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  1. For sale in Sweden right now. Imo, one of the coolest looking Exige´s I have seen.
  2. @The Pits, knowing you were considering switching to an Evora Sport 410 from the Exige Cup and some details about what kind of cars you like from writing here and from your videos, how do you feel this new GT430 stacks up in comparison? From a value perspective, I think the GT430 looks very attractive and would be a better (although obviously more expensive) buy than the Sport 410.
  3. Notice the difference when you type in the following URLs? I am pretty sure we are waiting for an Evora Cup version.
  4. Can't be a 311 with a roof with the side scoop image. Besides: There would need to be doors as well to such a configuration of the 311 to get in and out and I hardly think they would be taken directly off the Exige if that was the case...
  5. Agree. I also like his reasoning about the colors overall, but imho there should not be any plastic black parts on a fully specced carbon car. Why are the canards and the back panel not in carbon in that case? I think that would look so much better and for the same reason I am not a fan of the matt black "eye liner" either. That red, the gold and carbon are three different colors that would have made that car look complete for me and not as all over the place as the matt black parts now make it appear.
  6. Making clear something is different is not the same as making one model the "flagship" model over the other.
  7. To me, the Exige and the Evora are targeting totally different segments and there is no need at all to try to make the Evora "the flagship" in the same stupid way Porsche are doing it with the Cayman and 911.
  8. A couple of 400s for sale in Sweden now.
  9. Maybe you should just quit reading this thread and only focus on the cheerleading ones? I for one appreciate the transparent and honest views of the car. Pros AND cons.
  10. Almost 30 minutes Live from Jalopnik today:
  11. Found this article posted on the 22nd of June interviewing Jean-Marc Gales on the Lotus turnaround: I have e-mailed the journalist suggesting a follow-up piece to that, given the new situation with brexit.
  12. Some food for thought.
  13. Stockholm is closed today due to public holiday, so the 3.11% is from yesterday. FWIW, I could mention that the biggest financial paper just wrote a leading editorial urging Sweden to "Give the UK a dream deal" rather than bully them out.
  14. So, we finally have a decision and it´s a leave. Now that we know, I am interested in if you think this will be good or bad for Lotus as a company? I think it will be good if you look at the totality as a lower currency vs important export non-EU markets such as the US, is making the cars even more attractive there now. The same goes for e.g. for Sweden where I live with the Euro up and the GBP down vs. the SEK as we speak. Also, manufacturing is in the UK with UK based salaries for Lotus. Although many important components of the car (such as the engine) now got affected in the opposite direction as they are imported, the manpower part should still play a bigger role in the costs overall. Jalopnik has an article about the car industry in the UK overall, and it seems most manufacturers think this is negative (the article doesn´t really say that much), but all of the companies covered are large manufacturers except Aston Martin, for which the UK is not their home market, so it´s obviously different from Lotus´ situation.
  15. Thought this part was quite funny.
  16. Less then 2 weeks to go now! I really hope you guys vote NO and I am pretty sure Lotus is hoping for that too... The GBP would likely drop some which would help your export industry and make buying a Lotus even more attractive for me here in Sweden vs. the Porks and other alternatives.
  17. Great video and looking forward to the upcoming updates of the channel! As for the video length and format, I think around 10-12 minutes is (at least in my pov) the optimal length for a car review or update video. For inspiration, I personally think Matt Farah´s "One Takes" from The Smoking Tire is great at capturing the feeling of a car in a video format that is neither too ambitious/feeling overdone at the same time as it gives you all of the details/inspiration and information you need as a presumptive buyer. Plus the humor which I found in your video as well. Think you are off to a great start and as there aren´t many Lotus focused channels around, I am sure you will find a loyal audience along with Dr Pittenstein.
  18. One for sale in Sweden right now.
  19. Just out of curiosity, how difficult is the Xtrac to drive with on public roads/city traffic? Would it be something one could live with and go for the race version rather than the road version? Does anyone here have experience of that? It seems from the review in Topgear that the race version is in fact pretty easy to drive, so why not go for a race speced road registered car then?
  20. +1 to that. Thinking out of the box completely and considering the non door design of the 3-eleven, putting a hinged canopy roof on that thing, of course as light-weight as possible with minimum glass + maximum carbon, could do the trick.
  21. See your point, but Porsche had a similar 10 bhp bump on the 987 Cayman R vs. the 987 Cayman S just as an example, so they are not unique with this. 70 kgs of weight loss is a much more important factor to that equation. In the case of the Exige Cup vs. the Evora Sport 410 as a trackday tool, I think it´s main selling point is actually convenience. If you are either a bit older/less acrobatic to get in and out or simply too tall to fit in an Exige Cup (I would say 80% of the normal Porsche trackday audience is), then the Evora Sport 410 might offer you something that the Exige Cup simply doesn´t.
  22. I would personally drop the side stripes, but apart from that, it really looks great!
  23. I didn´t even know you could get it with a manual. Well, at least you will have an even better car when you are on track. The Cup R seems to more or less kill the V6 Cup according to this review of the two:
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