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  1. That’s where personal preferences come in I prefer the interior feel of the S1, particularly the higher sills. Makes me feel much more part of the car with it wrapped around me. As for the radio, it’s good enough to listen to. Why do I want superior hifi quality in a car, I’m too busy enjoying the driving experience?
  2. Thanks Andy I’ve only had it once before and that was 10 years ago. I’ll be really pissed if the ins co play silly buggers since we only booked the holiday 3 weeks ago & there was no sign anything amiss then
  3. Should have been flying to Lanzarote today to enjoy 10 days in a warmer climate, until a bad attack of sciatica kicked in yesterday . No way can I take a 4 hour flight Here's hoping that the insurance company are sympathetic when I call them tomorrow
  4. Looks as though your only solution is to have both
  5. I think £100k was JMG’s aspiration & reality is now kicking in. However @ £75k I reckon they are a very good buy
  6. Track driving is 90% about the driver & 10% the car, unless you’re just interested in speed down the straights You only have to see how @Foxy peddles his NA around the track to realise that.
  7. Just to put another point of view, I think late model S cars will be more in demand than the more common SR’s Unique colours, Empire Green/ Essex Blue with extended leather interiors. 2nd, 3rd & 4th last S1 cars built were Essex Blue
  8. @TonyKL I still prefer the S2 Exige you had, fabulous colour scheme
  9. Chris, @Miguel was the person who originally supplied them. You could try messaging him to establish the current status
  10. Sounds as though you’ve finally converted to Scottish Nobhead Party (wrong spelling I know, but it fits nicely)
  11. Have you asked them why? As others have said payment by debit card is immediate with no cost to the receiver unlike credit card payments. Maybe they are getting confused between the 2? I’ve made payments in excess of £30k by debit card in the past. Just called the bank to advise them first and was then told I needed to call them just before doing the transaction whereupon they gave me a 30 minute time limit to complete the transaction.
  12. Will the 100+ Labour MPs who (supposedly) represent “vote leave” constituencies have the balls to vote for an election? If they do will their constituents vote them out?
  13. Quote of the day, how true! Brexit-backing Conservative MP Bob Seely says 104 Labour MPs are in Leave-majority seats. "If I were them, I would be listening to my constituents more than my party leadership," he says. "Their constituents are likely to be around longer than their party leadership."
  14. Yep, you still come across the long standing beliefs that “Labour is for the workers, Conservative is for the rich” with Labour already voicing the same slogan in readiness for a GE Why can’t people see the truth of the matter, “they are all in it for themselves.” No one should need any further proof of this after the charade in Parliament over the past 3 years.
  15. It will all depend on how many Labour MPs are going to vote with their own mind and defy their antagonistic leader, whose sole agenda for life is to cause as much disruption as he can without having any real purpose.
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