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  1. One hour gaps between patients is ludicrous. The email from my dentist (a private practice, no NHS dentists in this area), when they knew they could reopen, stated:- “All charges remain the same since we have always protected our clients by using PPE, sterilising equipment and wiping down all surfaces between clients. The only changes you will notice are that temperature checks will be carried out before you enter the waiting area and the waiting area will be limited to 3 persons to allow for social distancing. You will also be required to wear a face mask until you enter the t
  2. Only if the guy they stopped & searched was of a certain origin
  3. But only if they are fake Well done Highways England, you’ve won the 2020 prize for the craziest of quotes! man has been asked,set up outside his home.&text=Highways England%2C which has control,to drivers and cause crashes
  4. Happy Birthday TLF , you’ve created an amazing forum Bibs Now, did someone mention cake? I’m always up for cake
  5. I’m told (didn’t see for myself since I’ve stopped watching it) that on the breakfast show this morning they were slating the newly released test & trace app as “still not working” whilst stood at the side of a guy showing that it didn’t work. What they clearly failed to understand was that the persons mobile phone was around 7 years old & that the app, being based on Apple or Android operating systems, only works on phones up to around 5 years old due to the limitations of the older operating systems. Another nicely balanced report or BBC & reporter lack of intelligence?
  6. TBH Andy I can’t answer that.....................yet! I have made it very, very clear to my Wife, Daughters and Son-in-Laws to make sure that they adopt driving best practice when turning on the driveway and ensure that their cars are moving when turning the steering. So far they have complied (although I do tend to stand on the drive watching them whenever I can) The previous surface was loose gravel so they did develop a bad practice over the years It is the one thing that the installers told me could eventually cause a ripple on the surface, although probably only if
  7. ^^^^^^^What he said^^^^^^^^ (he’s talking sense for once) Had ours done in resin bound early summer. It is also said to be more durable than resin bonded since all the little stones are held together with the resin rather than just stuck on top of it.
  8. I’ve had 2 encounters with Eurotunnel staff in the past 3 years. One was when I was in the Evora at the French end when I was blocked from going to the high vehicle lane by a member of staff who tried to direct me to the normal car lane. I just told him “no way” & pointed to the high vehicle sign on the window hangar. He asked “why?” & I just told him to check his company’s policy on the type of car. The other time I was in the Lexus RX when they pointed me to use the upper deck. I just said “nope” When they got insistent I told them that “it’s impossible to see the corner ma
  9. Ouch! Always book the high vehicle carriages on Eurotunnel (they are wider). It was a Eurotunnel employee who told me to do this on my first trip with the Evora as he directed me in that direction when boarding. They don’t charge any extra and and it’s always amusing to see others pointing their finger & laughing at you when they think you’ve taken the wrong lane after check in
  10. There’s just something so right about how the GT40 looks. Always been one of my favourite cars & the only Ferrari imo than can shine a torch near it is a Dino. Ive often looked at the Tornado replica but the closest I’ve ever got to owning one is a Scalextric model I had in my youth. Good lunch with the bid
  11. Ah the good old 70’s when you could have a bit of fun at work and no one resented it or felt offended. In the rebar company I worked for we used to have young post girls. Whenever a new one started we used to send them to the carpenters shop to bring back a bag of “nail holes.” It worked every time
  12. BBC comedy shows, do they still have them or are you referring to the joke that the BBC have become?
  13. Nope they didn’t, the report was followed by interviewing a young teacher who said he was scared to death about having to go back because the school could never achieve what was required at such short notice, if ever at all. He also complained that the govt was not providing teachers with the necessary PPE. I’d wager that he didn’t have a clue what PPE was 6 months ago! But for once there was a bit of “balanced” reporting
  14. Hmmm, sounds to me that it is be of those schools full of lazy teachers who are intent on making a political statement, wanting to enjoy their extended holiday on full pay. In contrast, there was a head teacher on breakfast TV earlier this week. A youngish chap to be a head but he was talking & enthusing about how his school has been preparing since April to ensure that the kids have had plenty of on-line tuition with all work being marked and how they have held weekly meetings to prepare the school for the kids returning. He also said “it doesn’t take much intelligence to be able to
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