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  1. Looked a very good example & almost tempted me to jump back in to ownership
  2. On the subject of essential journeys, can anyone explain to me how garden centres are classified as essential at the moment. I get that they may have loosely been essential back in April/May, helping people cope by being outside doing some gardening, but in Jan/Feb? Ah well, that’ll be the next excuse then, “I’m just on my way to the garden centre officer to buy some essential compost and that oh so essential plant”
  3. Is Ian Blackford trying to become Trump the 2nd? Every time he opens his extremely large mouth the amount of sewerage that splits out of it will one day cover Holyrood in the same way as Mt Etna covered Pompeii
  4. Unfortunately one size doesn’t fit all. I could open my door and go walkies but by doing so would be risking life and limb. We live in a rural location but the road outside is a busy (still) B road which is frequented by HGVs (which ignore the speed limit) and is the only road connecting the market town 6 miles away with the dual carriageway 5 miles in the opposite direction. The road is only just wide enough for 2 HGVs to pass in opposite directions and has no pavements. So, what should I do? Do I stay in the house and vegetate, risk life and limb walking on the road with HGVs spee
  5. Interestingly enough Jonny, it was one of the features that the couple who bought my car highlighted when comparing it with others available at the time
  6. A prime example of why the police lose respect from the law abiding general public. 3 months ago and over Christmas they did nothing, claiming they didn’t have the resources, now they’ve suddenly found those lost resources so that a few can be deployed at just one location. Is the truth of the matter that these 2 ladies spoiled the coppers’ secret coffee meeting!
  7. Doug, I fitted them myself - not a straight forward job. Front undertray off to locate them, which required some self fabrication of brackets, and to run the wiring. Fed the wiring through to the cockpit by the centre and then wired the controller to the fuse box. They worked as they should, turning off when the lights came, either side lights and main lights or just main lights depending on which feed you take off the lights. TBH it was a few years ago so I can’t recall the exact wire routing I used but the instructions that came with the ones I used were very good. Unfortunately
  8. I fitted some to my 2015 S1. They were nice and slim, followed the curvature of the bumper perfectly and never caused any issues re air intake over the 3 years that they were on before I sold the car, despite many long euro trips and track events.
  9. Yes, I know it’s the Daily Mail, but at least they are coming up with some positivities to outweigh the ever biased doom & gloom mongering BBC. This guy, editor of German newspaper Bild, really seems to like BoJo. It’s the same guy who reported in the German press last week on how BoJo beat the EU into submission on the Brexit trade deal.
  10. Dover is a short sea Ro-Ro port which predominantly serves EU trade with a large element of fresh produce. Diverting traffic through Liverpool, for example, just doesn’t work on cost grounds or on delivery time grounds. The real solution is to move to unaccompanied Ro-Ro,where the trailer is put on a vessel and then taken off at the other end & delivered by a different tractor unit & driver. However the logistics in organising this would be massive & probably still not as cost effective. For anyone who’s interested, although 2018 statistics, this is a good insight into U.K.
  11. Hmmm, lack of officers, I’m sure there are plenty of arguments against (and probably for) that statement so let’s not go there
  12. @LotusLeftLotusRight,this is why the various tier restrictions and lockdowns don’t work as effectively as they should.............almost zero enforcement of the rules When plod openly tell people that they won’t enforce restrictions, as they have in the past, and judges overturn fines because they were supposedly handed out with incorrect procedures, no wonder people feel they can just ignore those rules which don’t suit them
  13. Just realised that the revised 12 week timeline for the 2nd jab will be the latter date. However this still means a 2 month slippage for the 1st jab, from end Jan to what is now end March, which makes little sense of the claim that they get more people vaccinated more quickly with the 1st jab. by delaying the 2nd jab to 12 weeks.
  14. Just checked mine again, was originally end Jan, then last week end Feb-end March, now end March-end May WTF?
  15. Does Tony B.liar still have his eyes on that position?
  16. I asked the head nurse at my GPS about this when I went for my monthly blood test yesterday. She said the biggest problem with following the flu jab procedures is the insistence currently that everyone who has the Covid jab had to wait & remain seated for 15mins afterwards (I guess, but don’t know exactly, to ensure no immediate adverse reaction). This places a large limitation on the number that they can do every day. Since many GP surgeries also have limited facilities this is why it can’t currently be rolled out across all GPs. edit: sorry, posted at the same time
  17. I think quite a few of those who voted “remain,” like myself, have become pretty sick and tired of the EU over the past 4 years and are now happy that we are out. Getting agreements was never going to be easy, but during those 4 years the EU have demonstrated beyond doubt not just how their unelected bureaucrats try to run the show but also how the main member states just look after themselves. If true, a prime example is reports that Merkel pulled strings right at the death for fear of how a no deal would adversely affect German manufacturers’ who trade with the U.K., particularly t
  18. She already has according to reports on Sky news Nicola Sturgeon said “This deal contains so many broken promises for Scotland, particularly on fisheries, that Scotland should now have the right to choose its own future as an independent country and once more regain the benefits of EU membership” Same old broken record
  19. Just his little speech from yesterday on Sky & yes, what a ........... His attempt at appearing aggressive and threatening just shows how much he has to learn. Body language and wording made it appear to be a personal attack on BoJo. There was a way of doing this which could have resonated with a large element of the British public and he totally missed the opportunity. All he had to do was say, in a calm way, “we will of course vote for this, since the only other option was a no deal, but the British public will hold the govt accountable in the future if it becomes a bad deal for t
  20. Apparently the deal was held up when BoJo tried to give away all the Scottish sturgeon and the EU refused to take any.
  21. Poland, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium and a few more
  22. Sturgeon not happy No change there then! Maybe she could spend a few hours practising putting on face masks rather than whinging about everything that didn’t suit her desire for “Scotsit” Drakeford also now showing his true colours, an out and out Welsh Nationalist hiding behind the Welsh Labour Party
  23. I see that “gob almighty” Anneliese Dodds has already told us how bad the deal is because it is too “thin” and will be detrimental to our GDP. How come she’s seen the full text then before anyone else? Or is she the last of the Corbynites on the Labour front bench who just has to criticise everything Tory, as she has done so with the furlough payments etc. This Labour Party have really learned the art of growing feet since the number of times they shoot themselves in the foot is beyond belief. Too thick to realise the long term damage that has been done to their Party over the past 1
  24. Edit: Post moved to Euro thread so we remain “on topic”
  25. Just heard some interviews with lorry drivers stuck in Dover on the radio. (Yes I know it’s still the media and they do things for effect) All those interviewed were of mainland European nationality and every single one was blaming the U.K. government for their current plight. Exactly the reaction that Macron engineered and wanted IMO.
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