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  1. Hi Paul

    Just joined the forum today.  I have the 2nd of the 3 'Essex' Evora Ses produced. Would be good to find out who has the 3rd one.  I had the stripes removed before I bought it by Chris Neils in Cheshire in May '15.  Apparently these 3 cars, paint work and stripes courtesy of Scott Walker, were the last rh drive ones produced. After the Elise S mine gives so much more comfort. 

    Oulton (3).jpg

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    2. PaulCP


      Hi Andy, follow the link below and click on "start new topic"

      posing pics is usually a problem if the file size is too high but I think anything upto around 4mb should be ok. 



    3. AndyW2


      Hi Paul

      Still having problems uploading a avatar. I'll keep persevering. Afraid I won't be able to visit Brooklands in May due to family issues in getting away for a day or so just at the moment.  I suppose Chatsworth in Derbyshire is a bit far for you as I think there is a Lotus meet there in July. I'll check it out through NORLOG. Would be great to get the 3 cars together.  I'm on track at Oulton Park Tuesday. Just hope the rain keeps off!



    4. PaulCP


      Hi Andy,

      Actually I had considered the Chatsworth event. We have family in Sheffield & it's a while since I was at Chatsworth. Just need to make it fit with everything else we have going on so won't know if we can make it until nearer the time



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