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  1. My word, Brexit really is far reaching!
  2. Record number of job vacancies and high unemployment. Training the lazy is where the Govt money needs to go, then stop their benefits when they refuse jobs. This includes my lazy nephew who keep avoiding employment by turning down job offers because “the company didn’t meet my requirements” and many other excuses. Lazy [email protected] is 23 and never done a days work in his life. If he was mine he’d be out of my home ASAP.
  3. When it suits the media everything negative os Brexit orientated, even if it’s not true. I am sure there are more scaremongering stories to be written yet with sensational if not over exaggerated headlines. Do these “reporters” (I avoid the word journalist so as not to do disservice to the few real ones) now get paid bonuses on the numbers who fall for their click bait.😠
  4. There’s always been some empty shelves in our local Sainsburys in an evening waiting to be restocked. Well, I guess we should believe this attempt of convincing the public of shortages that the Daily Mirror tried earlier in the week 😂 At least you showed a wider area
  5. @Blingare those pictures of empty shelves something that you have seen with your own eyes or just something picked from the press, which were probably staged to get a story.
  6. Biggest issue is that the majority of the anti 4x4 brigade don’t know the difference between a 4x4 and a FWD SUV. I won’t go into why I have an AWD (not 4x4, there’s another difference that many don’t understand) which had averaged 36mpg over 30,000 miles (rear wheels driven by electric motor when needed) but the Eco warrior in our village who drives a Tesla didn’t look too happy when I went past him on the hill coming out of our village in the snow last year whilst he was trying to dig snow from under his wheels in an attempt to gain some traction. I am not prepared to argue with you about 4x4s, whether it be a RR or one of the small ones available since I simply believe that people should be left to choose to drive what they want 😉 @Cdm2018the “one up man ship” brigade etc will always be there and always have been
  7. I always loved those comments of jealousy, it was the same a few years ago with the anti 4x4 brigade. I usually take such comments to mean “I want one but can’t have one, so I have to console myself by pretending I don’t like them”
  8. BBC this morning reports that other industries are facing big labour shortages. Construction, farming, food prep etc. All apparently related to Brexit and people not wanting to do “that” type of work They then showed that UK job vacancies were at a 10 year high. What they failed to analyse, due to pushing their own agenda, is why so many are unemployed, how much is due to people not wanting to work because they have enjoyed the Govt handouts via the Furlough scheme and how those able but idle currently unemployed could fill some of those vacancies. Sure, Brexit will have had some influence but I believe a major part is getting those who enjoyed being furloughed back to work.
  9. It certainly is a cracking car @Kimbers and one that will be well sought after.👍 Sometimes you have to let your head overrule the heart. I had a similar wrestle between head & heart with mine almost 3 years ago when a certain medical issue resulted in me having to inform DVLA of it resulting in me having to surrender my licence for 2 years (subsequently reduced to 15 months 🙄). My wife, being a bit of a midget, couldn’t drive it (she couldn’t get the seat forward enough to depress the clutch sufficiently) so my dilemma was keep it knowing I’d be so frustrated looking at it in the garage every day, or sell it. In the end I decided to sell it since the value at that time was circa £50k and I knew that the cash may come n handy for other things if my medical condition couldn’t be brought under control. My wife always fancied an MX5 so we used part of the proceeds to buy one so we could both enjoy some open top motoring (with her driving of course) and pocketed the rest. When I finally got my licence back 12 months later I considered buying another Evora, as I still do so at times, but I know that the particular medical condition could return at anytime so I keep resisting. Yes I could have by now enjoyed another 20 months with an Evora since getting my licence back, but I know the day will come when that medical condition will return, so I console myself knowing that I don’t want to face such an agonising decision again and in the knowledge that I have owned the best affordable sports car model ever produced (IMO of course😉)
  10. I needed to get some more paint first thing this morning since I underestimated the amount initially required. I intended picking it up from Wickes but couldn’t get near the place. Why? - well our local Wickes store shares the same entrance as Tesco and the queue to get into Tesco was backing up over 2 roundabouts causing gridlock, assume queuing for petrol 🙄 but no doubt some genuine shoppers were caught up in it. Fortunately it is off a dual carriageway so I could continue round it and go a few miles further to another diy store 😉 Now the bit I can’t fathom is to get to Tesco you have to pass 2 Shell stations, one on each side of a dual carriageway but really just separated by a roundabout. Both Shell stations had fuel and there were no queues, so it would appear that people would rather sit in a long queue just to save 10p/litre (or whatever the price differential is) rather than pay a little more for the convenience of a quick fill up 🙄 As I went past in the opposite direction 45mins later the situation was still the same. ——— Bizarre!
  11. ^^^^^^ditto^^^^^ 😉 Apparently I won’t be getting the wisdom of their advise on the future either 🙄
  12. PaulCP

    Lotus Emira

    For those of you who crave lightness Not my ‘cup of tea’, I’m happy with an overweight Evora or Emira with decent performance, great handling and a fantastic drive 😛
  13. No one would believe that this shortage of HGV drivers is real if they were travelling from South Yorkshire to Suffolk on Tuesday morning🙄 Average speed on the A1 from Blyth to Peterborough 37mph due to the amount of HGVs on the road. This section of the A1 is notorious for up & down hill stretches with one HGV I was stuck behind taking more than 3 miles to pass another one 😠 Average speed increased once on the A14 due to the new 3 lane sections but the overall journey, which normally takes 3 hours took nearly 5 with no hold ups, just speed reductions due the the number of HGVs. So, if there’s a shortage of drivers, how many more HGVs will be on the road. Presumably loads are not being used🤔
  14. PaulCP

    Utility Bills

    That, plus they had one of the lowest tariff rates, is exactly the reason why I switched to Octopus 2 months back 👍
  15. Just seen the interview with Max afterwards where he expressed that in close racing 2 drivers need to work together. IMO, at that point the interviewer should have said “ok Max, let’s hold that point for a minute. In working together shouldn’t you have backed off just like Hamilton did earlier with you, or do you mean by working together that others should just move over & let you through” On fairness she did mention to him about Hamilton backing out of a similar move early in the race but she didn’t question Verstappen enough about his comment.
  16. The stewards concluded that Max started his move too late to be able to make an overtaking manoeuvre, he got off light with a soft penalty. His guilt in this incident was & is highlighted by Horner’s silence who must be relieved at the penalty handed out!
  17. Similar to the report on BBC website
  18. The haste in which they went ahead to finalise a “race” with 2 laps behind a safety car heavily suggests that they did not consider alternatives, they couldn’t have within that timescale. F1 rules dictate two racing laps is the minimum for points to be awarded. These were completed behind the safety car at 18.17 local time. How could 2 laps behind a safety car be regarded as ‘racing laps’ According to BBC F1 website, F1 organisers are looking into changing the rules so that the events at Spa never happen again
  19. I don’t think I did miss the point since I never suggested that they should have raced in such conditions 🤔 Postpone to a further date, race tickets still honoured? Plenty of opportunity to do so with certain races in later on the season being recently cancelled. Hence @Chillidoggy, so there were other solutions that were well within FIA control. Yes the availability of Spa would impact on such a decision but there was certainly no indication that any other option was even considered
  20. @Chillidoggy in your haste to have a pop at Hamilton you miss the point completely about how F1 have screwed the fans at trackside. A clearly calculated move to start a “race” that was never going to be.
  21. Trying to resolve a couple of issues with 2 companies this morning and still getting the current “flavour of the times” excuses for providing crap customer service. Given up on trying to phone their so called “customer services” departments since they are “currently experiencing an unprecedented number of calls” and still getting this as an acknowledgement to emails. ”In line with the most recent Government guidelines our Customer Service teams are safely working from home. We are experiencing a much higher than usual volume of requests and may currently take up to 48 working hours to respond“ Am I mistaken or did that “most recent” Govt guidance become historic some months ago. Also note the length of response time, not 48 hours but 48 working hours 😮 Time for all of this bullshine from companies to stop!
  22. Here we go again but now the Afghan crisis 1. The BBC have a new story to be able to analyse and then reanalyse which leads to a never ending analysis of the reanalisations 😠 2. The morons that make up the opposition in Parliament, particularly Labour shadow ministers and that super moron Ian Blackford, insist that the whole situation in Afghanistan is down to the Tories and govt minister need to resign over it. Oh for being able to have effective and constructive opposition parties, I’m sure we have had them in the past🤔
  23. Yes the Taliban, whilst not yet officially deemed to be a terrorist organisation, are heavily funded by the West
  24. My “over the top” response, as you say, was in response to your above “over the top” comment. There is no dispute that 15 of the 19 were Saudi nationals but does any country go around invading another one because 15 of its nationals (not necessarily citizens) were terrorists? The invasions you are talking about, I believe, were due to the activities of a minority of much more than 15 who were either high ranking or attempting to take control of those countries by suppressing which is quite a bit different. So, whilst we may have both made lover the top” comments, Afghanistan we do agree upon, a total cock up!
  25. @basalte I hope that yours was a tongue in cheek comment since It really pisses me off when people voice opinions when they haven’t got a clue what they are talking about where Saudi is concerned. Have you ever experienced living in Saudi, do you know what the Saudi’s think of the 9/11 situation and the Saudi way of living. People tend to bring up things like women not being allowed to drive. Well, in reality, until recently the driving standards in Saudi were so bad the majority of women did not want to drive & not only because of those dreadful driving standards! At least I can talk from experience having lived & worked in Jeddah for 5 years between 2009/14 (including liaising with 3 members of the Bin Laden family), and quite honesty me & my wife had a great time. Saudi is not perfect but don’t believe all of the myths that you read on the Internet or hear from the likes of Amnesty International, the majority of which is not representative of the place.
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