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  1. I read that in his latest speech & media release to the Russian people that he outlines how the Ukrainian people are saying to the Russian military “where have you been, we’ve been waiting for you to be here for so long” Also reported that no details of Russian casualties have been released to the Russian people since early March. Makes all of the ridiculing that we do to Boris for his lies look really petty🤔
  2. I’ve done plenty of Euro road trips over the years, usually extended drives with the LoT French Frolic in between. In fact, for many years I did more miles on the. continent each year than here on the U.K. However the most memorable was 3 weeks incorporating 5 days of the Lotus Speed Weekend Tyrol, just 3 Brits and around 30 Europeans from Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium and a couple from Greece. A fantastic crowd of Lotus enthusiasts & then on to Italy and back through Switzerland incorporating loads of passes & nice driving roads finally covering 2500miles. Then, as you say @Bibs, back to Blighty with its constant traffic jams & roadworks. God, I think I’ve just talked myself into getting back in a Lotus again🙄
  3. PaulCP

    Formula One

    If anybody has any doubts on what a pathetic individual and senile piece of sh!t Ecclestone is & always was here is the proof
  4. PaulCP

    Bye Scotland!

    Although not Scotland’s first minister at the time of the last referendum, wasn’t she quoted as saying that if the vote then was “no” she wouldn’t support another referendum, or am I just dreaming. I agree that if another one takes place she has to agree to stand down if the vote is no. However before any vote, as I have mentioned before, she has to show the Scottish people how she plans that Scotland can survive financially without ncluding pie in the sky assumptions.
  5. PaulCP

    Bye Scotland!

    She’s still banging on about “Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit” as being a reason for another referendum. When will she get over her one dimensional thought process and realise that the EU does not want an independent Scotland as a member and that, even if they did, it won’t then be an independent Scotland. Hopefully, as part of the information she will be presenting to the Scottish public prior to any referendum, she will also present a fully costed “business plan” style budget for the following 5 years so that she can prove how sustainable an independent Scotland will be, which will include a formula as to how the initial appropriate part of the U.K. debt will be allocated to Scotland. I’m sure she will have already thought this through very thoroughly indeed 🤔🙄😉😂
  6. The Kremlin maintain that Russia does not target civilians. No doubt they will claim that this shopping centre was full of Ukrainian troops or that the Ukrainian army did it. It’s not just Putin, it is also the rest of his bent, corrupt and beyond barbaric Kremlin pals 😠😠 Ukraine: Missile strikes busy shopping centre in Kremenchuk
  7. Needs to be sent to the Met with the caption “this is how to do your job, not serving them with pizza & water like you do”
  8. The common sense behind strikes is largely beyond my comprehension and is usually just an ego trip for the union leaders. Strikers don’t get paid, some may get a small amount from union funds but that can’t last forever. Do these strikers ever calculate that when they eventually win an extra 2% pay rise after striking for 10 days they have in fact already lost more than 2% of their annual salary. Do they ever ask their union leaders if they are forfeiting pay during the strike? I recall the Scargill actually moved house into quite a mansion during the long miner’s strike and the miner’s still never twigged how he was using them for his own personal gain and political ends. I read this morning that the unions are now saying that the strike is not about pay but about compulsory redundancies and changes to working practises. The article went on to highlight that current working practises requires 6 men to change a piece of electrical equipment (ok there may be a safety issue here but it would appear that all safety issues could be covered by reducing to 4), but more alarmingly engineers refuse to share vans going to call outs and insist on each using a van. Sorry, I have no sympathy for strikers, they usually bring about their own downfall!
  9. Managed to slip off a decking frame I had finished constructing yesterday evening, now have a broken 5th metatarsal 😠. Thankfully, if that it the right word, it was near the edge so I managed to get a soft landing on the lawn. Had it been in the middle it would have been a 4 feet drop between the beams since the frame is over a pebbled ditch which has been dry for 12 years. Just needs the deck top putting down but looks as though this year’s project is now on hold 🙄
  10. Fingers crossed for you David (& Jennifer) that you get that good news on Tuesday 🤞🙏
  11. PaulCP

    The Queen

    Had a memorable lunch with Prince Philip in 2001 when he visited the Port of Felixstowe for the day. He was quite funny at times and made sure that everyone at the lunch was relaxed in his company. I thenI met Princess Anne when I was a Forth Ports when we “launched” the Royal Yacht Britannia as a tourist attraction and a charity at Leith docks. All income from visitors goes back in to the vessel for its upkeep. For my sins, met Andrew when I was at Tilbury and again briefly when he visited the British Consulate with a U.K. business group whilst I was working in Jeddah. I say briefly because he was supposed to stay for a business event that the Consulate had arranged many months before. He gave his apologies late morning and said he had an important business meeting that afternoon in Riyadh. It turned out from photographs which were circulated later that he left to play a round of golf.
  12. My bank’s travel insurance is arranged by Aviva. I had cover with them 3 years ago but needed to exclude anything directly related to my condition. I’m ok with that for Europe but no long haul Not yet but I will do, thanks👍
  13. We’ve been planning a trip to Oz for next Feb & March and after finalising our plans of where we will be and when, prior to booking flights, accommodation etc I thought I’d better sort out travel insurance. So far it’s a no go with 3 specialist insurers due to my medical situation. They will happily cover me for Europe but pretty much not anywhere beyond.😟 Fcuking insurance companies, happy to take your money but the first sniff of a 0.00001% possibility of having to pay out for something & they don’t want to know😠
  14. PaulCP

    Formula One

    You probably need to put that on the “What made you happy today” thread 😛😛😉
  15. Vlad, you will go down on history for decades/centuries but just like AH for all of the wrong reasons. You will also be despised by your own nation just as AH was/is in Germany & Austria. From Sky News Removal of sanctions will need to be 'considered' in order to open ports, Russia says after UN appeal As we reported earlier, the UN has pleaded with Russia for it to open its ports after world hunger levels hit a "new high". David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Programme, said: "I ask (Russian) President Putin, if you have any heart at all, to please open these ports... so that we can feed the poorest of the poor and avert famine, as we've done in the past, when nations in this room have stepped up together." Now, Russia has said the removal of sanctions will have to be considered in order for it to open its access to Ukrainian ports, Interfax reported. Ukraine, one of the world's biggest grain producers, used to export most of its goods through its seaports. However, since Russia sent troops into the country, it has been forced to export by train or via its small Danube River ports.
  16. Hmmm, reading that has just got me thinking 🤔 In this day and age of everybody being expected to apologise for events in the past and claims right left & centre for past wrong doings, do I have a valid claim for being whacked on the @rse with a cane 54 years ago 🤔 Then again, probably not, I think I deserved it! But wait, has it affected my mental health? Could be some mileage on this yet 🤔😉🙄
  17. PaulCP

    Formula One

    It was done in jest though to make his point, didn’t he open by saying “I couldn’t find space for any more jewellery” or similar. Same as Vettel’s prank by wearing boxer shorts over his overalls in protest of the FIA stipulating that drivers should only wear regulation underwear. The drivers are right, there are bigger issues that the FIA should be dealing with. By concentrating on trivial things they are just leaving the real issues on the “too difficult pile”
  18. I wouldn’t normally say such a thing but, in his case, deteriorating nowhere near fast enough 😠
  19. Re above, It was the younger ones who disappeared 🙄, the old crooners were still going strong 👍 Not even a discussion this year from the £100 mods gang about who won the track day or why 2psi in the tyres or 2 clicks on the front dampers cost them valuable time 😂. Maybe they’ve finally twigged what it’s all about🤔 Not going to be able to say “Audi do” then to you 😉
  20. @peteneither is it the result of everyone over spending.
  21. Well I never! After all you say about the marque you’ve actually gone and bought an Oooooodi A4 rag top😉 The Après-Drive after the meal went a bit flat, seemed as though everyone wanted an early start Sun morning. Car park was almost empty when I surfaced at 8.30am. Great idea re ‘TLF National’ 👍 Would be easier to organise if TLF could utilise a number of spaces on a LoT day, although Paul doesn’t arrange many U.K. dates these days. “TLF InterNational” at Zandvoort🤔
  22. @C8RKH looking forward to hearing/seeing what it is 🤔 Oh, and the photo of your wife when she sees it BTW, Anglesey track day went well, I’ve never been at a TD when the track has been almost empty for long periods of time
  23. It might not be “crap” in the real sense of the word but you misunderstand my point. Putin is happy when he hears all these words coming out of the mouths of the politicians of the West, it lets him respond with his own verbal threats and potentially antagonises him so he turns the words around and calls them threats against Russia by unfriendly countries. It plays right in to his hands of being able to push his propaganda on his people to make them believe that the West are the bad boys in all of this. My point was that words mean nothing and all of the time these politicians are spouting about what they have done and what they are going to do he is getting an advanced heads up on what assistance is being given to Ukraine. It is the old saying of “actions speak louder than words” that needs to prevail. Don’t keep talking about what you are doing and what you are going to do, just do it and keep quiet. Putin & Lavrov have to be gotten rid of and yes this may well mean that at some point the West has to become directly involved. I sincerely hope not but at some point it may be the only way. In the meantime stop giving him the information about who is doing what!
  24. I see Russia has hit a warehouse in Ukraine which housed weapons donated by the West. Can someone explain to me why the US and other countries keep announcing what arms they are sending to Ukraine. Wouldn’t it be better to keep quiet and just send them rather than keep alerting Putin to the fact that they are being sent and what they are. Same with all the verbal crap being shouted about by Liz Truss, NATO, the UN and the US. It all boils down to giving Putin to react to. Just keep quiet and as far as NATO and the UN are concerned they need to realise that actions speak louder that words!
  25. Just seen the headlines in the news about the exiled Prince Harry and his domineering wife. His and hers attendance at the Invictus Games is only serving to devalue the games since they are making the event all about them, giving a further Ophrey style interview (I assume from the headlines, can’t be @rsed to read the articles) and all of the sickening kissing and cuddling in public to attract the press. Time for the deluded Prince to have his title withdrawn. He wants this “ordinary life” so much he should now be shown to be ordinary.
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