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  1. PaulCP

    June meeting

    Ah well, it would have been 5 with me & the wife but didn’t want to risk it since there were no more “definites” on the thread.
  2. PaulCP

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Yep, and the VX220 before the first S2 Elise’s were built
  3. PaulCP

    June meeting

    Looks as though tonight is a bit thin on the ground then. As far as I can make out it’s just me/us & possibly Clive so will leave it until next month.
  4. PaulCP

    June meeting

    Who is turning up this evening? its a 1 hour drive for me so need to know by 6.30 that there’s someone else there to talk to other than the bar staff
  5. PaulCP

    What made you happy today?

    Yes is a great & very friendly community. The track part of the weekend is secondary to the annual social weekend Good to finally meet you @C8RKH
  6. PaulCP

    Meeting Elise

    Likewise, it’s the weekend before we leave for the LoT French Frolic so will be around👍
  7. PaulCP

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    Apologies to the young lad who lost his ice-cream in his excitement of pointing at the Evora whilst trying to attract his parent’s and sister’s attention as we drove through Llanberis
  8. PaulCP

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    Nope! The final run out specials had no Alcantara but full leather trim. In fact leather in places where the Alcantara trimmed cars had just plastic.
  9. PaulCP

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Absolutely, let’s face it, it couldn’t get any worse
  10. PaulCP

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    Ah thanks 👍 sometimes better not to try to view things on a small iPhone with my eyesight 😁😁
  11. PaulCP

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    Doesn’t mention colour on the order, don’t tell me it’s invisible silver😀
  12. PaulCP

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    C179 Essex Blue, but TBH nothing like the original 3 Essex Blue colour codes, so you’re probably right in your thoughts
  13. PaulCP

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    4th from last S1 Evora built for the U.K 2nd & 3rd from last were the same colour
  14. PaulCP

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    Wrong, I knew I’d catch someone out Some of the final run out models were specials which did not have black roofs etc (thank god! ) but were still sold & registered as Sports Racers
  15. PaulCP

    TLF Evora 'Sports Racer' Club!

    Question - What denotes a Sports Racer?