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  1. PaulCP

    Euro question - 23rd June

    What I have to really laugh at is when Junker and his overpaid cronies, all of whom have vested interests in keeping their jobs, say “this is the policy decision of the 27” Yeah right, so are we to believe that the 20+ or so who are net takers out of the EU pot are going to disagree with anything for fear of having their slice reduced. Of course they agree with what is being proposed, they don’t want their slice of the pot reducing and they probably have a complete lack of understanding of the proposal and its implications. Why the hell doesn’t the U.K. stand in front of them all and just say “we’re off and forget any divorce bill payment and, to all of you who are net takers out of the pot, you’d better have plans in place as to how your country is going to manage on its reduced income from the EU since there’s no way on earth that the Northern European EU Mafia members are going to cough up the shortfall”
  2. I’m with you on this one Colin, can’t see the point in stripping down the door panel etc for something so superficial. However, everyone is different and has a different perspective on what they require, whether it be colour, options or gizmos.
  3. Yep Jonny, I was getting confused , it’s 2-3 years ago since this was last discussed Extra module inside the door trim required, on eBay for between £6 & £20 depending on how long you want to wait
  4. PaulCP

    October meet

    Yep, some good chatter/banter last night We will likely not make next month but hope a decent turnout continues.
  5. Having had (very bad) experience of of modern laser alignment checks and adjustments on a track orientated VX220 the only way forward for me is the “string” method carried out by well respected motorsports specialists rather than undertrained amateurs with their, so called, infallible computerised methods. A few years ago, had a laser alignment on the VX to stated settings, and the handling was awful. Took it back and the settings were all over the place so it was re-done. Still awful so took it to a one man band who was used to setting up race cars with his “strong” method. The settings were still way out so he adjusted them to the same stated requirements and the transformation was outstanding. Moral of the story, in modern methods if computer says “yes” then it means “probably near enough”. If you want the job doing right use an old fashioned specialist method. It does take a little longer but a piece of string doesn’t have the tolerance issues and need for calibration that modern machinery does.
  6. IIRC you need to change the power fold mirror switch to one from a Ford Mondeo. Some found it was just a change of switch required, other needed to fit a module inside the door trim, depending on model year. As above, all details on here and Lotustalk somewhere
  7. PaulCP

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Sky News this morning ”Germany has told Teresa May to take responsibility for Brexit talk stalling since the EU has moved heaven & earth to try and accommodate the UK’s position” If ever there was a reason for the “Remainers” to get behind Brexit, (and I was one of them), the time is definitely now. Politicians arguing amongst themselves that they know the best position is just giving the EU Mafia more ammunition. The comments this morning clearly show how the strong EU countries are nothing more than a mafia whilst the weak ones just want to tow the line in fear of not receiving their substantial handouts. Now is a good time to say “we’re off & you can forget your extortionate divorce payment”
  8. PaulCP


    Did you ever establish that the problem was definitely the clutch, or just got scared and jumped ship? Hope you’re happy with the BMW, a different car entirely, maybe an Evora was just “not for you”?
  9. PaulCP

    October meet

    Not feeling too bad today so will be there tonight although may be in my other car fitted with the 2GR FE type 3.5l V6 engine beginning with a L. @PhilW Assume no need to book a table with the likely numbers? @Stuart Monument count me & the wife in but date dependant
  10. PaulCP

    October meet

    Still hoping to be there, since we will be somewhere warmer next month, although both of us are down with a cold at the moment. The last thing you’re all going to need is us sniffing & sneezing over the dinner table so will let you know for definite tomorrow lunch time. Fingers crossed 🤞
  11. PaulCP

    How many Evora 'Sport 410's were made?

    Seems as though there’s a green one as well
  12. PaulCP

    JLR on shutdown

    Meanwhile, just a few weeks ago some “interesting” reading and insights Well I read all of that and my summary is. (although it helps if you know what the problems are with some of their models to fully understand” “We lost a lot of money this year , but we can hide the true figures. We don’t care about customers real perceptions of our vehicles or the unreliability and poor quality, well just do more marketing to make our product sound fabulous. Customer retention doesn’t feature much in our efforts and as yet we have no director of customer services.” it’s nice to see they just appear to be blundering on with more new products and not sorting existing major issues. Then, more doom and gloom for JLR from Which! *** Which car brand is the least reliable? Looking for a car brand you can really rely on? Our survey would suggest avoiding Land Rover, the only manufacturer to score a meagre two stars out of five for reliability for cars aged 0-3 years. This worryingly low rating comes after nearly half (47%) of all owners of new models in our survey had to take their car to the garage to be repaired in the 12 months before our survey. This is a shocking statistic for cars that are so new. ******* ... erm=fbnews
  13. PaulCP

    JLR on shutdown

    As an ex JLR customer of 4 models over the years all I can say is that you are spot on Andy. They need to look at the mirror and see the reflection rather than continuously looking through the mirror for excuses. The LR products particularly have many design errors which they refuse to accept. Crankshaft issues on the V6 diesels in the RRS to oil dilution problems on the transverse mounted 2.0 Diesel Ingenium engines due to, in their words on an internal document, “architectural and design issues” whereby they continually try to cover the problem up by citing “the problem is your driving style sir” I learned a lot about JLR when eventually successfully rejecting a 15 month old vehicle late last year. I won’t go into all of the details here but in the end I won the case based upon “vehicle not as described, not fit for purpose” despite LR’s attempts to deny all knowledge of general issues affecting some of the brands products in the hope that I would eventually “go away” The outcome was full refund less an agreed amount of 35p/mile for the distance driven and a commitment from me never to entertain their products ever again. The cynic in me says that the reported shut down is merely to try to reduce the amount of stock cars out there so that their dealers can continue the premise of “we can sell every car that is made.” As one ex dealer employee said to me last year, “they need to realise that they cannot continue to turn out mediocre overpriced products.” Dr Speth likes to shout “its all about Brexit.” He should now be the first casualty on Tata’s list.
  14. PaulCP

    How many Evora 'Sport 410's were made?

    Doesn’t look good for my possible future quest of getting an auto 410. Looks as though my choice may be pretty limited
  15. PaulCP

    JLR on shutdown

    The South Korean government has just told JLR to issue a recall on 16,000 vehicles: XJ, XF, RR, RRS and D4. The only connection I know of is they all come with the V6 diesel. The major news agencies haven't reported the story since it’s not Brexit related, but it is definitely out there. "Jaguar Land Rover Korea will voluntarily recall 16,022 vehicles to repair faulty parts, the transport ministry said today. The ministry said the Indian-owned British carmaker's recall plan will start on October 29 and cover five different models that will be checked by mechanics, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said in a statement, Yonhap reports. The five models -- the Jaguar XF sedan, Jaguar XJ sedan, Discovery 4, Range Rover and Range Rover Sports sport utility vehicles -- have been found to have faulty diesel engine crankshafts that could catch fire and cause power shutdowns while the car is being driven, the statement said." There have been particular problems in the UK with crankshaft failures on 3 year old + RRS V6 diesels, failures that JLR do not cover under there own “approved warranty” since the small print in this warranty excudes failures from known problems. Situation in the UK will remain F*** You Britain we don’t care about our UK customers any more.......