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  1. Tried SOR for the first time when selling mine last November, sold within 11 days at the price I wanted. Market conditions may have been better then though & it was £12k cheaper As @C8RKH points out, at this price level many prefer the comfort of dealer warranty/finance
  2. Stunning car the one you’ve ordered and good to see another ex VX owner on here
  3. Hi Tony, yes I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like Ledenon, shame about the increasing noise restrictions there but at least the circuit is still open after the attempts to close it by locals. will have to see if we can make next years “final finale”
  4. As per @Bruss, I never had any problems closing the boot lid completely with a Ctek battery conditioner attached. The cable & boot lid rubbers are flexible enough to close without damaging the cable
  5. I see that Mr Blocker is at it again. He is now being presented with the election he has been craving for the past 12 months and wants to block the motion. Jeez, what a prat that guy is. An opposition party without a leader, just a blocker. One Labour MP suggested this morning that Corbyn is running scared of a GE since they would be 30 points up in opinion polls if it wasn’t for Corbyn, and that he needs to step aside to enable Labour to govern. What is that Labour slogan “Labour for the many not the few” It needs extending by “and Corbyn all for himself”
  6. I just take a kit I bought from Halfords over 20 years ago in the belief, rightly or wrongly, that it should satisfy any pedantic plod if stopped by just showing them that I am carrying spares. Changing bulbs on many modern cars is not a minor job &, as you point out, the Evora like many others now use plenty of led which are not changeable
  7. Forget the so called “upgrades,” compare the car with others around same year & mileage Oh and that advert would really put me off. I find it difficult to read beyond the first sentence when it starts “AT THIS PRICE WONT BE HERE FOR LONG,”. Look at the rest of the dealer’s adverts, they are all the same . It wouldn’t inspire me with much confidence but maybe that’s just me.
  8. The majority of polls are a waste of time, they never tell you the source of information, methodology used, sample size, demographics polled etc. All you end up with is data skewed in to the direction the pollster wants to report.
  9. This is exactly the point, the Media are totally useless, they never quiz and ask for proof on anything, just report whatever drivel is being said as if it was a real fact. Had to laugh at one of Mog’s comments this morning though. I can’t stand the pompous [email protected] but when he said “Sturgeon is outraged at everything the Tories do or say. If we said that Christmas Day was the 25th Dec she would say how outraged she is at that comment and insist it was a lever for Scottish independence” Nearly spat my coffee out
  10. Hope you enjoyed Ledenon, fabulous circuit
  11. Just to add another vote for selling via Silverstone on SOR. Only difference in my case was that they collected the car from me late November last year and sold it for what I wanted (in cash terms to me) after 11 days.
  12. Shocking!! 6 weeks of the wait due to loss adjuster being on holiday is an excuse that takes taking the p!ss to a new height.
  13. Nope, still does nothing for me. I just don’t get the black wheels thing, makes the car look like it is missing something and has dark holes where the wheels are supposed to be. Just my opinion of course. Nice that we are all different though, makes life much more interesting.
  14. Sorry, not going to be able to make it this year
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