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  1. Well, if you think the plastic panel is expensive
  2. Child seat

    As @21gg above, my grandson, who is not particularly tall, has been in the back of the Evora since 8yrs old without a booster seat. I'm not sure where we would stand if pulled over by Plod but the fact is that, in a booster seat the seatbelt would not be a good fit resulting in it likely not holding him in an accident. It is a situation where I let common sense prevail since without a booster the seatbelt fits perfectly, even though others may disagree.
  3. Hmmm, as I mentioned above "The curves and wheelbase length on the Evora means that any stripes or graphics can only go between the wheels" I really don't think that stripes on curves work but hey, that might be just me.
  4. Does seem to suit the white car better, maybe reduce the thickness of the red lines a little? I'll have a look to see if I kept any more photos of mine with the graphics on it. The original graphics look great on the Essex Esprit but I think that shape helps Insomuch as they can continue all along the car from front to rear. The curves and wheelbase length on the Evora means that any stripes or graphics can only go between the wheels which seems, IMO, to result in making the car look a little "dumpy" Only my opinion &, since we are all different in our tastes, I'm a big believer that doing whatever suits you best is the right thing to do
  5. I wasn't too keen on the Essex graphics that came with my Evora so had them taken off. However, to keep the package complete when the time comes to sell the car, I was provided with a new spare set
  6. Had both my cars connected to a Ctek for months on end between 2009 and 2014 whilst I was working in the Middle East, never had a problem either during that time or after
  7. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Jon, you'll be a hero for some on here with those comments in the first para, particularly coming from someone who is turning from "the other size." The one thing that gripes me with motoring press reviews of P cars is that they are always comparing list prices but never tell you that you can't order a P car at that price. Words in second para are also true but it does boil down to the level of available investment, which hopefully will increase in the not too distant future
  8. Congratulations Jon When are you going to spill the beans on .org
  9. Evora GT430

    Am I dreaming did you actually write that
  10. Smaller front plates

    Ran a 3/4 size plate on my VX220 for 13 years without any issues Just be aware that you run the chance of a fine if caught by a jobsworth. I always kept a full size plate in the boot ready to swap over if need be, using the excuse "just come from a car show and forgot to change the plate back" if stopped about it. No idea if the excuse worked though since I never was stopped.
  11. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    I also don't understand what all the fuss is about. You can buy most cars in many different configurations and prices for the same brand & model and they tend to be updated for every new model year, or in some cases half year, so why not Lotus. When I bought my S1, new in July 2015, I knew that the 400 was to be launched but was happy that I managed a decent discount on a run out model. I don't see it as an obsolete model = more rapid depreciation, and this is demonstrated by how strong S1 prices have remained. My only concern is that Lotus are pricing themselves above what most people are willing or able to pay, and this is certainly true in my case. The thought of paying a "cost to change" which is equal or above the outright price I paid for new Evora S1 in mid 2015 is one that I'm not willing to contemplate. If that cost to change was lower then maybe I would consider it. I hope the current Lotus strategy is one that works for them, only time will tell if they've got it right or not. Selling 10 cars at a profit of £50k/car is not usually as good a business sense as selling 20 cars at a profit of £35k/car but no doubt they have done their market research and know exactly what their market is? IMO, the Hethel Edn 400's are the ones that represented excellent value to the end customer but maybe they didn't to Lotus with many being sold at <£70k
  12. Pictures wanted - All Colours!

    Essex blue again The colour does change quite a bit depending on light
  13. Around noon today
  14. I've joined the Evora club!

    Nice choice Mark, good to see one with some proper wheels rather than silhouette ones Another Evora for the East Anglian meets ------------although I don't get there much myself