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  1. That does take me back to the weekly visits to the plant in Londerzeel I used to make. Palm, Leffe & Duvel we’re always on the menu
  2. Following 14 months of misery, after having to surrender my driving licence due to a medical condition, the postman finally delivered it back today It should have been here 2 months ago if it was not for delaying tactics by the DVLA who claim that they have a massive backlog. Escalating a complaint and writing to my MP finally secured a result!
  3. Really unhappy at learning today that we are all doomed. Doomed I tell ya, doomed Who says so, well that “know it all” Attenborough says so, talking down to us all again Is it only me or does this guy get right on anyone else’s tits
  4. Over the Port of Felixstowe last night
  5. I had the Bugatti Chiron for Xmas but it seems to have been claimed by my 12 year old grandson
  6. Irrespective of his beliefs he no doubt signed an employment contract which included a confidentiality clause which he broke when passing on the information. Gross misconduct no matter what, he just wants the publicity.
  7. I recall driving a 360 on a corporate track event at Rockingham some 10 years ago. There were a number of cars to be used and everyone’s first choice, including mine, was to drive the 360. The pundits were all people who had previously taken part in track days in their own cars. At the end of the day we were asked to rate the cars we drove which included a Porsche 911 derivative, Cooper S, Elise, Vauxhall Monaro, and a Megan RS amongst others. Everyone rated the 360 last as being the most disappointing experience of the day with the paddle shift gearbox being the main criticism. The dislike of the 360 was a view shared by all of the more experienced drivers who were employed by MSV as tutors.
  8. PaulCP


    That brings the memories flooding back As my neighbour remarked (jokingly I think ) when I drove the complete car out of the garage “I’m really pleased it’s finished, up and running. Now I won’t have to listen to all of the effing and blinding coming from your garage any more”
  9. That’s where personal preferences come in I prefer the interior feel of the S1, particularly the higher sills. Makes me feel much more part of the car with it wrapped around me. As for the radio, it’s good enough to listen to. Why do I want superior hifi quality in a car, I’m too busy enjoying the driving experience?
  10. Thanks Andy I’ve only had it once before and that was 10 years ago. I’ll be really pissed if the ins co play silly buggers since we only booked the holiday 3 weeks ago & there was no sign anything amiss then
  11. Should have been flying to Lanzarote today to enjoy 10 days in a warmer climate, until a bad attack of sciatica kicked in yesterday . No way can I take a 4 hour flight Here's hoping that the insurance company are sympathetic when I call them tomorrow
  12. Looks as though your only solution is to have both
  13. I think £100k was JMG’s aspiration & reality is now kicking in. However @ £75k I reckon they are a very good buy
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