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  1. It is all sounding good, very pleased for you on how Jennifer is improving. The feeling of the need to get out of hospital and go home is natural, I’ve been there as a patient and once you’re hone the improvements really start to come through
  2. I see Putin continues to show what a coward he himself really is by ensuring that it is all his cronies like Lavrov who are sent to conduct press interviews etc. whilst he himself hides within the Kremlin walls. Since no one can anywhere near Putin and all of the senior figures in the Kremlin are complicit in what is happening in Ukraine I wonder if any of them may get “taken out”.🤞 According to Lavrov the Russians have not bombed/destroyed any hospitals and the Maternity Hospital hit yesterday wasn’t a hospital, it was full of Ukrainian soldiers. I don’t usually reflect on things like this but I wish Putin and all of his cronies involved in this attack on Ukraine the longest slow and painful death possible 😠
  3. Say hello to Dave for me 👋👍,
  4. Would be different if it was a car privately owned by a police officer though!
  5. Will it buy enough votes for the SNP though if the cranked up little Krankie gets her way, or will the people of Scotland see through it just like Corbyn’s “free Internet for all” Apologies, thread drift🙄
  6. No idea if this is true but it has been reported that Russia is desperately trying to recruit Syrian militants to go and fight in Ukraine. Yep Vlad, everything is going to plan, we believe you 🙄
  7. PaulCP

    Formula One

    But 2 negatives make a positive, hence he’s out 😛
  8. PaulCP

    Formula One

    Not ignoring Mercedes and Hamilton’s actions of putting pressure on the FIA but no one can ignore the circumstances as to why Mercedes and Hamilton have reacted like they have. As with many things in life there is usually a cause and effect scenario. If RB hadn’t put the pressure on Masi to find that “1 racing lap” by breaking/bending the rules then he would still be here as race director for the coming season.
  9. PaulCP

    Formula One

    I am coming to the conclusion that Horner is so obsessed with Mercedes that it is affecting his ability to offer rational statements. Since everything is everyone else’s fault and Horner is squeaky clean (according to Horner’s mindset) why the food doesn’t the media remind him of his own famous words “you only need 1 racing lap Micheal” The guy has become the biggest fcukwit you are ever going to come accross.
  10. @windymillerI understand though that, first & foremost, there is one other demand - Ukraine must lay down its arms (effectively surrender). Would you trust Putin to stick to any agreement? My expectation of him is that he would use the opportunity to try to wipe out the unarmed Ukrainian army & at the same time assassinate Zelenskyy
  11. @mayevorathats exactly what I do 👍. One pair in each car, 3 pairs scattered around the house and 1 in the garage. Optician told me the same, Lyon don’t need expensive bi or varifocals, you will always be forgetting where you put them.
  12. @marchI agree, I was only pointing out what was being reported. I would hope that any lawyer or law firm outside of Russia would refuse to take on any Oligard case in such cases, but in reality lawyer are not renowned for doing the moral thing, especially when large amounts of cash are likely to change hands. I see the Russian FA are threatening to sue FIFA & UEFA for banning Russian teams from international matches. Let’s hope they both keep the one bit of backbone that they seem to have unusually found
  13. So Putin tells Macron that the was is going to plan 😮 Is that an admission that he is guilty of Genocide and war crimes, after all he’s told Macron that he planned this 😟
  14. @BibsApparently something to do with concerns about being sued. Probably lawyers looking for fees Ukraine invasion: UK sanctions against some oligarchs may take weeks
  15. PaulCP

    Formula One

    @RedwingFully agree. After last year’s debacle and now this I hope that many will be abandoning F1, I certainly am. Any interest in the “sport” that I have/had has now certainly gone.
  16. Well @LotusLeftLotusRight, 16miles on electric maybe, only has a 7kw battery, but it does have a V8 for back up and if you can afford the car I doubt the cost of fuel would be causing much heartache 🤔😉 For me, I’d be happy with an Evora and keep the change, but that’s me!
  17. This afternoon I met up with a ex colleague and friend who, although he only lives 6 miles away, I’d not seen since before the 1st lockdown. I met him at his house and after a while he said “let’s nip to the pub for a drink, I’ll take you in the new car.” So I wait on his drive whilst he goes to the garages at the back of the house and comes round in a car making no noise at all but I was totally stunned - nothing other than a SF90 Stradale 😲 Yes I got to drive it on the country lanes on our way back, what a car 👍 Who says hauliers are poor, not in this neck of the woods but it is quite a business that he has built up over the past 20 years. Wonder if I can borrow it for the track day at Anglesey we are going to in April🤔
  18. PaulCP

    Utility Bills

    Bloody glad I opted for the 24 month fixed back in July rather than the 12 month one, and to think I was moaning like hell back then at our annual quote going up from £1200pa to £1650pa Absolutely crazy prices
  19. I didn’t mean a literal button, but having a group of generals in his pocket equates to having a button in his pocket🙄
  20. You would hope so, but at least the USA have elections to elect a new President every 4 years, Putin made sure that he is President for life so why would he share anything with anyone?
  21. It is proving harder than he expected and yes, his people may turn on him but therein lies a bigger problem. Putin is not just a megalomaniac, his obsession with NATO has caused his mind to become so unstable that he now believes his own invented propaganda and now has to prove that he is stronger. He cannot accept that he may be wrong and hence he will not back down. His own army, his generals and his people may turn on him but my fear is that, if they do, his last defiant act may well be to push that button.
  22. Pah, you’ll be replacing both the Evora and the VX with a TT next 🙄
  23. She’s getting there 👍, let those improvements continue 🙏🤞
  24. or use the power of the “ignore” button. It’s a superpower to trump all other superpowers! 👍
  25. Sorry, I’m going a little off topic here but C8 is spot on with this comment. The U.K. has been crying out for a credible opposition to the Tories but year on year for the past 2-3 decades all we’ve had from the Labour Party are incompetent idiots who believe that opposition politics is all about school playground type name calling. Voting for them is a total waste of a vote. Back on topic, I do believe that Putin is goading both NATO and the West in the hope of having a war, not just over Ukraine but also with his actions of incursions into the sovereign airspace etc of other countries. Unfortunately we need sanctions that will cause hurt & harm to the Russian people, since a major coup in Russia is going to be the only way of getting Putin off his self proclaimed throne
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