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  1. Vlad, you will go down on history for decades/centuries but just like AH for all of the wrong reasons. You will also be despised by your own nation just as AH was/is in Germany & Austria. From Sky News Removal of sanctions will need to be 'considered' in order to open ports, Russia says after UN appeal As we reported earlier, the UN has pleaded with Russia for it to open its ports after world hunger levels hit a "new high". David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Programme, said: "I ask (Russian) President Putin, if you have any heart at all, to please open these ports... so that we can feed the poorest of the poor and avert famine, as we've done in the past, when nations in this room have stepped up together." Now, Russia has said the removal of sanctions will have to be considered in order for it to open its access to Ukrainian ports, Interfax reported. Ukraine, one of the world's biggest grain producers, used to export most of its goods through its seaports. However, since Russia sent troops into the country, it has been forced to export by train or via its small Danube River ports.
  2. Hmmm, reading that has just got me thinking 🤔 In this day and age of everybody being expected to apologise for events in the past and claims right left & centre for past wrong doings, do I have a valid claim for being whacked on the @rse with a cane 54 years ago 🤔 Then again, probably not, I think I deserved it! But wait, has it affected my mental health? Could be some mileage on this yet 🤔😉🙄
  3. PaulCP

    Formula One

    It was done in jest though to make his point, didn’t he open by saying “I couldn’t find space for any more jewellery” or similar. Same as Vettel’s prank by wearing boxer shorts over his overalls in protest of the FIA stipulating that drivers should only wear regulation underwear. The drivers are right, there are bigger issues that the FIA should be dealing with. By concentrating on trivial things they are just leaving the real issues on the “too difficult pile”
  4. I wouldn’t normally say such a thing but, in his case, deteriorating nowhere near fast enough 😠
  5. Re above, It was the younger ones who disappeared 🙄, the old crooners were still going strong 👍 Not even a discussion this year from the £100 mods gang about who won the track day or why 2psi in the tyres or 2 clicks on the front dampers cost them valuable time 😂. Maybe they’ve finally twigged what it’s all about🤔 Not going to be able to say “Audi do” then to you 😉
  6. @peteneither is it the result of everyone over spending.
  7. Well I never! After all you say about the marque you’ve actually gone and bought an Oooooodi A4 rag top😉 The Après-Drive after the meal went a bit flat, seemed as though everyone wanted an early start Sun morning. Car park was almost empty when I surfaced at 8.30am. Great idea re ‘TLF National’ 👍 Would be easier to organise if TLF could utilise a number of spaces on a LoT day, although Paul doesn’t arrange many U.K. dates these days. “TLF InterNational” at Zandvoort🤔
  8. @C8RKH looking forward to hearing/seeing what it is 🤔 Oh, and the photo of your wife when she sees it BTW, Anglesey track day went well, I’ve never been at a TD when the track has been almost empty for long periods of time
  9. It might not be “crap” in the real sense of the word but you misunderstand my point. Putin is happy when he hears all these words coming out of the mouths of the politicians of the West, it lets him respond with his own verbal threats and potentially antagonises him so he turns the words around and calls them threats against Russia by unfriendly countries. It plays right in to his hands of being able to push his propaganda on his people to make them believe that the West are the bad boys in all of this. My point was that words mean nothing and all of the time these politicians are spouting about what they have done and what they are going to do he is getting an advanced heads up on what assistance is being given to Ukraine. It is the old saying of “actions speak louder than words” that needs to prevail. Don’t keep talking about what you are doing and what you are going to do, just do it and keep quiet. Putin & Lavrov have to be gotten rid of and yes this may well mean that at some point the West has to become directly involved. I sincerely hope not but at some point it may be the only way. In the meantime stop giving him the information about who is doing what!
  10. I see Russia has hit a warehouse in Ukraine which housed weapons donated by the West. Can someone explain to me why the US and other countries keep announcing what arms they are sending to Ukraine. Wouldn’t it be better to keep quiet and just send them rather than keep alerting Putin to the fact that they are being sent and what they are. Same with all the verbal crap being shouted about by Liz Truss, NATO, the UN and the US. It all boils down to giving Putin to react to. Just keep quiet and as far as NATO and the UN are concerned they need to realise that actions speak louder that words!
  11. Just seen the headlines in the news about the exiled Prince Harry and his domineering wife. His and hers attendance at the Invictus Games is only serving to devalue the games since they are making the event all about them, giving a further Ophrey style interview (I assume from the headlines, can’t be @rsed to read the articles) and all of the sickening kissing and cuddling in public to attract the press. Time for the deluded Prince to have his title withdrawn. He wants this “ordinary life” so much he should now be shown to be ordinary.
  12. Keeping the thread title in mind, MPs (mainly Labour, Lib Dems and the forever moaning SNP) whose only interest in today’s world affairs and the UK’s involvement in them is the so called “partygate” Then we have the media who want to exploit individuals who lost relatives to covid, and who may have been getting over their loss, for their own biased political means. How unethical is our media stooping to something so low
  13. @bogieI don't particularly disagree with the majority of your post. Yes the "senile" comment may have been a bit harsh but, actual 'having feelings' apart, he really should think before he speaks, some of his comments have not been helpful. What is the point of having a 'war of words,' it just detracts from what the US and the majority of the world is trying to achieve in getting Russia out of Ukraine by allowing Putin's regime to use them against the West I personally just wish that the US would elect a president who is younger than 60 and is not a delusional egomaniac like your former "peoples' President" as he likes to currently call himself.
  14. If Putin wants to fuel his propaganda war, whether NATO is directly involved or not he will just lie about it and say they are. The Russians just invent stories to suit their agenda and they are so brainwashed that they then believe their own lies. Doesn’t help when a senile President across the pond keeps handing the Kremlin the means to fuel their propaganda. Russian state TV reports all of the scenes reported in Bucha are fake and staged by the West. The town of Bucha was chosen for this because of President Biden calling President Putin a “butcher” so the significance rings true to the West Bernard Manning had more diplomacy than Biden.
  15. They do that anyway now, particularly with the countries that they feel are aligned with their perceived enemies, the big, bad west.
  16. Why is it impossible to kick them out. Just do what the Russians’ do, ignore all rules and tell the world the one’s being referred to by Russia are fake and never existed.
  17. The Kremlin’s denials become more and more bizarre (I almost put laughable but it really is not) every day, hence my earlier post about their see through mirrors. They won’t care if they eventually get ousted from the UN, they are using their veto as a way of mocking the UN.
  18. They don’t have mirrors in the Kremlin, just frames that they can look through so that they don’t have to look themselves in the eye. The statement below in todays news just shows how obsessed they are with the US and NATO, they have become brainwashed into believing their own lies Russia says footage in Bucha was 'ordered' to blame Russia Russia's foreign ministry has said that footage of dead civilians in Bucha had been "ordered" by the US as part of a plot to blame Russia. "Who are the masters of provocation? Of course the United States and NATO," ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in an interview on state television late on Sunday. She said the immediate Western outcry over the images of dead civilians indicated the story had been part of a plan to damage Russia's reputation. She said: "In this case, it seems to me that the fact that these statements (about Russia) were made in the first minutes after these materials appeared leaves no doubt as to who 'ordered' this story."
  19. Had my 4th jab 3 weeks ago, wife got hers last week 👍
  20. I think your last sentence captures it quite well @ramjet If any of them had an ounce of compassion or a sense of purpose then they wouldn’t be working for Putin in the first place. They are all collectively guilty for what is happening and of war crimes.
  21. PaulCP

    Formula One

    Just goes to prove how blind the Pro-Maxxers are 😛😄😄😄👍 BTW I’m neither anti or pro Max, he’s a brilliant F1 driver but, at the same time, he’s an annoying little @rsehole just like his boss.
  22. PaulCP

    Formula One

    Meanwhile, the Pro-Max brigade moans about the Anti-Max brigades’ moaning about Max’s moaning. Anyone see the real irony there? 😛😛😂
  23. Well Macron lived up Merkel’s @rse for 4 years so now he’s trying to wriggle up Putin’s @rse
  24. I wish someone would shut this guy up though, continually goading Putin in a way which suggests that he also wants a war. Also continuously telling Russia that new weapons will be arriving in Ukraine. Nothing like revealing your plans is there, complete idiot who thinks his threats will stop Putin in his tracks Why the fook do US Presidents insist on shooting their mouth off. It is high time the US people elected someone who is intelligent Ukraine: Nato will respond if Russia uses chemical weapons, warns Biden
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