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  1. I see Macron is trying to flex his very weak muscles Well, they must be very weak since he hasn’t got the backbone to sort out his own country’s problems and tries to seeks solitude by creating diversions whilst hoping to flash his manhood at Merkel
  2. WTF is Corbyn playing at? . Just shows that his one and only agenda is to secure a GE. He doesn’t give a flying fcuk for anything other than his own personal glory moment. MPs earlier rejected an attempt to secure another Brexit referendum by 334 votes to 85. And they also rejected a cross-party plan, to allow MPs to take control of the Brexit process to hold a series of votes on the next steps, by the narrow margin of two votes. Following the votes, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reiterated his support for a further referendum after earlier ordering his MPs not to vote for one. He said: "Today I reiterate my conviction that a deal can be agreed based on our alternative plan that can command support across the House. "I also reiterate our support for a People's Vote - not as a political point-scoring exercise but as a realistic option to break the deadlock."
  3. Parliament just appears to be voting against doing anything. Since it’s Comic Relief day tomorrow maybe we should put the remaining cast of Monty Pythons Flying Circus in charge of the process?
  4. Corbyn is still an activist who believes he has to disagree with and reject every proposal made by the Tories. He is the only opposition leader that I can recall who offers nothing constructive in his role and has regularly made it clear that all he is concerned about is forcing a GE in the hope that there are enough idiots around who would make him PM. It is an absolute disgrace that someone with his history can be in Parliament, let alone be in a position to potentially become PM.
  5. No, it is Parliament who are guilty of not representing the people not just the Govt. Every member should hang their heads in shame and resign from their seats at the next general election.
  6. @Foxy? That’ll be an Evora and 2 or maybe 3 Type 116! (not sure his wife knows though since one is hidden away) He’s a greedy [email protected]!
  7. So he’s not changed in 17 years then. When I was looking at buying a new Elise back in 2002 he refused to let me sit in one in the showroom, let alone a test drive, unless I was committed to buying that day. I swore then that I would never give them any business despite them being my nearest dealer & have never been back since.
  8. Sorry to hear Steve, but sounds like he had a good send off
  9. @Cdm2018, there’s no branding on the ones I have but if it helps the Perspex measures 30cm x 9.5cm. There are clip on brackets either end around 1cm width
  10. The eBay ones don’t, they are too long & deep. I bought one of those with the sliding additional part to try I may have got mine from Halfords but can’t be 100%, I’ll take a look in the morning to see if there’s any branding on them
  11. I found some small smoked Perspex clip on extensions which weren’t perfect but did the job. They fold onto the sun visor when not required so can be used either extended or folded. Can’t recall where I got them from but they are now just sat in the garage since having to sell the car so if anyone wants them I am located north of Ipswich. Only charge would be a brief passenger ride in your Evora since I miss mine so much
  12. Can’t help thinking that Corbyn’s letter yesterday evening, outlining what is required for Labour to get behind any deal, is nothing more that a well timed attempt at further muddying the waters in the hope that he can still force a general election and get the one and only thing he craves. Peoples man my @rse, he’s just an arrogant activist who has no place in Parliament let alone being a wannabe PM
  13. Totally unprofessional and clear proof that the “unelected EU mafia” does indeed exist. Also a comment which could well cost the EU £39billion, I hope the rest of the EU remember who to blame for the effect on their future economies of either having to contribute more or reduce their take, depending on where each country sit in the financial chain
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