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  1. Well Horner has now lost all respect from me. Still blabbing on about the incident at Silverstone and thinking of appealing Hamilton’s penalty with a view to getting it increased, presumably by some sort of points deduction. His desperation to win the F1 title seems to be “win at any cost” Sport is the loser in this When has any team in the past cried wolf about how much repairing a cars damage is going to cost.
  2. Windy, I see it as a message to those who in the “I’m alright Jack, only the old get ill” camp to get their @rses off their soapboxes and get vaccinated. As for the night club owners shouting out at the govt about it, well it’s the same as the travel industry. vested interests. A fact purposely ignored by our crap alarmist media
  3. Final confirmation of what the so called “experts” are actually experts in……………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………..Gloom & Doom. Christ, what it must be like living with these people Can’t get link to work but, according to Sky News, experts are warning that as Covid rules are relaxed we are to expect an increase in Norovirus in addition to Covid 🙄
  4. Well I’ll raise @C8RKH’s stake and call double bollocks The care I’ve had from our local hospital during the past 5 years for the big C has been first class. During the lockdowns when the NHS were really overstretched I still had both of my quarterly scans on time every 3 months and 2 extra that my Onc requested, all subcontracted out to a local small private hospital so that I didn’t have to go anywhere near where the Covid cases were. The TKI pills I have taken daily cost the NHS almost £5k for a months supply and never once have they questioned the need to keep supplying them. As my GP says to me when I see him, “10 years ago when those pills weren’t available you’d have been a gonner after 6 months” I have nothing but praise for the NHS based on experience and yes, they should insist on payment from all of those who come from far and wide just to get free healthcare!
  5. PaulCP

    Lotus Emira

    Really enjoyed the launch and look forward to seeing all the specs and prices but, oh those wheels on the blue one 🙄. By far too ornate for my liking and takes the eyes away from the cars lines on the side view.
  6. Really enjoyed that and look forward to seeing all the specs and prices but, oh those wheels on the blue one 🙄. By far too ornate for my liking and takes the eyes away from the cars lines on the side view.
  7. Yes, it’s happened on the past when I failed to complete the post but this time & once before in the past the post was actually completed. Must just be one of those system gremlins🤔
  8. PaulCP

    Utility Bills

    Thanks for your inout everyone, decided to go with Octopus in the end using the share code given by @Frickin_idiot, thanks Kev👍
  9. Unfortunately, social media has become more infectious than Covid. It is amazing how many believe “what Mary down the street posts on Facebook, because she knows everything”
  10. Edit: text deleted due to wrong thread. Why does the “reply” box sometimes bring up your previous posted response on the previous thread?
  11. PaulCP

    Utility Bills

    @jepZog are currently the cheapest for gas but your 2.2p rate must have been contracted some time ago. Current Zog rate for gas is 3.1p
  12. PaulCP

    Utility Bills

    Thread resurrection, I’m about to come out of an 18months fixed deal with EDF and even the cheapest on-line deal through USwich is showing a 40% increase The cheapest 3 are Pure Planet, OVO Energy and Octopus, all way below EDF, BG etc for a 2 year fixed I’m currently leaning towards Octopus who appear to have a decent rating. OVO also appear to be good but there is little user info on Pure Planet. Difference between the 3 cost wise is negligible. Anyone got any recent views on either of the 3 shown above?
  13. I remember THAT bolt very well.😂😂 There is a knack to getting it out & back in again, but unfortunately I can’t remember what it is 🤔
  14. Alan, I’ll pm you👍
  15. This reminds me of an instance in St Tropez back on 2006. On entering a parking area by the sea front, I saw a Zonda all parked up and decided to park next to it, but leaving a space in between us, in my Lotus type 116 (VX220 for the uninitiated 😛). When we returned to the car the Zonda was still there but a crowd of 10+ people were surrounding & photographing the VX so I opened it up so they could see inside properly etc. The owner of the Zonda then arrived and didn’t look too happy about the total disinterest in his pride & joy 🙄
  16. Glad you found it @Alfa2Evora but, TBH, more pleased that my memory wasn’t letting me down which would have sent you on a wild goose chase 🙄 Yes, I recall the convenience factor of the nice proximity of the entry point to the fuse box and the very convenient earth point👍
  17. Or a new chip, since the one contained within the vaccine doesn’t appear to be working🤔
  18. There is a route but I can’t remember exactly where. 🤔 This is exactly what I did when fitting DRLs to mine some 5 years ago but, alas, i no longer have the car😟 All I can recall atm is that there is a way trough the bulkhead at around the mid point at the front which brought the cable in by the centre tunnel so easy access to the fuse box from there. I found it after taking the arch liner out and front under tray off. Sorry I can’t be of more help🙄. If I remember anymore I’ll let you know👍
  19. The BBC should now carry a warning at the start of their news programmes: - “The following programme may contain anti government and biased unbalanced reporting with inflammatory stories”
  20. Yet we still have the so called scientists telling us that it is all gloom and doom as they desperately try to cling on to their 2 minutes of fame 😠
  21. Cumming’s credibility goes down everytime he opens his mouth. When he gave his latest version of events as to the Barnard Castle trip, (being that he had received death threats from a mob outside of his house I believe?), why the fck didn’t the panel conducting the interview ask him at what point he contacted the police to report it. He is clearly a very vengeful person who is running Markle close for the award of the highest quantity of wild fabricated stories
  22. I got called for jury service so I asked them how long it would be for ... they said just a trial period.
  23. He is now just the same as her, a me,me,me attention seeking sado who needs sympathy as his medication.
  24. The U.K. media always buy what anyone who declares themselves an “expert” has to sell, particularly if it is something negative. Its all about getting that sensational headline. The truth has no place in the narrow minded world of today’s media which is why they never reveal who this “expert” is and how they are qualified to be able to provide such information.
  25. I think you are spot on there with this post. We get jealous when our nephew send us photos of what he’s up to and as he says, Oz is a big country so plenty of options of places to visit without going overseas, especially now that you can travel to NZ as well I believe
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