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  1. Drink Drive Warning!

    You shouldn't need to warn others If some are silly enough to drink and then drive home they deserve to get caught.
  2. TLF GT430 Club

    Absolutely stunning, - jealous and I don't mind admitting it Now, if only one of the die-cast companies could produce a decent scale replica I could own one myself
  3. Might have no choice but to sell my evora

    I sometimes get lower back ache on longer journeys which is usually resolved by wedging one of these in between the seat and the offending part of my back i have both sizes but find the smaller one more suited to my situation
  4. Could be, orig plate isn't recognised on car check app.
  5. Reg no looks different so probably not.
  6. Jaguar F type

    Yep, wife has. Spec it with Dynamic Drive option and it doesn't perform bad around the twisties but avoid the 2.0L Diesel engine, issues with oil dilution due to EU6 specifications, although many manufacturers are having the same problems. Also problems with some Discovety Sports relating to spot welds not being done correctly on B Pillars resulting in rattles. Now available with 240bhp & 290bhp petrol engines TBH I preferred driving the Discovery Sport to the F Pace when we were test driving. In the F Pace you sit pretty low and I don't see the point of car like driving position in a SUV.
  7. Evora GT430

    Nope! But if you're viewing an ordered car in build and ask nicely they will take some for you and email to you
  8. What made you happy today?

    Same spec as the one I sold 2 years ago, save for the Dutch ECU, after owning it for 14 years. Dyno'd at 262bhp & was definitely in the sweet spot between reliability and drivability. Makes a good track car Dont forget the suspension, geo and brakes, the latter resolved purely by changing pads, no fancy big brakes required.
  9. Euro question - 23rd June

    Slightly off topic but I still maintain that, every year when we receive our council tax demand, as part of the analysis of spend, all councils should be compelled to highlight how much they have spent on pension contributions, what % of total spend it represents and what the normal retirement age of their scheme is. Its time politicians and public workers were brought into the real world of company pensions.
  10. Euro question - 23rd June

    Thank god Corbyn is not involved in our negotiations. His inference in how he criticises the "lack of progress" is that he would just give in to the EUs demands just to be able to move forward. As for the rest of the EU 27, of course they are going to "stone wall" They live in fear of losing their hand outs and take the easy option of pushing the negotiators. Too many cooks and all that!
  11. until

    Sorry, was hoping to join you with this time with winter being just around the corner but not going to be able to make this one either now
  12. Evora GT430

    Yep, usually after they've just moved close by
  13. Evora GT430

    The headline price is certainly eye catching .......................if only
  14. Evora GT430

    Nice Do they change the seats to allow them to fold for access to the rear?
  15. Not sure that increasing the height of the seat will help a great deal. The door mirror is quite large and the restricted vision when approaching roundabouts is definitely one of the very few negatives with the Evora. There's so many positives though that I learned to live with it. I'm 5'8" and at first it was a pain but now I've just got use to sitting up briefly as I approach roundabouts to take a quick glance over it.