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  1. I used to love football & look forward to watching games. Now I just love not watching games in any way, shape or form
  2. Just to add salt to the wound of the masses within the U.K. who are now further appalled by our inept justice system and evidently further inept judges, some of which border on being corrupt in having a total disregard for the need to a fair trial by the way that they direct a jury to give the verdict that the judge wants, no doubt the tax payer is picking up a legal aid bill for the 2 moronic criminals. It is a shame that Adam can’t find a lawyer who can file a counter claim for the suffering he and his family have had to endure What is the point of a jury if they are directed to give the verdict that the judge wants. Directing juries in to a certain decision is not what our legal system is based.
  3. PaulCP

    Bye Scotland!

    She definitely doesn’t intend to give up and says she will vigorously continue to pursue another referendum. For the sake of the Scottish people, just vigorously do your day job and stop misappropriating funds that could be better spent elsewhere for the benefit of the Scottish people. Everyone in Scotland who do not want independence should agree to vote for just one other party in Scotland rather than their votes being split between the 3 other parties. The future of Scotland is at stake!
  4. PaulCP

    Bye Scotland!

    I wonder how much of Scotland’s cash, which could have been used towards helping other areas for the Scottish people, she has wasted on this exercise. No doubt we will learn since I don’t think the media will let it go, even if they have to do a Freedom of Information Request.
  5. Someone in the shop today asked me to name three Qatar players. So I said , ''Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and George Harrison''.
  6. @Bibs @Kimbers I don’t dispute that taxing EVs is a tax and not a climate issue. I was merely pointing out that they should have been taxed from the start, plus that the Govt and the eco warriors should not have raved about the green credentials of EVs, which over their entire life cycle is extremely questionable. We have a PHEV which will cover 50 miles for a 14Kwh charge during the summer and circa 40 miles in the Winter. Both are sufficient for my local driving, which covers 60% of my annual mileage, at a cost of circa 15% of our previous ICE car. Hence why we bought it, day to day running cost only, the savings from which more than cover the purchase premium
  7. Lol, you’ll never get the idiotic water companies to admit they got it wrong……………………………..again!
  8. Not soon enough Sorry Tony, I find it extremely hard to be able to offer any sympathy. It was always going to happen The govt should back peddle, rightly so, on the notion that it has previously conceded being that EVs are emission free. We just need the greens and the climate terrorists to understand the real situation now
  9. They are very good at slagging the Tories off in their school playground ideology rather then contributing effectively to debates. I know I often comment on their front bench being led by Basil Brush and his Barbie doll but I think that’s defamatory to both Basil Brush and Barbie since I’m sure that they could be more effective than their pseudo doubles.
  10. PaulCP

    Formula One

    2 weeks ago MV was complaining that people don’t give him the respect that (he believes) he deserves. Now he should realise why! A petulant child who only thinks of himself and strives to get even when he believes he has been crossed. Hopefully he will disappear in to oblivion just like his father before him🙏
  11. PaulCP

    Formula One

    After Verstappen’s admission that he knew he would crash in to Hamilton the FIA should give him at least a 3 race ban at the start of next season for “wilful dangerous driving”
  12. PaulCP

    Formula One

    What an absolutely self centred arrogant tw@t this guy is. This happened towards the end of the race when it was clear that Perez was quicker and the Tw@t was unable to get past Alonso 'I gave my reasons and I stand by it' - Verstappen This is what Max Verstappen said over the team radio when asked by his engineer to let Sergio Perez go through: "I told you already last time, you guys don't ask that again to me, OK? Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons and I stand by it." Back to the Red Bull radio messages and while the team were very apologetic to Sergio Perez after Max Verstappen refused to let him through, the Mexican signed off with, "it shows who he really is." The cameras have spotted team boss Christian Horner having words with the two-time world champion.
  13. PaulCP

    Formula One

    Great weekend for GR👍Well done Have to mention Vercrashen though, when he ran in to Hamilton he was straight on the radio complaining that LH hadn’t left him enough room, which translates into “I am the mighty Max, move over.” At least the stewards didn’t fall for it this time
  14. For all the fast crappers
  15. Early attempt at ECU programming
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