tends to polarize it even further. As for Lotus vs. Porsche I think it´s much more of a David vs. Goliath kind of situation as these companies today are totally different in terms of resources and scale. With that situation, - and the fact that Porsche is the favorite sports car brand in Europe and the benchmark, I think (at least I speak for myself) that I tend to defend Lotus a bit when I feel that the favorism of Porsche among main stream media is not fact based but rather based on "Porsche just must be the better car, because that's just how it is" fluffy arguments. That said, I love Porsche, - I really do, and that love goes way back for me in a totally different way than Lotus which is a brand that has not really been on my radar to the same extent at all. But starting to see through some of the marketing hype more and more and how Porsche position their cars with the constant holding back of the Cayman just for marketing reasons e.g. kind of just pisses me off a bit and it feels that a higher percentage of the Lotus people are actually genuinely interested in their cars, what they get for their money, and how they drive and behave than what most Porsche people are these days. Especially after the recent investing frenzy in the 911 and all that stuff that is simply not related to how the cars drive at all.
  19. Another GT4 benchmark test in the Swedish version of German AMS right now. Have to say it was way worse than I could have imagined, just further proof for me that Swedish car media systematically favor Porsche which becomes obvious for anyone seriously interested in sports cars: So, what they did is that they compared the Cayman GT4 with a Lotus Exige S Roadster and a used, second hand (!) Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera on the comparison basis that they "have the same price". It says the -08 Lambo is appr. half the new price (still claimed the most expensive of the three), but not as far as I can see, how many km it has been driven in total. They come up with two score boards: One for the "best car in total" and one for "best sports car". Needless to say, of course the GT4 wins both and here are all the total scores: "best car in total" 1. Porsche Cayman GT4, 26 points 2. 2nd hand Lambo Gallardo Superleggera, 23 points 3. Lotus Exige S Roadster, 19 points "best sports car" 1. Porsche Cayman GT4, 29,5 points 2. 2nd hand Lambo Gallardo Superleggera, 27,5 points 2. Lotus Exige S Roadster, 27,5 points Beyond the numbers, they complain about the lack of a "real differential" and no R-tyres on the Lotus which makes it difficult to "get the power down". Not sure what they mean here, as far as I understood it, the Roadster comes with a locking diff as standard right? The footnotes says the car has the "premium and race option packs". They also don´t like that when you are two persons in the car, you might actually touch each other, which "isn't nice". With the Cayman they are quite contradictory in their conclusions. On the one hand, they say it´s a car only for the track and they don´t like the gear ratios (similar to Chris Harris), but still it wins easily overall. The used Lambo (borrowed from one of the test team members friends, probably going on sale in a few weeks...) is claimed to be an "amazing alternative if you cannot wait for the GT4 as long as you don´t break a carbon side-mirror" (apparently, those are 3.000 € each!) If the above made me a bit irritated, the part that really made me pissed off are the track comparisons. They mention two tracks, Mantorp Park in Sweden and Hockenheim and Hockenheim is the only one presented with any numbers whatsoever. For the Mantorp Park (a fast track, not too technical) comparison, they have no numbers at all but claim that "the Lambo pulverizes both the GT4 and the Lotus on that track". Well, definitely possible, but difficult to say if they didn´t even time the cars. For the Hockenheim Ring, I thought it was funny, because I kind of recognized those numbers from somewhere. Then it struck me! It´s in fact exactly the same numbers as the Sport Auto Exige S Coupe vs. Cayman GT4 test numbers that are in this mag!! They just copied them and indirectly claims (they never write anything about where those numbers come from) it´s for the Roadster! There are of course numbers for the Lambo as well, I assume they have stolen them also or completely made them up just to add them to the test chart. Holy shit what a shit show! Finally, just when I thought I could not get more pissed off by all the fluffy cheer-leading of the Porsche as well as the Lambo, I notice that the prices claimed for the cars used for a comparison are with the Porsche as a standard car with only Sport Chrono when I can clearly see on the interior pictures that the test car has the full Club Sport package (and likely a lot of other stuff on it as well). All in all, just a very shitty review (they actually claim they have "the best car tests in the world"!!) and I feel sorry for all those 98% of their readers who actually think it is and don´t read between the lines and beyond the claims.
  20. Maybe I am picky, but being a bit of a structure fascist plus working with digital marketing as a daily job, I think they could improve how they present the cars and I think it should be available in the menu as well on the website. It should be more intuitive than what it is. Of course there are only a few are prospective buyers of the 3-Eleven, but that model is much more important than that as it showcases what Lotus as a car brand can do and I am sure that helps selling the other, cheaper and less special cars as well.
  21. No, I am Sweden based. You are right, I notice now I can see it in the carousel main picture on the homepage if I wait long enough (comes as picture number 2, the Evora 400 is number one), but that takes quite some time and my guess is that a normal visitor to the site has already navigated somewhere by that time. If I try to find it via the menu, I cannot do it.
  22. I am a bit upset that it´s totally hidden on the official website. Not among the cars in the model range, neither can it be found under the Motorsport heading. Even if they have already sold all cars (which I doubt) they should show it on the website. I cannot understand why it´s not there.
  23. Actually, I think the truth is somewhere in between here actually. The GT4 is not a limited car, but as it´s produced by the Motorsport division, there will be limited capacity anyhow. Sure they can (and likely will) ramp up the supply a bit and for sure let the model live longer than they had originally planned, but I don´t think there will be ample supply of GT4s all of a sudden.
  24. Congratulations to a great deal! Think you did the right thing though that sold it. Those cars have a much higher risk of huge depreciation now at those higher price levels. If I were you, I would keep the LF1 add the Cayman GT4 and just build a bigger garage.
  25. @TheDeadPrussian, It will be really interesting to hear your views on how the GT4 compares to the Exige! I´m in the early stages of looking for a sports car and my purchase could realistically be as far away as 3 - 4 years from now as our daughter is still living at home and we have a need for a family car right now and I would like to go full 2 seater if I buy a sports car. What even brought me to Lotus in the first place was actually the Cayman GT4. First, I was mainly looking at 997 GT3s but I liked the look of the GT4 and I cannot help that deep inside, I really don´t want a car with the engine in the wrong place (read 911s...) which is why the Cayman has always appealed more to me as a car model among the Porsches. Well, it´s here and although it looks great with the the rear wing and extra aero and appeals in an extra way as the Motorsport dep has developed it (and it even has a manual), I feel that the appeal is fading somewhat for me realizing it is quite held back still. Not as much as the 987 Cayman R, but still. It is more of less similar to the 2008 RUF 3400K in terms of performance and honestly, I think the Ruf bought second hand now is a much more special car and likely an even better investment long term... I totally agree that the financial part of going Porsche is likely better from now on though, but I think there is a high risk level associated with that too... The market for Porsches today is starting to look like the Ferraris in the late 80s and I think there is a really big risk in buying for example those ridiculously overpriced 997 GT3 RS cars that sell today. Those cars as well as the 997 GT3 are 30 - 100% higher in price today than they were no less than 1 year ago which is totally outrageous. When the Porsche bubble finally pops, I would not like to be one of those that bought with wrong timing... I think it´s worth realizing that what drives the Porsche prices are the decisions of Yellen/Draghi and Kuroda rather than the fact that the cars become better and better the older they get.
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