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  1. I really like the front of the 400 and have much more problems with the hips and rear. Especially the rear which is way too cluttered. The almost vertical strakes and the very aggressive air intake in the front overall reminds me a bit of the Ruf characteristic air intakes and I guess that´s why I kind of like that. Especially as Ruf is also a manufacturer that focuses on function before form which is the right priority imo. But overall I agree with you that the GTE overall is a better looking car.
  2. Sure, that´s one way of seeing it, although probably not a market maximizing one though. I think there could be some major innovation going on in this particular area though for a hardcore car that could potentially save weight as well as make it better from a convenience point of view. E.g. the canope roof solution would have been very interesting as a hardtop option for the 3-eleven which I pointed out in that forum thread given the design of that car. Something similar to the Sterling Nova although more focus on low weight using less glass, full carbon fiber, manual manpower lifting, etc. IMHO that would still be a very hardcore "difficult to get in an out of" kind of sports car, but still possibly a more practical, lighter weight design than the one used today. I especially would love to see something like that on the 3-Eleven as an option as I think it possibly could improve the aero of that roadster design even further. As for the Exige, it would be a possibility to keep the high, side-impact protecting sills as well as making it even easier to park with no doors extending width. Just a creative, crazy idea probably not seeing some major hurdles with the design. Take it for what it is.
  3. Good point. Hope they can focus on that side of the equation just as much. Getting your body under a certain height level is likely what makes getting into the Exige more tricky than getting your body over the sill if you see what I mean.
  4. The Top Gear article just implies the model year will be "2017", at least that is my interpretation of that article: As for timelines, performance indications under Gales, I noticed this article in the same magazine from 25th of Feb. 2015 where he comments the upcoming 3-Eleven like this: If the first 3-Elevens indeed roll out of Hethels in Q1 2016, he sure seems to be an "under promising and over delivering" kind of guy which hopefully could be the case with the upcoming Exige as well.
  5. If I were in the management team of Lotus, I would make sure to get the 400 engine into the Exige asap as that model is so much more about pure performance than the Evora is. A perfect "gen II" of the current Exige released maximum 6 months from now imho would be i) the 400 engine + ii) some improved aero + necessary reinforcements to handle that increased power. That´s it. Would easily make that model be fresh for another 2-3 years as the performance is more or less all that´s important. Then they can spend their time with a totally new tub for the Elise/Exige in the meantime.
  6. Doors? Why? I see a carbon hardtop with a light-weight race glass similar to the optional tonneau panel, connected somehow towards the front, possible to open right up from the back with a handle where the roll bar cover is. All you would have to do, is lift the roof up, jump in the car and pull the roof down with you when you sit down. Not rocket science exactly, and hardly more than 20-30 kg extra. Think this could even improve the aero of the car actually as well as give it an even cooler look + an additional audience for that kind of car immediately... Windscreen wipers is the only area I see they would have to be "conventional" to make it work out and include that in the design of this somehow, but apart from that, who says you would need A/C which is even optional today in e.g. the Exige??
  7. Would also really want one in case it had as least a very good carbon hardtop possibility for the road car! Really think Lotus should make one variant of it with that option, similar to the optional tonneau panel they offer already.
  8. Right now, the market is crazy about more or less anything with a 911 sticker on it. The prices of 997 GT3 RS cars e.g. are just ridiculous imho. Lotus is no Porsche collector brand (yet) but the same thing might happen here eventually as I see it. This is my first post at this board, and I happen to be just one of those persons who actually are starting to look around for alternatives to those "safe" investment/fun sports cars Porsches represent as they are simply way overpriced right now from a bang for the buck perspective. From a ride perspective, sure the Exige V6 Cup which I am looking for would be a bit harsher, but not unacceptably much so. Btw, there are a lot of great track bargains out there under the radar if one starts to look around. Here is a good example from Sweden where I live of a car that has dropped from 1.160 ksek (appr. 120 k€) to 695 ksek (appr. 74 k€) with just 100 km... Still, they cannot manage to sell it although it would be an amazing car for the track (if that is the alternative) to a more than twice(!) as expensive 997.1 GT3 RS with 40.000 km...
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