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  1. Just to chime in guys. For what it's worth I own both 2017 alfa quad and evora sport 410. The alfa I take daily to work and the evora I take for fun rides whenever they arise. The alfa produces a lotta laughs and reliability hasn't come into question in the last 2 years. The same can be said about the evora. Both have their ups and downs but are excellent and communicative. Given I don't have kids, neither 4 door or 2 doors affect me. If I could only keep one it'd be the evora
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions gents Alas I guess my search continues to find someone who'll happily drill my brackets. The guys at my local dealer don't wanna mess with the original seat mounts either. Knowing my luck with the last time I tried to replace the seats in my exige.... I cross threaded a bolt and they had to drill another hole. I'm really no good with auto mechanics fat fingers haha. Cheers anyway all! I'm all ears if anything arises in the future though - forever hopeful until I replace the evora lol
  3. Hi guys, I've been looking into seat brackets for my evora sport 410 to change the upright seating position to a more reclined position. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've asked the guys at the dealership and they have no idea and weren't willing to drill extra holes into the existing bracket. There is Jon Seal from lotushardtops who made a run of brackets but that run is over now and he only makes runs of 20 at 99£ each set... So there's that if anyone's interested. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, please help me move it mods. Thanks all!
  4. I have a 410 metallic black but I'm in Australia. Dealer reckons there's 4 in Australia lol
  5. It looks fantastic. Count me in once it can be smoothed out and painted red. Absolutely gorgeous
  6. Im definitely in on this. And have it smoother and painted like the evora key and im sold
  7. Yep i do Have had tvs1900 for a year now. It's a great addition. Feels great off the line and 2nd gear pulls hard from 1800ish rpm.
  8. I have the ssc induction and supercharger installed on my standard v6 s. It does certainly howl louder if you're after supercharger whine. Combining that with the sports exhaust is plenty loud enough. Hope this helps although going from stock car to simply adding the induction is an improvement already compared to stock in supercharger noise
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