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  1. There are exceptions to the general rule though Andy - I’ll have to enlighten you over a beer or 2 at the next VX national (hopefully this year🤞) Although I do agree that many CFOs/FDs do need to widen their business vision
  2. As the quote says, the splitters were done by @TBDa member based in Germany. IIRC he sold the design to Komotec so the Komotec ones should at least be very similar. The fitted on the front under tray using longer screws (supplied) through existing holes. Now the bad news, from memory the Komotec price is around double what TBD charged, although I doubt that he made any profit whatsoever in supplying those that purchased from him.
  3. I know 2 people in the VX community who both have Caymans and have attended local P meets etc. Their verdict, “the car is good & happy with it but most of the owners are knobs”
  4. German Engineering has been one big marketing gimmick by German companies that many consumers in this country bought hook, line & sinker. The German manufacturing industry that I was involved in 20+ years ago was no better that its counterparts in this country.They just told everyone how good they were and many bought in to it. @C8RKH your comment about every taxi in Europe being a Merc reminds me of a funny incident a few years ago when I was stood in the hire car queue at Hamburg airport. The guy in front of me was told that the car he had booked was unavailable so they were go
  5. The theory is simple Andy, when some are buying or selling they are the market hence, when buying it is a buyers market and when selling it is a sellers market. 🙄 How the 2 change so quickly within a few moments remains a mystery but I’ve seen it many times with VX owners 🤔
  6. This was a policy which my last U.K. company introduced to be used during the last 18 months of employment for all those who confirmed their intent to retire at 60 or above. 9 months at 4 days and 9 months at 3 days, all on full pay and full (defined benefit) pension credits etc One element that I didn’t mention in my previous post was that of being able to pace yourself as well. As someone who has always maintained house/garden/cars etc himself as far as possible I often ask “how did I have the time to work and do all of this”. My wife just tells me that I’ve learned to pace myself rathe
  7. I can only tell you how the problem was eventually solved on my S after losing the gas 3 times in a month after picking it up. Lotus Silverstone re-gassed it and put a dye in the system. The leak, a slow one, was eventually traced with the help of the dye to a split O ring on one of the pipes. After replacing that it was faultless for the 4 years I had it.
  8. Hmmm, well I think we’ll leave it there rather than drift off topic 🙄
  9. @dave excell I can tell you from experience that keeping active and keeping the brain working does not prevent cancer, neither does going to the pub and watching telly possibly result in cancer. I’m sure you didn’t mean to imply this but it does read that way.
  10. Haven’t read past the first 4 pages since it is clearly a long winded biased anti CSC paper Regarding the debate on CSCs for pubs then the easy solution is just leave it to the landlord since he/she can refuse access to the premises or to serve anyone they so desire. Let the people then decide which pubs they want to visit
  11. @C8RKH I retired at 58 and so glad I did given the health shock I received 4 years later back in 2016. I looked at our finances the year before I retired and decided I could do so whilst maintaining a similar standard of living and in the knowledge that my previously deferred final salary pension schemes would be there a few years hence, one which had a normal retirement age of 63. When my planned date came I had just completed 4 years working in Saudi and despite receiving a very interesting offer to sign a 2 year contract extension I stuck to the retirement plan. We went travell
  12. Another example of the EU’s incompetent approach to vaccine planning! The attachment below, from a report from the Telegraph, may not come out very clear but if true, which it appears to be given an EU official has confirmed the contents, the U.K. should consider its options re this plant should the EU prevent any of its production coming to the U.K.
  13. Using “Best reasonable efforts” does not equate to a contractual obligation though Only a fool would sign a supply contract with such a clause. I’m no lawyer but I’ve been involved in enough contracts to recognise the difference. One person’s interpretation will differ from another’s The only way out of this is for the full contract to be disclosed to the world.
  14. @SFO it’s not the first time this particular person has shouted from his soap box though. He is responsible for delivering the EU vaccine rollout so is probably becoming frustrated about him too failing to deliver! If the EU do place a ban on exports of the Pfizer vaccine to the U.K. then we retaliate by blocking export of a particular ingredient going to the EU for use in the Pfizer production process, although by doing so the U.K. is dragging itself down to the same level as
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