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  1. Monthly Meet Bird in Hand


    Sorry, not going to get home from London in time to get there at a reasonable hour
  2. evora so comfy

    Yep, unfortunately there are too many people that want to dismiss the Evora without trying one, usually along the lines of "it's a bloated heavy Lotus" or "I've heard the clutches and gearbox aren't up to the job" It makes a very capable every day car and a fantastic long distance tourer that's more than capable on track. Added to that (sorry @C8RKH ) I can also get the grandkids in the back. Definitely no regrets on buying mine
  3. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Yes, I saw the webcam footage in the afternoon. I should have been there but had to cancel a few days before
  4. What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Exactly, motorists have to give them 1.5m room when overtaking but they can go down the inside of traffic giving inches of clearance pedalling away and then complaining if someone opens a door Double standards at play again
  5. Evora Picture & Video Thread

  6. What's your speed?

    You guys are lucky, here in my village in Suffolk BT will guarantee me 512kb speed with a best possible of 1.8mb. They currently, despite being given £££s by the govt to get decent broadband speeds in rural areas, have no plans to increase these speeds. We use a local company who provide broadband via microwave masts and get 12mb download, 10mb upload for £20/nth. Not great but acceptable since it has, unlike BT, proven very reliable over the past 2-3 years.
  7. French Frolic 2018

    Still thinking about it Lee, shame the rotation of circuits didn't work out better to aid travel in between (Magny before Dijon) but no big deal. Would prefer to wait until early next year before committing but I guess the cancellation cost is not too onerous. I think @TonyKL and @nigelh have also booked
  8. TVR shows new car

    Hmmm, not quite what I was expecting either. The pictures released so far certainly don't do the interior any favours, looks very ad-hoc and 1970's in parts
  9. Evora GT430

    I actually believe that no decisions are taken within Lotus by anyone other than JMG. Whilst getting Lotus profitable has to be the key to their future let's hope that their approach to customers doesn't become as contemptuous as some of the major motor manufacturers.
  10. Evora GT430

    I guess the pricing is going to ensure that both models are limited in numbers. Whilst I fully understand your frustration the one thing that would really piss me off would be for them to produce a number of stock cars which don't sell well then end up being greatly discounted to shift them.
  11. New car!

    As above, no question
  12. Is my Evora too expensive?

    Is the webuyanycar valuation after they've seen it? Compare yours, spec, year, mileage etc against ones that have sold quickly recently to ascertain if price could be the issue. Pricing does depend on how quick you want to sell sometimes
  13. Is there a "restore factory settings" item in the menu? On the 920r there is a reset button on the front of the unit. If same you could try that & see if the system releases the stuck items
  14. Another Euro trip completed

    Lol, that thought has crossed my mind Just mentioned your comment to the wife, she says to tell you to stop talking dirty
  15. Another Euro trip completed

    Well, it's what I bought the car for and, as a long distance tourer, it doesn't disappoint. This time 1950 miles through France firstly to Poligny taking in the local Jura region vineyards and sampling their wines, then on to the French Alps for a few days before joining the Lotus on Track French Frolic group in Orange for the Ledenon track day (although didn't track it this time). Lastly on to Evian les Bains to sample their local speciality (nice town) before heading home. The Evora has now done a little over 12,000 miles in the past 2 years, 8,100 of which have been whilst touring overseas. The car has performed excellently but oh that transmission chatter in hot climates, it really does get worse when travelling and getting stuck in traffic in 35deg heat. Maybe next year I should join the tour of Scotland to see how it sounds in the cold climates